30-year NSA veteran, Bill Binney Joins Bill Still to share his very candid opinions about Seth Rich and the Mueller Report. He enumerates all of the evidence that suggests Seth Rich was involved in acquiring and selling the DNC data to WikiLeaks.

Binney says, “This whole RussiGate was created by Brennan and his crew at CIA and then they solicited the President’s approval – Obama’s approval – to get the FBI, NSA and State Department and the DHS involved in it and the DOJ, also – to cooperate in this effort to – basically have a soft coup against President Trump…”

Accusations of collusion with Russia “Were an absolute lie from the beginning…They did it because they wanted to set a basis for impeachment, for getting rid of Trump.” He states the coup is being “managed by our CIA” and he describes the coup as “A typical CIA plan.” In his opinion, the current CIA Director, Gina Haspel is a supporter of the coup against Trump.

Binney gives us many interesting professional insights on several items, from what to expect from the DOJ’s case against Julian Assange to how the Obama Administration circumvented oversight from NSA and the FISA court with the creation of their own domestic surveillance and blackmail operation known as The Hammer.

Binney was scheduled to testify on the 21st of this month as an expert witness in Roger Stone’s defense in the case brought against him by Robert Mueller but that hearing has now been postponed to mid-July.

Like all of us, he is concerned that no indictments have been made yet but he does think that Trump will prevail and that it will be proven that evidence was fabricated against him. He suggests here that he will be called upon to testify by AG Bill Barr in cases against the coup plotters and that he may also be involved with reforming the bureaucracy that allowed these bad actors to hijack the US Government.

He ends the interview with a smile saying, “I have really good reasons to be hopeful but I can’t tell you why right now. Maybe later.”

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