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    Canadian alternative news journalist and Former Forbes Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief, Benjamin Fulford is joined by Hanna Kazahari and Fabiola Tsugami-Shaba, of the the Polish-Japanese language YouTube channel, FAB News to discuss world events on the 9th anniversary of March 11 Fukushima disaster.

    Of the coronavirus pandemic, Fulford says, “It’s very clear that this is a bioweapon and it’s not having the intended effect they wanted it to kill millions of people and fortunately – I shouldn’t say fortunately, in the sense that 4,000 people dead but fortunately, in the sense that millions haven’t died – it’s not nearly as bad as the intended but Fort Detrick, the US bioweapons research laboratories been shut down the scientists who created these viruses have been arrested…

    “But nonetheless, like I say, they’re gonna still use this for a major propaganda exercise but please don’t let them scare you it’s fear porn…as long as you’re healthy and eat properly and sleep and rest and everything you’re not going to catch anything…

    “26,000 scientists signed a petition saying 5G is dangerous. It’s a very similar wavelength of human thought and they used it in South Africa and experiment to manipulate mobs, either calm them down or to get them excited. I have this from a South African secret police whistleblower.

    “And I’ve heard now…the CIA sent some people in from Thailand to Wuhan to check out the situation and they say that about 3 million people were killed and it was caused not by a virus but by a satellite overwhelming their 5G network, which they just installed and using it to emit dangerous electromagnetic radiation and that’s what caused the damage there.

    “So, it was a serious attack on China and the people responsible will be brought to justice…They’re using the virus as a cover for the 5G, in most cases. Certainly, in Wuhan.

    “Here, in Japan they were going to try to have 5G all over the country by end of March and I’ve been fighting against the…mafiosi and Abe cabinet, to make sure that doesn’t happen. I think that we’re going to stop it in Japan…

    “Ebola is a bioweapon, a lot of these new types of Bird Flus were bioweapons but they also create antidotes for themselves, so that they don’t catch their own pandemic and that’s what they’ve been using. They’re also using Ebola drugs for this new bioweapon and like I say, it’s not gonna be nearly as bad as they try to make it out to be.

    “Mostly about fear and as I said before, it’s almost entirely old people with pre-existing conditions and even more, I hate to say this but it’s mostly old Asian people, especially men that are getting it, because of the way it was designed…

    “They have a NATO military exercise going on in Europe, example, where 40,000 US troops have been deployed and I have been told that they’re being used to [make] arrests in Europe, in Switzerland, all over Europe; they’re arresting mainly bankers, as part of military move against the Satan-worshiping cult that owns the central banks. So, it’s being used as a cover for a military campaign against Satan-worshipers located at the top of the corporate power structure…

    “It’s about carrying out a series of arrests. I’ve heard there’s going to be a lot of people arrested in Germany and Switzerland all over Europe. So, simply it’s a cover for a large military campaign to take out a mafia who have been proven to be trying to kill 90% of the world’s population, so we’re removing a dangerous cancer from the top of the power system, in the West, that’s whats happening…

    “The owners of the United States of America Corporation, which was established in 1871 and is not to be mistaken to the Republic of the United States of America, that was established in 1776 – the owners of this corporation went bankrupt on February 16th and that’s been the trigger for all these things and it was the owners of the Corporation, in a desperate move to keep in power who were behind the attacks on Wuhan and a lot of other nasty incidents but they are losing.

    “We are rounding them up. Their ability to terrorize us is going to end soon and yeah, that’s why all these CEOs are quitting.”

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    • If you like this video, you may also be interested in what this man has to say during an interview with Hanna and Fabiola on PorozmawiajmyTV March 5, 2019, starting around 26 minutes.
      If it’s factual what he said a year ago, CrownV-19 lends credence to his statements and is just another event in a long list of engineered events from influential people at the top of world power and should come as no surprise, since much of what they discuss comes to pass. Time will tell, which faction of Globalists will see their propaganda or plans become reality….or not.
      Thanks, Alexandra

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