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    During the biggest fire catastrophe in Canadian history on June 2nd, there were over 100 forest fires in Québec, with ten of them out of control.

    The Province’s agency says it only has the ability to fight 30 fires.

    This massive outbreak of fires was captured by longtime geological watchdog YouTube channel, DutchSinse.

    Michael Janitch of the DutchSinse channel has been monitoring earthquakes and other geological activity for years, successfully predicting earthquakes and issuing warnings when the USGS won’t.

    Janitch has often reported on fires that break out along the edge of the plate craton or fire that break out around volcanoes.

    And he’s captured images of what appear to be Directed Energy Weapons, sparking California wildfires in 2020.

    But the fires from last week were not along the edge of the craton or near a volcano, as far as we know. The only other explanation would be that it was man-made and there was no sign of a Directed Energy Weapon.

    There was evidence of arson in the American West Coast wildfires and US Climate Czar, John Kerry just called out for his Extinction Rebellion mob to be more militant.

    Just like California and Australia, these fires will be blamed on cow farts and human civilization. The captured government of Canada is telling the people to stay out of the woods. They are ignoring volunteer firemen and asking Trudeau for thre militayry and foreign workers to rebuild.

    The New World Order needs an excuse to lock us down one more time. Burning people out of their homes is an old tactic for stealing their land.

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    • If someone yells “Fire” but we see No fire…
      We don’t even know what were looking at, is waves on the ocean?? Is it clouds??

    • Both Distraction and “Ecological Crisis”. My money is on John Kerry and his “Extinction Rebellion” Mob, aided and abetted by our old friends, the CIA. That’s the West Coast.
      Canada looks to be the possible detonation of a Tritium “dirty bomb” by “migrant” terrorists, another wonderful moment-to-moment Distraction again provided by the CIA.
      “Migrant” Invaders generally do not deal in Tritium or “dirty bombs” unless someone else provides it, Freely.
      To view this exact NYC “orange haze” phenomenon, view the movie “Blade Runner – 2049” on Hulu or YouTube.

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