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    • Well! This is rather inconvenient; after all, Musk’s biggest Tesla plant is here in America… Isn’t it?
      And then there’s the NeuraLink and the vast Starlink Satellite Armada(???) Huh?
      Snitch ’em out, Bannon. snitch ’em all out. My Policy? Trust No One.

      • SB,

        America’s A C L U is communistic—and
        run/directed by communist . . . [_]ews :

        “American Communist Lawyers Union,“
        as this scribbler always puts it.

        As a famous actor had drunkenly put it,
        Mel Gibson :

        “They start all the wars.”

        That “impenetration,” which President
        George Washington had thought to
        publicly give warning, during an early
        political convention, ought to be a very
        STRONG clue for this 2023 generation
        —re who directs the once-white/
        -MERITORIOUS West toward the dust-
        bin of history.


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