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    Lest you needed any more proof that the unrelenting wave of catastrophe wrought by the Biden administration is not a matter of incompetence but a matter of Communist Unrestricted Warfare to destroy the US economic system, Joe Biden’s nominee for the US Treasury’s Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) is Soviet-born, Lenin Award-winning scholar from Moscow State University, Saule Omarova, where her thesis was “Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in Das Kapital.

    In 1991, Omarova moved to the United States, where she received a PhD in political science from the University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW), and a Juris Doctor from Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law. At UW, Omarova defended her thesis, “The Political Economy of Oil in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan”.

    Yesterday, a Zoom call video recording of Omarova emerged of her flat-out stating that the Biden administration purposefully intends to use the Treasury Department to bankrupt the smaller oil, coal and natural gas companies in the name of “Climate Change”, saying:

    “For certain troubled industries and firms that are transitioning – and here, what I’m thinking about is primarily coal industry and oil and gas industry – a lot of the smaller players in that industry are going to probably go bankrupt, in short order – at least we WANT them to go bankrupt, if we want to tackle Climate Change. Right?”

    Besides intending to destroy American energy industries, Omarova also wants to eliminate all banks and to transfer all of our bank deposits to “FedAccounts” at the Federal Reserve and she’s specifically described how the Federal Reserve could “take money” from these accounts during an inflationary period – such as now.

    It is beyond obvious that the entire COVID War and the concomitant Globalist “Climate Change” agenda enshrined in the Biden administration’s “infrastructure policy” is actually one of Global Communism, which pretends to be about “Equity” but is really about mass genocide, mass theft, authoritarian technocracy and the end of our Constitutional rights and freedoms.

    We must end it all NOW!

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Kit Jamieson,
      You really do Not know History. Here is a good example to ponder: In 1985 & 1988 Ernst Zundel from Canada hired Fred Leuchter, an ‘Execution Specialist’ from The United States for his own defense on “Holocaust Denial” law trial. Fred Leuchter had to be Certified by the Canadian Court to be qualified to testify. Fred Leuchter & his team went to Poland & a team assigned from the Courts. They examined Auschwitz-Birkenau sites and one other camp. His team took Chemical samples of the structures & considered the Architecture of these physical sites and Concluded that Auschwitz-Birkenau and the other site were strictly Housing and Work Camps.
      Do you realize that Poland took down the Plaque at Auschwitz that read 4 million died here and replaced it with 1 million whom died there from the Allies bombing of infrastructure.
      As for Reich’s Banking, sounds to me you would be happy if the Third Reich left it in the hands of the Rothschild…
      Germans were encouraged to Procreate, of course with their own, for some reason you call it Eugenics. The German people were honored when they had large families and percentages of their home mortgages were forgiven with every birth.
      Furthermore, there were no “Nazi’s. It is a made up term invented by journalist Konrad Heiden in the 1920’s. He was a member of the ‘Social Democratic Party’ also known as ‘Zuzi’ or ‘Zuzialiste’
      I find it troubling that your Not asking “Why did America & England support Communism in WW2” They sent free of charge to Communist Soviet/Bolshevik Russia: 5,000 Tanks, 7,000 Fighter Aircraft, 15 Million pairs Red Army Boots, 550 Royal Air Force Trained Pilots, 35,000 Motorcycles, 345,000 Tons of Explosives, 8,000 Ship Engines, & 5 Million Tons of Food.
      WAKE UP

    • Dear Alexandra,

      I was racking my brains as to where I had read of Donald Trump’s association in some way with the Nazi movement?
      By coincidence, I came across this article:

      Arnold Trumpf

      It’s a fact that should be more generally known but Donald Trump is kin to an SS officer, an SS-Oberfuhrer (between colonel and major general) and a director of the Reichsbank. One would think this would have been newsworthy when he was running for president but it wasn’t. Even the Bush family’s business connections to the Third Reich were mentioned in the Washington Post even if no one noticed or cared. This bit of family info about Trump is kind of germane. It seems the American media missed this story and more people, especially Americans, should be aware of it.

      Arnold Trumpf was also an expert on community banks and industrial agriculture. More importantly, he was SS and lived a long life after the defeat of the Third Reich.

      The president of the United States is related to an SS officer and he’s targeting immigrants and antifascists as well as dabbling in eugenics and plaguemongering. It matters, especially since at least one of his cousins used to greet him with a “Heil Hitler” on a regular basis. 1

      “Arnold Wilhelm August Trumpf was a German graduate farmer, reserve officer of the German Army and the Freikorps (suppression of the communist coup in Halle 1919), most recently Lieutenant of the Reserve , President of the Reich Association of German Agricultural Cooperatives – Raiffeisen – e. V. and Reichsabteilungleiter in the main department of III. Reichsnahrats des Reichsnährstandses (appointed by Reichsbauführer Walther Darré ) and officer of the Allgemeine SS , most recently SS-Oberführer in the Second World War.”

      This information and more can be found on the German Metapedia entry for Arnold Wilhelm August Trumpf.


      Trumpf is one of the Trumps of Kallstadt, Germany which also includes Donald Trump . His father was the district court secretary Wilhelm Trumpf. On June 9, 1923, the Corporal Lieutenant of the Reserve Arnold Trumpf married his fiancé Elisabeth Hanke (born June 1, 1902) and from the marriage was born 1942 daughter Heike.


      Corps Normannia Hall
      Reichsbund academically educated farmers (1921-1945)
      NSDAP (Number: 389,920) since December 1, 1930
      SS (SS-Number: 187,119)
      SS-Oberführer on January 30, 1939
      Member of the Governing Board of the German Reichsbank

      Arnold Trumpf was Vorstand Reichsverband Deutscher Landwirtschaftlicher Genossenschaften-Raiffensene.V and Hauptabteilungsleiter III of the Reichsnahrstand, Allegemeine SS since 1934.
      Trumpf was a director of the Reichsbank.

      SS background of Arnold Trumpf:

      SS-Oberführer / Lieutnant d.R. a.D.
      Born: 27. Oct. 1892 in Gifhorn
      Died: 7. January 1985 in Garmish-Partenkirchen
      NSDAP-Nr.: 389 920 from 1, December 1930
      SS-Nr.: 187 119
      Promotions: SS-Oberfuhrer: 30. Jan. 1939
      Career: Bei dem RuS-Hauptamt: (9. Nov. 1944)

      Decorations & Awards:

      Iron Cross (1914) II class
      Badge of the wounded (1918) in black
      Cross of Honor for Front Fighters
      SS ring of honor
      SS honorary sword
      SS Ehrenwinkel
      War Merit Cross (1939), 2nd class without swords

      1. ↩”After The Gold Rush”, Sept 1990, Vanity Fair:

      “…Donald Trump appears to take aspects of his German background seriously. John Walter works for the Trump Organization, and when he visits Donald in his office, Ivana told a friend, he clicks his heels and says, “Heil Hitler,” possibly as a family joke.

      Last April, perhaps in a surge of Czech nationalism, Ivana Trump told her lawyer Michael Kennedy that from time to time her husband reads a book of Hitler’s collected speeches, My New Order, which he keeps in a cabinet by his bed. Kennedy now guards a copy of My New Order in a closet at his office, as if it were a grenade. Hitler’s speeches, from his earliest days up through the Phony War of 1939, reveal his extraordinary ability as a master propagandist.

      “Did your cousin John give you the Hitler speeches?” I asked Trump.

      Trump hesitated. “Who told you that?”

      “I don’t remember,” I said.

      “Actually, it was my friend Marty Davis from Paramount who gave me a copy of Mein Kampf, and he’s a Jew.”

      (I did give him a book about Hitler,” Marty Davis said. “But it was My New Order, Hitler’s speeches, not Mein Kampf. I thought he would find it interesting. I am his friend, but I’m not Jewish.”)

      Later, Trump returned to this subject. “If I had these speeches, and I am not saying that I do, I would never read them.”

      Is Ivana trying to convince her friends and lawyer that Trump is a crypto-Nazi? Trump is no reader or history buff. Perhaps his possession of Hitler’s speeches merely indicates an interest in Hitler’s genius at propaganda.

      The Führer often described his defeats at Stalingrad and in North Africa as great victories. Trump continues to endow his diminishing world with significance as well. “There’s nobody that has the cash flow that I have,” he told The Wall Street Journal long after he knew better. “I want to be king of cash.”

      The final supposed statement has much relevance in terms of his aggressive begging bowl tactics don’t you think?

      • This is the first I’ve heard of Trump’s third cousins in Germany being Nazis. I suppose if an American is of German descent, there will be a likelihood that one’s distant family members back in the Old Country would be involved in Hitler’s regime.

        I don’t think this information is relevant. It looks to me that Ivana is being pressured by the same forces that wanted Trump out of office by any means.

        Trump might be a lot of things but being a Nazi is not one of them.

        The whole “Trump-is-a-Nazi” trope comes from his father, Frank Trump being arrested 20 years before Donald was even born in 1927 at a Ku Klux Klan march in Queens and later, as a real estate developer, Frank supposedly refused to rent his properties to Black Americans. He would hardly have been alone in that during the early mid-20th century.

        As far as Trump the son, his golf clubs always accepted Black members and were some of the first to do so in certain areas, like Palm Beach. Trump received multiple awards from African-American groups in the ’80s and ’90s for the work he did to advance equality.

        If you want to attack Trump, it should be for his continued support of the vaccine in the face of so many people dying.

        But can you show me ONE politician anywhere in the West who has actually come out AGAINST the vaccines, themselves – not the mandates – the actual vaccines that are now killing people?

        I can’t think of any. I think the threats they face for doing so must be massive. Pfizer and others are shaking down the governments of the world to buy billions and billions of dollars worth of their genocidal product. How are they are able to do this and get away with this?

        That’s the real question.

    • Dear Alexandra,

      When I originally posted my concerns over the true motives of Donal Trump, I could not remember the real name of Juan O Savin, the DARPA Coin holder number 107?
      (The man who you recognise by his footwear!)
      Well, it turns out that it is in fact, a Neil Bryans!
      So most definitely not JFK Junior!
      Furthermore, this individual, having been awarded a DARPA Coin, surely makes him an enemy of humanity and most definitely not an individual whose stories should be believed? Including those, he hypes about Donal Trump?

    • Dear Alexandra,

      I bow to your better knowledge of Trump’s upbringing but it changes not my view that he is working both sides ie Good and Evil. Of that, I have absolutely no doubt!

      If you think me wrong, so be it but I would not wish you to allow your viewers to be seduced yet further into believing that he is their saviour!

    • Considering that the Oil Cartels & Bank Cartels put the World through 120 years of wars, 2 of which were World Wars, are they using “Climate Control” to peacefully take down the Bank & Oil Cartels….

      • I believe that ‘Climate Control’ is the Cabal’s last-ditch attempt to control us. Sadly, very little of anything that the White Hats may possibly be doing is visible?

    • What troubles me greatly; is that the vast majority of Americans, if not the world, are still of the belief that Trump is their saviour?

      Yet Kimberly Goguen has provided undeniable proof that Trump, is a selfish, deceitful man; who does not pay his workers and, is playing both the Dark Sun as well as, the American people. So far, the Trump Team’s aggressive campaigning has raised over $100 million. The question is, what is this money being spent on?

      It turns out that Juan O Savin is a similar roque, having been awarded, a DARPA coin number 107!

      Today I learnt that both Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes, have been invited back to YouTube. Instead of believing that the White Hats have control over YouTube, should we not consider that, as both of them are staunch supporters of Trump, the Black Hats would want their voices heard far and wide?

      I was until most recently a supporter of both Trump and Melania, and provide support still for Trump to help overcome his aggressive Cancer. Nonetheless, I know in my heart that there is no human saviour of mankind! Mankind must save itself.

      • I neglected to add that nearly everyone of Trump’s major supporters and donors is an Ashkenazi Jew!
        The same group of Jews that it has been proven were responsible for the bombing of the twin towers!

      • Kim Goguen does not know what she is talking about with “Black Sun.” Her & Simon Parks fall under the same old tired song of Hitler. I find information not trust worthy when they use those catch phrases.

        • Hitler never went away. Europe is led by his granddaughter. Every single organisation in the USA is infested with his descendants. Still, if you are happy to be deluded?

          • I should have also said that both Trump’s parents and grandparents were Ashkenazi Jews! He was brought up in that belief! So you think Hitler is an old tired song? God help us!

            • That is NOT true! His father was a 2nd-generation German-American and his mother was born in the Outer Hebrides. He was raised Presbyterian (which is basically Church of Scotland in the US) and grew up attending the services of Norman Vincent Peale at the Marble Collegiate Church on the corner of 5th Avenue and 29th Street.

      • Kit, What troubles me greatly is some people still believe Adolf was the bad guy, when it was the Third Reich whom rescued Europe from the Bolshevik Communist, with 8 other Nations on June 22nd, 1941. This bravery ended Joseph Stalin’s planned USSR invasion of Europe, set for July 10th, 1941. Germany also arrested Rothschild bankers and promulgated a new Reich bank law June 15th, 1939, which under Article 3 the bank was renamed & the bank unconditionally became subordinated to the Sovereignty of Germany. If you wish for me to go on, I am not the one who is deluded. Also He had no children to make that false Fulford claim, if he had, why does Germany have all those migrants, use common sense and stop Parroting Hollywood movies.

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