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    Austin Steinbart, aka “Baby Q” has been posting videos since I introduced him to you three weeks ago but all of them were about his Twitter beefs with what he calls the “Q Pharisees”, the YouTubers and Q decoders who, over these past two and half years have made lots of money and who’ve gained a combined total of millions of followers on social media and who consequently have developed a proprietary attitude toward something that is not theirs. It’s a fight that I have zero interest in and with which I want no involvement, whatsoever.

    Yesterday’s post, however was compelling to me because it contains meaty details about how he says large departments of the US Government are being reorganized within the new US Space Force, which he says will be headquartered at Luke Air Force Base in Glendale, Arizona.

    The first bombshell he drops is that the Air Force will be dissolved, with all assets not pertaining to space and cyber to be distributed between the Army, Navy and the Marines. He says, “Like the CIA, which we are also disbanding, the Air Force is an irredeemably compromised organization, one that was also founded in 1947.

    “In fact, guess whose drones the CIA uses for their outrageously indiscriminate air strikes? If you guessed the Air Force’s, you would be correct.”

    He says Air Traffic Control will be removed from the Federal Aviation Administration to become part of the Space Force and “We’re also gonna disband that cesspit of graft and corruption known as NASA and roll that in, as well…

    “Now, many of you’re probably wondering why in the world would they put a weird computer guy like me in charge of running a major branch of the military and the main reason is simple: because Space Force is actually taking over control of the Internet and providing free Wi-Fi to everyone, via a massive mesh network of satellites.

    “Pretty exciting, right? And the best part is that many of those satellites have already been launched, because the Space Force already exists, it’s just been hiding out in one of our top defense contractors. Can you guess which one? If you said SpaceX, you would be correct.

    “SpaceX, believe it or not is actually a DIA front, that has secretly been building our New space Force…

    “There are several reasons why it’s become necessary for the military to take control of the Internet. The first one is cyber security. We live in an increasingly techie world and with all these sophisticated hacking tools that are out there for free. It’s gonna be impossible to keep everyone safe without controlling the Internet, especially as we start to roll out these self-driving cars Waymo’s been testing here, in Arizona. Don’t know about you guys, but I am definitely not trying to get killed by a hacked self-driving car.

    But my ears REALLY perked up when he says this:

    “The second reason the military needs to control the Internet is power. Right now, it’s impossible for our government to regulate Big Tech, because Big Tech controls the Internet and all of our access to information, so there’s really nothing our government can do to stop them, even if they wanted to.

    “The tech monopolies also have more money than God, meaning that they have the best lawyers and lobbyists money can buy on their payroll in every single country, so even if we did manage to regulate them here, they could just shift operations to another country and keep right on censoring our Free Speech and illegally stealing our data.

    “The only way we are ever going to be able to rein in those tech monopolies is by having the military take control of the Internet. It sounds counterintuitive, I know but I guarantee that my Space Force will do a much better job of protecting everyone’s Constitutional Rights than those evil tech CEOs.”


    Can I get an “Amen”? Never, would I have thought that I would be cheering for such a thing as a US military takeover of the Internet but the tyranny of Big Tech is such that these words are music to my ears.

    Furthermore, I don’t care if this guy is a LARP when he presents excellent insights into the mega bureaucracies and the Powers That Be.

    So, is the “6G network” Trump alluded to in 2018 is his administration’s answer to China’s 5G network…?

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