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Edward Dowd joins Alex Jones with his latest report on the vaccine injuries, saying that there’s been a sudden hockey stick increase in injuries among employed people aged 25-54 that has a billions-to-one odds of being random and that he attributes to the vaccines.

Dowd says we’re literally in a “pandemic of the vaccinated” and he’s very irate that nothing is being done to stop the vaxxines, saying, “I want Congress to start the COVID hearings, I want to be invited, I want to testify, I want a bunch of people to testify, all of the doctors all of us with the data. We need to stop this and make the general public aware.”

Thus far, his very conservative estimate is that 300,000 people have died in the US due to the vaxx, 1.36 million people have been disabled and those chronically ill and missing from work currently number 13.3 million people. “So, we’ve got 15 million Americans, conservatively that have been affected by this shot. And that doesn’t factor in all the family members that have been affected by the deaths, the disabilities, the chronic illness and then, the knock-on effects through the supply chains, lost productivity, cognition impairment because when you’re chronically sick, your IQ goes down, that’s a fact. So this is devastating. 15 million Americans, conservatively have been ravaged by this shot. That’s about 5% of the total population. I think it’s more but those are the numbers we’re coming out with next week, we’ll put the dollar amount on it next week, as well.”

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  • The soul stealing vax changes peoples whole life their health , connection to reality , rampant rash of road rage or vaccidents . People are losing their shit over everything and nothing especially the ones with just a starter IQ a few points from them can really move the needle they are one booster away from deficit learning territory. So that AI shit must be part of the plan to fill in for loss of cognition for the Zombie-landers. On the other front with the banksters the punch bowl was spiked with cheap money heroin for over 20 years and now easy street is having withdrawls and whining about as no one in the business is old enough to remember how to make money by planning and thinking . High frequency trading and buy the dip don’t work any more the algos are run by AI and the big guys have a lock on the software you have to be in the billionaire club to play in this game. When AI replaces us non-thinkers we will be free and also kicked off the reservation to fend for ourselves. .Gov will not only stop pretending to care about us they will defacto be unable to do so. No government also means no corporate looters , no rigged voting free will self reliance self control under GODS law. Family and local community will become important again . Justice will return to the people. All this crazy shit is just the death throes of the old system being reset out of existence and signals the start of a more just system standing up to replace it . We the people are the masters of this new world order . It will take a bit more dusting to convince the slow learners to come on over to our side or not.

    • You said in your comment, We The People are Masters of the new world order.
      And ya say a more Just system will replace the old.

      Well it obviously can’t be a good system IF Klaus Schwab Said By 2030 To enter The New World Order you must make a pledge an oath to Lucifer The Devil.

      Think about that.

      Jimmy Jukebox,

      • Jimmy yer jukebox sounds like it runs on wooden nickels.
        We will have a new system the old one was build by the Loserifer crowd and it needs a much deserved died suddenly death along with the baby munchers at WEF. They will never live to see 2030 though sorry but not sorry .

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