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    Glenn Beck tells Tucker Carlson, “You’re not going to stop 100 million people. This country is in shambles. And there’s going to be 100 million people who will walk on broken glass and through fire to vote for SOMEONE other than this corrupt, banana republic administration.”

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    • Trump is the perfect polarizing figure to distract Americans at this key moment in history. Keep your gaze on him and you’re guaranteed to miss the bigger picture.

    • Trump is a symbol of distraction from truth
      What’s happening in real is different from what he says while giving false hope to believers.

    • We sacrifice anyone and everyone who recommends the deadly COVID “vaccination”. Humankind will thrive.

    • Glen Beck has to a Gatekeeper,
      How ya going to say 100 million people will walk on glass ,
      Ohhh I get it ,
      He and Those 100 million people Don’t Realize it’s The Electoral College Vote that Decides The United States President.
      And that ever since the Hanging Chads when in Florida when Bushes election took place , brought voting to The Internet,
      The same internet that can a program for voting is Rumored to be crooked or Chinese owned.
      Our Vote Is An Illusion.
      Mark Twain in the 1800s : IF your vote really counted
      They Wouldn’t Let You Vote.
      Makes sense more and more.

      Stop Censoring Comments, an earlier comment on Trump never posted on a different article.

    • Time to pass the baton already? , Joe is failing the DS no world war is possible can’t afford one besides we would lose in 2 weeks tops , the race war failed to happen because christians are not racist. This hail Mary desperation move by the blue team is just to pump air into the trump campaign which is failing to rally the sheep and to degrade DeSantis. The trickery here to start the new conflict is to move trump into the killbox but first get the red team worked into a lather over the crap trial which a boyscout troup could defend charlie manson from having to attend. They need trump to take that hill to show he can kick some DS butts and rekindle the hero worship from pissed off MAGA defectors. Expect lots of talking heads PR and fireworks .

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