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    Cosmic Cowboy Daniel Ott invited me on his show last night to talk about TDS, Suicide Weekend, QAnon and how I had to #WalkAway.

    I’ve set this to start about three quarters of the way in, when we’re talking about how I became a “truther” from an early age, with a major UFO sighting and how I lived a quarter of a block from the World Trade Center during 9/11 and how for me, the coup d’état against Trump has felt like 9/11 all over again.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • As long as people continue to believe that anyone in a political office is either good or evil…nothing will change in this country. All presidents Republican or Democrat serve their puppet masters…the corporate media will either demonize you or sanctify you…it’s all a sham, wake up to this fact and a possible change may take place…

    • Dear Alexandra, I could feel your pain!

      You also look very alone in life, which saddens me greatly.

      It may seem over simplistic but I do not think it is about Democrats vs Republicans any longer. It is about Good versus Evil. Sadly, so many in society have been seduced into backing Evil, somewhat naively. Some admittedly do not have the intelligence to see how Evil is endeavouring to undermine humanity in every way possible. From harmful mercury in vaccines, causing Autism and so much more. The recent Transgender Movement endeavouring to undermine the family unit. The deliberate opioid crisis created by BigPharma, and the covert surveillance of Society. The weaponization of the weather and the destruction of National Identity through mass immigration, and not least, the still very active UN’s Agenda 21, to name but a few examples.

      I have personally developed the means to detect the harmful energy of those with an ‘Evil’ persona through dowsing. Thankfully an ‘Evil’ persona cannot be masked by trickery or learned behaviour, and it takes less than half a second to recognise the harmful positive energy of such individuals.

      I have been reliably advised that the Global Evil Cabal has run out of money and thus, their antics should soon rapidly be curtailed.

      Here in the UK, the BBC and the Media despise P. Trump, when in fact, along with P. Putin, they are, thank God, the two Leaders who are actively intent on destroying the ‘Evil’ Elite.

      As for UFO’s; I have told you before Alexandra, that I personally know of Extraterrestrials that have been on planet earth for several million years. The denial of their presence, as they presently strive to save our planet from being torn asunder by Nibiru and its dense twin dark star, will soon come to an end.

      As it is, I believe a serious Pole-Shift is still a real threat, with the North Pole already having shifted over 300 miles.

      As I said at the beginning of this comment, you look very alone, but believe me, you are not.

      There are those of wisdom who very much appreciate the sacrifice you make in your endeavours to bring the truth to the forefront. Please do keep up the good work.

      I just wish I could afford to increase my monthly donation.

      My love to you as always, dear lady.

    • Wish I could be as optimistic, but once crime families are in control of any government they are very, vey difficult to dislodge. Them as holds the gold makes the rules and enforces them.

      Just in recent days we’ve seen the murder of two high ranking NYC officers who may have been privy to the Weiner “insurance” file and two state senators who were engaged in anti-child trafficking.

      Everyone in any of the departments being investigated are insiders and with much justification it is a fearful thing to rat of co-workers.

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