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This is Part 2 of Mark Anthony Taylor’s latest amazing interview with Sean on the SGT Report. Taylor has been litigating against JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank and others for manipulating the gold and silver bullion markets and in the process, he’s made many unexpected discoveries about how the world works and about who runs the world.

At the end of the interview, Mark says that he believes there are there are only two main families at the top, controlling everything. The first family, everybody has already heard of – the Rothschilds. The second family is one hardly anyone has heard about. They are the Sassoons, known as the “Rothschilds of the East.”

I actually have heard of the Sassoons before and years ago, I had a friend whose mother came from this very fancy family of Sephardic Iraqi Jews who had become enormously wealthy in China during the 19th century, so I’d heard about this community that the Sassoons came from.

The Sassoons founded their money with the opium trade and it was actually they who ran the British opium trade in the 19th century. In the early 20th century, members of the Sassoon family began to have business associations and intermarry with the Rothschilds. They later founded banks throughout the Middle East and developed vast petroleum holdings. Mark estimates their wealth to be in the hundreds of trillions.

Mark and Sean scoff at the idea that Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world. As Mark says, “I think Bezos isn’t even Tier Two [of the Illuminati]. I mean, he’s probably at the level of your average Bilderberger. I think at Level Two, it’s not so much a question of money, so I think Mandelson and Lynn Forester de Rothschild were definitely Level Two agents – but the Level Ones are the Sassoons and the Rothschilds.

Mark continues, “The Royal Family play a part. The Royal Family are full of pedophiles…Some say the Queen is at the top. I don’t believe so. I believe that the Rothschilds and the Sassoons, they really did take over Britain after the defeat of Napoleon. They rigged the stock market. You can research that for yourself…

“Liberals keep trying to drum it into the average Englishman [about] the ‘evils of the British Empire, the Evils of the East India Trading Company’, but what they don’t mention was that was all under the control of the Rothschilds, from the 19th century onwards…

“The Vatican definitely has some part to play in this, but is what is so hard to know is the exact balance of power between all of these players and I don’t really trust anyone who says they know and this stuff is buried so deep, I don’t think these players know, themselves who is in charge but they basically have all the same motivations, the same things to hide, same skeletons in the same closets.”

The entire interview is transcribed below.



Mark: Okay, so you have this guy, William Broeksmit, Chief Risk Optimization Officer at Deutsche Bank. He writes a letter just before he’s apparently suicided and the newspapers just aren’t interested in finding out what’s in that letter and in fact, the coroner – I think this guy was living in London, it was a British coroner – she kept it secret, What was in this letter, as a result of influence from Deutsche Bank’s lawyers.

So, Deutsche Bank quashed the contents of that letter. That letter was addressed to Anshu Jain and the note is below: “Anshu – you are so good to me and I have repaid you with carelessness. I betrayed your trust and hid my horrible nature from you. Can’t even even begin to fathom the damage I’ve done.”

Now this guy was absolutely in fear of being prosecuted for LIBOR manipulation that was never mentioned in the coroner’s inquest, as a result of lobbying from Deutsche Bank, this letter was never mentioned. It was covered up.

Sean: So, with Broeksmit out of the way, then the LIBOR investigation in regards to him, at least also goes away. How convenient.

Mark: So, it all goes away with the death of these people that can link it to Jain.

Sean: So that email to Anshu, supposedly from Broeksmit, if we’re to believe that he actually wrote that – how convenient, right? How convenient, he’s basically taking the blame for everything and implying that he betrayed the trust of Anshu by doing all of this LIBOR-rigging, etc. without the knowledge of the CEO, without the knowledge of Anshu, I mean, is that what we’re actually to believe? Again, how convenient, suicided, what just a couple days later?

Mark: I’m going to remind you of something I said in my previous interview to you, so you’ve got this guy, Felix Huffeld, he’s the head of BaFin [German regulatory agency], has Deutsche Bank investigated for gold-rigging, in 2014.

48 hours after Jain received litigation from me for gold-rigging, Felix cancels BaFin’s investigation. Well, we now know that Deutsche Bank was spoofing the bullion, wasn’t it? Which means that which means that BaFin’s investigation was totally superficial – and by quashing that investigation he covered up any kind of further scrutiny that would have exposed the spoofing.

So, he should be wanted by Interpol. The FBI should be asking for his arrest to find out why BaFin didn’t do its job and he’s the person who got BaFin off, who got Jain off for LIBOR manipulation, so how far can you trust him? And he’s the head of BaFin.

And you know who they picked to investigate Jes Staley for laundering Epstein’s money to JP Morgan? Andrew Bailey, of the FCA. The FCA, according to Internet review sites has a 99% disapproval rating. The FCA takes one month to answer each email so there’s no way on earth the FCA is gonna is gonna find against Jes Staley for money-laundering for the Epsteins.

And Staley, as we know was blackmailing Parliament to get him the job at Barclays, using the Epstein’s materials. That was confirmed in the FOIAs that I submitted that you can see in our previous videos.

So the heads of these watchdogs are all totally bent they are hand-picked by the banksters and none of them – none of them – will touch the Epstein money-laundering operation. So that money-laundering, the Epstein ring was used to cover-up the kingpins of the LIBOR manipulation and the people in England with the most power to stop this do nothing.

So, I’m just going to show another slide here. Okay, this is something I’ve put out at Twitter. Nobody is serving me for libel for putting this out. This has gone to Parliament, so I’m exposing Bob Neil, head of the Justice Select Committee with oversight over the British Judiciary, because Parliament is sovereign in the UK, it has more authority than the Judiciary.

He knew in 2016 that Lord Chief Justice Burnett had covered up Deutsche Bank’s rigging frauds. He had the evidence before him. He had the evidence that Deutsche Bank’s audits were fake. He did absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing, even in 2018, when the CFT fines Deutsche Bank, he still does nothing and refuses to do anything. So, the heads of all of these political institutions, the heads of all the judiciary are in on this, protecting chain. And as they protect Jain, they make sure that the blame falls on someone else – Trump.

So, if Trump is impeached, based on these scurrilous accusations of the death of Bower, then the the likes of the Lord Chief Justice, as you see in the top right are central to the cover-up, central to the to the wrongful impeachment of the President of the United States.

Sean: Let me ask you something, real quickly, because you lost me, just there, for a second.

Well, first of all, so the man on the left is Bob Neill, correct?

Mark: Yep.

Sean: Okay, and the man on the right is Lord Chief Justice Burnett, correct?

Mark: Sir Ian Burnett.

Sean: Okay, let me just say Sir Ian Burnett does not look like a pedophile (saying this facetiously. Burnett is bewigged and looks like a complete freak). I just want to get that out there, Friends. That man on the right, he doesn’t look like a pedophile, at ALL. God, I can’t even joke about this stuff, because they’re all tied in to pedophilia, Friends.

Mark: Okay, so you’ve got Sir Terence Etherton, says of Burnett, “It appears that the only club of which our new Lord Chief Justice is or has been a member of is the Pizza Express club. Pizza Express is exactly the wording Prince Andrew used when he pretended he wasn’t diddling one of Epstein’s girls.

Sean: All right, so my instincts seem to be correct. No, I talked about that because Burnett looks a lot like Ted Heath. They all look like they’re morally-bankrupt and physically very unhealthy. And generally, I think evil things manifest in the physical form, in their faces, in their big fat bodies. These people are truly demons. Demons manifested as human beings, in my view.

One thing I want to ask you – you mentioned the potential impeachment of Donald Trump, based on one of these dead bankers. I haven’t heard anything about that in the United States. I don’t think the Democrats are necessarily astute enough, nor would they want to bring this up, because it would be such a can of worms. So, what were you driving at, as it pertains to an impeachment of Trump, based on some of this stuff?

Mark: Okay, so you can see for yourself, here. You just type, “michael+bowers+russian+mafia”. Nothing is linking to Jain. There’s no mention in here of Jain – but what you see is Trump. So, the Daily Beast: “Alleged Russian Mobsters in Trump’s World Orbit”, okay, [YouTube] “Trump and the Russian Mafia”.

Sean: So, it’s more Russiagate nonsense; trying to tie it –

Mark: Yeah, exactly, exactly.

Sean: Deep State nonsense, every single speck of it. I’ve said this a million times. Do you think if these people had the goods on Trump being a pedophile, do you think if they had pictures of him with children or underage women, do you think for a second that stuff wouldn’t be public? I mean, they’ve tried everything else, including the bathroom sink.

Mark: Yeah, they only got interested in Michael Bowers because of his connections to Trump. So, if he hadn’t been involved with Trump, we wouldn’t know about him. So, I’ve been reading articles today that have revealed key information about the death of these bankers. More has come out of late as of late. They’re all they’re all trying to spin it on to Trump and there is the most threadbare connections, whereas Jain does not get a mention.

So, Jain appears to be totally immune to civil litigation and totally immune to criminal investigation and he’s obviously, he’s obviously a man who deserves suspicion. But no, no, no, if you look at John Cryan and Christian Sewing, they are facing litigation in that Esther Salas lawsuit.

So, obviously Anshu Jain has more power than the other bankers in Deutsche Bank, obviously more power.

Sean: But I mean look if you look at the top of JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon is untouchable. So, we might see a limited hangout of some traders at the JP Morgan Precious Metals Desk ,but we’re not ever going to see perp walks of these top people, these CEOs, it’s just never going to happen. I wish it would happen but these corporations, these people at the head of these corporations, they are the Shadow Government, they comprise the Shadow Government, right, these are people that are part of this CFR, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, Bilderberg Group, Herrhausen Society, these are the underlings to those overlords.

If you do me a favor, before we wrap this up – and you can comment on that – but if you hit your back button a couple of times, you had something up there about Ted Heath and I would really like to read – right there –

Mark: Okay, this is Dr. Joan Coleman’s RAINS list

Sean: – because I despise Ted Heath. He’s a monster in human form, just like Jimmy Savile. He was the former Prime Minister, Friends. Now, think of this: this is a man that would get one-on-ones with the Queen of England, sit-downs.

If you haven’t seen that Netflix show called ‘The Crown’, Ted Heath is portrayed as sort of a bumbling do-gooder, with a heart of gold, essentially. Anyway former prime minister ted heath homosexual – but not exclusively, where children are concerned – has been mentioned by at least three satanic ritual abuse survivors, none of whom know each other, several have described long fingernails.

I’m told that he wore false claws added to his nails, which he clawed his child victims with. He died in 2005 and only later, was it revealed that he was involved in a cult, where allegedly, as many as, I think 16 children, Mark were murdered. So, these are people that rule us, friends. What we’ve discussed here is just horrifying but it is the reality and it is the reality that is hidden from us, every single day by the mainstream Mockingbird media, which is also a part of this empire that rules us, this evil, satanic empire that rules us.

Mark: I think your audience is in a position to demand key investigations of the people most likely responsible for the death of the bankers, as they know who they know why and they know who, exactly is covering it up. So, we’re gonna have to act on this, at some time. We don’t want to go to our graves having done nothing but talk about it.

Sean: But it’s tough, man because you tried to take these people on in the courts and the courts are rigged. So, it’s pretty hard to get justice in a rigged system, where the Shadow Government controls so many of the courts, so many of the judges.

Mark: Their problem is that people are getting very, very angry and they know that these systems are rigged. And in the age of the Internet, they can no longer hide their crimes. The Internet was meant to be a system for them to monitor us. It is much more highly-damaging against them.

Sean: Well, I couldn’t agree more and I will make this last point, which I’ve made repeatedly. If you guys want to see how rigged the game is, just use Google to search SGT Report and then use Bing to search the exact same thing: SGT Report. The results are completely different and that’s because Google is part of this Shadow Government and they’re trying to do a modern-day book-burning to bury all of this stuff, so that researchers don’t have access to the information you just heard conveyed in this interview from Mark Anthony Taylor.

Well, let me just ask you this, before we part ways. In your view, do you think the Rothschilds still sit pretty much at the top of this whole thing? Or are they just one of maybe 13 families that control everything? What’s your view on that?

Mark: I believe there are there are only two main families. The first family is the Rothschilds – everyone knows. The second family, hardly anyone knows about them. They are the Sassoons. They founded their money by the opium trade. If you want to know who was running the British opium trade in the 19th century, it was the Sassoons. They were running the opium trade for about 75 years and at their peak, some say they had a hundred million drug addicts paying into their coffers, so they must have made the equivalent of billions in their time – trillions.

They married into the Rothschild family, but I believe they could be the richer half. If you compound that wealth over 150 years or so, that puts their money in the tens or hundreds of trillions.

Sean: Well, I know that for a fact. You know, I did a video called “Rothschilds: Trillions Quantified”, in just using the public information and the braggery from Jacob Rothschild, himself, when he claimed he was worth – and I’m going off memory, here – let’s say it was $100 million, I don’t recall. But going off of the information he provided, just that one arm of that banking family with compound interest- not front-running markets or rigging or doing any of the stuff we know they do, just with simple compound interest – compound interest, I think at 6% – that wealth, he bragged about then is worth $240 trillion today – at six percent – and the numbers are staggering. If you use 8%, 9%, 10%.

So, these people are worth trillions, and yet we’re told the richest man in the world is Jeff Bezos!

Mark: Yes, it’s ridiculous!

Sean: That is the matrix in which we live! Jeff Bezos, one-generation wealth. Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world. Give me a break. I’ve said that several times in this interview but give me a freaking break.

Mark: I think Bezos isn’t even Tier Two [of the Illuminati]. I mean, he’s probably at the level of your average Bilderberger. It’s, I think at Level Two it’s not so much a question of money, so I think Mandelson and Lynn Forester de Rothschild were definitely Level Two agents but the Level One are the Sassoons and the Rothschilds. The Royal Family play a part. The Royal Family are full of pedophiles.

They go out of their way to pick fellow pedophiles in the Privy Council of the UK, which is why the Executive of the Judiciary are all pedophiles and that is how Mandelson was able to bribe and blackmail them to get them to go Jain’s way.

Sean: So interesting. And you mentioned the Privy Council. We can round this thing out, but it just pops into my head again, that Justin Trudeau, who is now openly trying to seize the guns in Canada, as he shuts everything down in the name of COVID, he swore his allegiance to the Queen of England and her Privy Council, when he was sworn-in as Prime Minister. He didn’t swear an oath to the people of Canada but rather to the Queen of England and her Privy Council. What does that tell you, friends?

And people, to this day, Mark still believe that the Queen’s power in Canada, in Australia is just ornamental. They actually believe that to be the case in the UK. Again this is the matrix in which we live.

Mark: Some say the Queen is at the top. I don’t believe so. I believe that the Rothschilds and the Sassoons, they really did take over Britain after the defeat of Napoleon. They rigged the stock market. You can research that for yourself.

Sean: That’s right, a film was made, featuring a very famous actor at the time, the name of which escapes me but I did a video about that, too it is called, I believe ‘House of Rothschild’ and…the whole movie is about exactly what happened during those few days during the end of the Battle of Waterloo when the Rothschilds knew before the rest of the world did that Napoleon was defeated and they rigged the market, making it look like Napoleon had won, thereby buying up all of the bonds and assets for pennies on the dollar.

That goes back to my “Rothschilds Quantified” video, in which I mentioned that and Rothschild bragged about it at that point. He bragged about his wealth after that Battle of Waterloo rigging, it’s just unbelievable and this is the history people don’t know, Mark.

Mark: So you have Liberals keep trying to drum it into the average Englishman, the “evils of the British Empire, the Evils of the East India Trading Company”, but what they don’t mention was that was all under the control of the Rothschilds, from the 19th century onwards.

Sean: It’s hard to end a conversation like this, because it’s just so darn interesting. But again, what do we see in the Wikileaks emails? We see Lynn de Rothschild and Hillary Clinton being very very chummy. And who was Hillary Clinton’s biggest supporter? Lynn de Rothschild. You just can’t make this stuff up!

So who runs the world? Who runs the world, Friends? Banksters, banksters run the world. They always have and until we throw off their chains, which is getting more and more difficult to do by the day, until we throw off those chains, the bankers will continue to run the world.

Mark: The Vatican definitely has some part to play in this, but is what is so hard to know is the exact balance of power between all of these players and I don’t really trust anyone who says they know and this stuff is buried so deep, I don’t think these players know, themselves who is in charge but they basically have all the same motivations, the same things to hide, same skeletons in the same closets.

Sean: And they have a lot of skeletons in their closets and a lot of blood on their hands, so I mean, can you imagine the rivers of blood that have flowed because of these unnecessary wars? Wars that were manipulated or caused to happen, to enrich the bankers and to indebt nation-states. It’s just the most important history and it is the most interesting history and that’s why it’s not taught in high schools and colleges and most people don’t know any of this information.

Mark, we tell people how we can follow you or support you.

Mark: It’s getting very hard to get the word out now I would like to thank you again sean because right now you are the only you are my only publisher. So, people might think that there are truth tellers on the Internet, on YouTube, in particular.

People who cover the Epstein stuff, none of those people, other than yourself covered the Jes Staley’s files that I sent to Parliament, that shows that Jes Staley of Barclays got his power by blackmail. None of them will touch that, only you and a former friend of mine were willing to publish that materials – and now there is only you publishing this.

So my bet is that nobody will follow up on this interview, because they’re either too scared or they are insiders with their own agenda. But if you want to follow me, it’s at shyreman at twitter or I would be glad for any donations from multiple millionaires. I don’t ask for anything from anyone with less than many millions, but my finances are struggling, so I’ve got to swallow my pride. So, anything for this fight – but don’t donate to me if you got less than a few million in the bank, please.

Sean: Where do people find a way to donate to you?

Mark: You can find my contact details if you look hard enough on my website.

Sean: And shout out the website again?

Mark: – Old English. Means “sheriff”.

Sean: Well, Mark, thanks very much, I appreciate it.

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    • The site is up but it looks like his SSL expired and therefore, your anti-virus is blocking his site from your computer. I’ll tweet at him and let him know.

  • Wow! Amazing information, another break through. I think there may also be something to gained by deciphering the royal crest. The purebred lion that wears the crown and the hybrid unicorn that is chained. The pure bloods ruling the hybrids. We can be pretty sure the hybrids are us, so who are the pure bloods?

  • The pedophiles network that are destroying our world Is very, very deep swamp. With hands deep in our pockets. Having this information is great, but what can we do with it? This will call for an outright attack to take them down. This has been well planned, to say the least.
    “The Russians did it with Trump!” The more we know, it seems, the more depressed I get.
    God Bless you!

    (I’m still not getting notifications from your site)

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