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    • Henry Kissinger was very public about this a very long time ago.

      It never dawned on me at the time that due to a severe weakness in our constitution exempting corporations from the democratic process that governs the rest of the nation, that the day would come when disloyal and short sighted politicians would be corrupted and used to move American production to SE Asia.

      Let me rephrase this – moving jobs to China, because employees of corporations have no say in the decision making process of the corporations! Kissinger and Nixon made moving American production to China a cake walk! Kissinger knew, Nixon was duped!

      The cure would be to amend the constitution to mandate corporations to democratize their structures so that a part of their remuneration for employee labors would be paid in corporate stocks, so as the corporation grows in the communities in which they are privileged to operate, could not be so easily gutted by fascistic corporate heads.

      It’s a little like shutting the barn door after the horses are gone, and with the current make up of our representatives, I don’t see that ever happening. Unless, some calamity befalls us and it will, and we need to be ready fer it.

      Too many state and federal laws favor corporations and fail to protect the communities in which they operate from pillaging and plunder! Tax law is another area and such laws should not create cash cows for non producers such as accountants and lawyers.

      It was crystal clear to me when Clintons and REPUBLICAN Gingrich began the big push to off-shore American production, that making America a consumer nation was unsustainable. It wasn’t just China, they sold their bill of goods in part by telling us that by shipping jobs to Mexico, it would stop the southern border invasion. How did that work out?

      Our biggest problem is in the heads of the people selected to rule over us right across the board, in all our institutions not just government. Too many of them lack the wisdom to understand human nature, that pressuring women to become men and men to become women and pitting them against one another is un-natural and destructive. When this is combined with offshoring it leads swiftly to chaos, unemployment, underemployment, dissatisfaction, homelessness, broken homes and calamity, which we may be staring in the face now.

      Calamity in the form of the military/Pharma corporations determined to inject every last one of us with their experimental cocktails. Do not forget what Trump’s legal advisor, the media darling, retired Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz told the nation while Trump was yet in office, that it is constitutional to mandate innoculation and to this end if necessary the US military can go door to door dragging people out of the homes and stab them!

      Do not allow distractions to shorten our memories!

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