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Physicist/Author Paul LaViolette, Ph.D., holds degrees in physics and systems science and has conducted original research in general systems theory, theoretical physics, astronomy, geology, climatology, and cosmology. He lectures and consults internationally, has several published books and scientific monographs published in many professional journals.

I regard him as one of the great scientific minds alive today and I’ve been a fan of his work ever since I cited him in my last book. I was lucky to get to meet him at the Secret Space Conference in Austin, TX in November of 2015, where we discussed theories for what caused the swift disappearance of the widespread Clovis Paleo-Indian culture of North America, which coincided with the mass extinction of the local megafauna (mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, giant bears, camels, zebras and massive ground sloths, which weighed over three tons) and also coincided with the end of the last Ice Age.

The mainstream theory is that the Clovis people overhunted their gigantic prey, causing all to die. I find this hard to believe. It doesn’t explain the rapid end of the last Ice Age and the consequent 400-foot rise in global sea levels. I tended toward the theory put forward by Richard Firestone, et al., about a major comet impact or airblast in the region of the Laurentide Shield, in what’s now Ontario, Canada, around the Great Lakes. A continental glacier three miles thick covered this area, at the time, which would make it difficult to know whether there was an impact or an airblast similar to that of the 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor but on a much larger scale.

A “black matte” and “nano-diamonds”, indicating a massive fiery event, packing extreme pressure at this geological stratum can be found as far away as Germany. I mentioned all of this to Dr. LaViolette and he said that certain isotopes that would also have been created by such an impact aren’t present and that he has 20 reasons why an impactor was not the cause of this event on his website. I just looked up his page, which outlines his theory for a “Super Solar Flare” or “Solar Proton Event” as the cause for the demise of the Clovis culture and the mass extinction of megafauna.

In this video Witness Testimony for Dr. Steven Greer’s Sirius Disclosure series, physicist/author, Dr. LaViolette discusses how he became interested the work of Townsend Brown while he was developing his own physics theory about electrogravitics, in which he built upon Townsend’s work. He predicted a coupling between electricity and gravitation in his book, ‘Subquantum Kinetics.’ He contradicts the Theory of General Relativity’s mono-polar view of gravity, in which masses can only attract and there’s no possibility for gravitational repulsion or anti-gravity.

I’m going to paraphrase much of what he said in this interview because he’s soft-spoken and sometimes the import of what he’s saying can get lost. The full transcript of the interview appears on the page linked below.

LaViolette says that by 1953, Townsend Brown had already proven anti-gravity on both small and large scales and that he’d demonstrated it to top brass in the military more than once – and it quickly became classified.

He says that Brown achieved antigravity by charging the leading edge of a disk-shaped craft with positive ions, while the body of the disk was negatively charged. According to him, this created gravitational wells around the leading edges, whereas the electrons charging the disks’ bodies would do the opposite; they’d create “gravity hills, (G-Hills)” which have a gravitational repulsion effect and can propel it forward very quickly.

He says that while Brown was using high-voltage electrical charges, it appears that the same principle is being used on the B-2 bomber, by using masers, instead. Maser is an acronym for “microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”; a device that produces coherent electromagnetic waves through amplification by stimulated emission. LaViolette says microwave beams are being used to create “pushes on distant surfaces.”

He also notes, “There’s a very well-known technology, in the area of optics and there’s a lot literature on it, for the use of lasers – but you find nothing on it for the use of microwaves and I believe the reason for this is it’s very highly classified, because of its ability to be used for UFO propulsion.

“The beauty of this is that the microwaves stay in the beam, they don’t scatter out. That’s the nature of it. So you pump up your beam with energy and it’s not lost; like you’re putting your energy in a tube; it’s a resonator.

“So…you could create a craft that’s standing on ‘poles’, in effect, they become like solid poles between the craft and the ground and this is how…a TR-3B [the black triangular craft, widely-reported by UFO witnesses and which many have claimed are manmade], there’s some talk about this using anti-gravity technology; it has three thrusters on the bottom. Well, this is what the thrusters would be [maser beam thrusters].”

LaViolette refers to a well-known picture of a triangular craft, taken in Belgium, during a widespread flap witnessed by thousands of people, of these craft in 1995, showing the bottom thrusters located at the three corners of the craft. Also, in many photos of disk-shaped UFOs – some reported to be of Nazi origin, while other “beamships” have been reported to be “Pleiadian”, one often sees these three domes underneath. LaViolette says, “I believe these are actually microwave transmitters for the beams.”

He says the way he concluded the B-2 may be using the electrogravitics technology of Townsend Brown was through an article published in Aviation Week & Space Technology, in which some Black Project engineers disclosed that the B-2 charges the leading edge of its wing to a high-voltage and its exhaust is charged to an opposite charge; high-voltage charge. They explained how this would help “to soften the sonic boom, if you charge leading into the wing, which is true. In fact, it’s one of the things that Brown talked about. Also in the exhaust; they were saying how this helps cool the exhaust and disguise the infrared signature of the exhaust, which is also true.

“They didn’t go further to explain the tie-in with electrogravitics. That’s the connection that I made. I realized that this was, in effect, a description of Townsend Brown’s patented device, it looked something like this, in his patent which was issued in 1962; his electrokinetics patent.

Brown was proposing a disk-shaped craft that would use what he called ‘flame jet generators’; jet engines that were more like giant Van de Graaff generators; that could actually put out fifteen million volts.

“In effect, then the jet becomes your electrical generator…a high-voltage electric generator. And he was saying that with that power, you are able to feed the positive side of the generator to the front of your craft and generate your ions, just like he was doing with his small disks that he was testing, going hundreds of miles per hour.

“This is from [his book] ‘Subquantum Kinetics’ and explains how a particle comes into being. The reason I’m talking about this now, is that subquantum kinetics allows for the possibility of materialization and dematerialization.

“Now, if you were to be able to raise this G-well so this supercritical region, this fertile region disappeared, this particle theoretically would dematerialize. We’d go back to the vacuum machine.

“In relation to the technology of spacecraft – advanced technology – there are stories of how craft can actually dematerialize visually and so my theory about this is the they’re able to affect the gravity field of the craft. This, within context of subquantum kinetics; is how I would think it would occur; that they are able to make the craft lighter; raise gravity potential, make a G-hill there. The waves that form particles would diminish; go more towards the vacuum state.”

LaViolette’s first encounter with anti-gravity research came from a report he obtained during a visit to the Library of Congress, where he found the only card under “antigravitation”. It wasn’t available there but he obtained it through an inter-library loan request from the library at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

It was entitled “Electrogravitic Systems”. It was produced by a London think tank called Aviation Studies International, which apparently still exists. This report was dated 1956. The gist of the paper was to encourage the aircraft industry to develop Townsend Brown’s electrogravitics technology, to build a Mach 3 fighter craft or maybe even to commercialize it, so that, instead of jets, we could all be flying on commercial airliners much faster, with electrogravitics!

The think tank did a survey of the aviation industry in the mid-1950s and they named some aircraft companies that would be candidates for developing this technology: Glenn Martin, the former company name for Martin-Marietta. Quoting from the report: “Glenn Martin now feels ready to say in public that they are examining the Unified Field Theory, to see what can be done…” and “Companies studying the implications of gravitics are said in a news statement to include Glenn Martin, Convair, Sperry-Rand, Sikorsky, Bell, Lear and Clark Electronics. Among companies who’ve previously evinced interest, include Lockheed, Douglas and Hiller.”

LaViolette says, this think tank called for a “Manhattan-style project to develop this – this was going to change our whole aviation technology …Later, in BusinessWeek magazine, they listed an impressive array of companies, institutions backing gravity research…back in the ‘50s, that included Martin, Grumman, Lockheed, Sperry-Rand and…Hughes Aircraft.” He goes on to say:

“I do believe that we have technology presently developed, which would allow us to easily navigate the Solar System. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have bases on Mars and the Moon and that we’re regularly going there with these kinds of craft.”

He says that the Cold War and the obsession with secrecy is what prevented this technology from being commonly available. He muses about the Roswell crash and the military’s jarring confrontation with the existence of aliens having advanced technology and half-jokes, “Suppose the same thing happened a hundred years ago, at the time the automobile developed? I sincerely believe we’d still be driving horse and buggies today, because there would be the fear that the automobile could change warfare…At that time, there wasn’t the same mechanism in place…we didn’t have the NSA and this major program to contain advanced technologies.”

LaViolette then goes on to describe the sorry case of a “Canadian fellow”, who had developed a technology for powering your house out of something the size of a shoebox. “It was a new way of wiring something up; some sort of nonlinear device. He was very open about it and publicizing it and trying to find investors, to sell the rights and as I understand the story, his house was one day surrounded by SWAT team and all his stuff was confiscated and he was arrested on the grounds that he was harboring ‘terrorist technology’ or ‘weaponry’ and that he’d only be released if he signed something saying that he would not continue doing work in this area – and so now, he’s mowing lawns for a living.

“This is a very lame excuse for suppressing this kind of thing, in my opinion. If they are really that frightened about these new technologies, they can always license them, just like you license radio stations or whatever, to keep tabs on it; how much power it produces, for what purpose and I think, our current crisis, with energy is important enough, that this is the least they can do, instead of arresting people who are trying to help the world.

LaViolette then goes on to blast the US Patent Office, which in his account behaves much as we’ve seen the Centers of Disease Control, with regard to vaccines. LaViolette worked there for a year and observed the disturbing pattern of illegal activities, where patents were quashed.

He says that the American Physical Society, a non-governmental lobbying group has often acted to bully the Patent Office through spokesman, Robert Park.

“In the case of Black Light, they had long vendetta against the inventor of this process, who is able to get energy out of just plain water. A glass of water would produce more energy than if you had that glass filled with gasoline, which is what Mills’ findings, finding what ultraviolet light is giving off, during this transition, and this is how he generates the energy – yes, a catalyst is able to release this energy.”

LaViolette says that it’d already been announced, that the patent was formally going to be issued in a week or two but then, “Robert Park starts making fun of it on his website and apparently, there must have been an email campaign or a contact at the Patent Office, to embarrass the Patent Office and they pulled the patent, which is really illegal; the idea to withdraw patent after been it’d already approved to be issued…

“According to Patent Law, an invention is allowed to be patented, if it works and if it’s something new. It can work and break the laws of physics, as physicists know it and it still has the right to be patented.

“Time and again, technology has driven physics theory. Physics theory tends to be restraining on technological advancement, because all that you would come up with are the ideas that your theory happened to predict.

“If that was the case, our technological advance with slow to halt…Fortunately, our patent system is set up to allow us to go beyond the laws of physics, to patent things that work…

“You could argue, just on the basis of viewing physics as a religion, in a way, a belief system, that anything that’s a challenge to their belief system they’re going to oppose – and they don’t care that something’s going to help society, because it would make them look like fools, that, ‘Geez, they can’t explain this,’ and ‘Maybe their theories are wrong,’ and people are going to start wondering, ‘Why do we send our children to colleges? Why are these university professors getting funded to build huge accelerators – for what purpose? Why do we spend billions of dollars on the super collider in Texas?’

So there obviously must be a monetary connection here, where they’re trying to protect their butts for funding too, and it’s self-interest, you know and heck with the rest of the world…”

These new energy technologies are the underdog. They don’t fit into the paradigm that is currently taught and believed and so, they are left out of getting the funding to be developed. “Even to the point to where they’re breaking the law – to prevent them from their patents from being issued. Without their patents issued, how are investors going to invest in the company?”


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