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    The Mainstream Media is portraying the outcome of Alex Jones’ custody case, in which his ex-wife, Kelly Jones has now been awarded joint custody as a loss for him and a win for her. Until 2 days ago, the parties had been gagged by the judge and were not permitted to discuss the details of the case.

    With the lifting of the gag order, Alex Jones called upon all media outlets to appear on the steps of the Austin Courthouse. His aim was to correct the record, from his point of view, regarding the facts of his 3-year custody battle. He stated that he had never wanted sole custody of his children but had been several times, by different teams of social workers and by different courts awarded sole custody of his children, due to his ex-wife’s struggle with mental illness, a subject upon which he does not elaborate and that he refers to almost obliquely here in sensitive and respectful tones. I have found reports elsewhere that she received mandatory outpatient treatment for “emotional volatility” in two different states and that she has been receiving $43,000 per month in alimony payments.

    He takes this opportunity to explain to the Mainstream Media that their attempts to demonize him are serving only to undermine their whole industry and it has had the effect of boosting his viewership.

    I think it’s only fair that I air his point of view. There are real human beings involved, 3 of whom are children. The dehumanization of Alex Jones, even if to some extent brought upon himself, due to the nature of his own outsize personality has not been equitable.

    There will certainly be those who will say that this is just him being a master manipulator. At the end of the day, I’m not an insider in this story and I can’t claim to know the whole truth of this situation.

    This is the full, uncut press conference held on April 28th, 2017

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    • Honestly,…really,…who gives a F _ _ CK abut this arrogant loud jackass. Oh I forgot,…WHITE jackass. He is a blemish on the american society.

    • I once found AJ a reasonable source of a number of edge of the envelope frames regarding TPTSB and that was in the late 90’s and for a period after the towers. He has since, in my opinion, waxed far too deep into self promotion and over emphasis of spittle and bloviating to the point of being easily place into the cartoon character category…hip shots and clown antics.
      I have refused to even view or read anything about his personal life as, for me, being involved with the guy in a one on one does not compute in the least…intolerable ego centrics huffin’ n puffin’ with 50 cals and hairy chest braggadocio have zero reality for me, in the context of the gravity of the subjects we all confront in our world today.

      • Well, I guess the joint dehumanization of AJ, performed by himself and his beholders has been successful. For me, seeing a person “living out loud” like this and knowing that at the end of the day neither he nor his ex- nor his kids are cartoons, I just don’t like suffering and abuse, no matter who they are or what color they are.

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