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    The central bank has been public enemy number one in America since 1791

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Yep, and who do we see attacking Florida Governor DeSantis, the only Governor to stand up against the Warp Speed jab mandates?

      The mouth of the south of course, the Palm Beach, Florida billionaire Darth Vader Tower builder, DJ Trump who promised sweet dreams, but delivered America’s worst nightmare!

      He may have meant well, but that’s the fact of his act, Mac!

      • I see Trump as a modern-day Robert E. Lee, changing teams to lead the Rebels to defeat. A good double agent NEVER spills the beans.

        (What exactly WAS the actual purpose of Lee attacking in Pennsylvania – that made any sense – other than to get “his” troops annihilated?)

        Trump is a lifelong Democrat and friend of the Clintons…or maybe he’s a triple agent?

        Whatever. He’s not going to be trusted again by enough people that you can stick a fork in him: he’s DONE!

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