I sang this song yesterday morning at the memorial for my late Brazilian mother, may she rest in peace. I grew up listening to this album, along with the entire opus of the brilliant vocalist, Elis Regina.

This 1940s samba march was resurrected in the early 1970s and transformed by the incomparable Elis into this elegant samba jazz number. It was  during a time when she and that entire Brazilian nation were chafing under the CIA-installed military dictatorship.

Elis was one of the finest singers of the 20th century and I was lucky enough to see her perform live, in one of the greatest one-woman shows I’ve ever seen.

You probably don’t know anything about Brazil but I’ll tell you this:

  1. The last Speaker of the House is now serving 15 years in prison.
  2. Roughly 40% of the Brazilian Congress is currently under prosecution.
  3. The criminal indictments of about 5 past Presidents of Brazil are now actively being investigated.

I call Brazil the “UFO of countries”, because if the people of the US knew that an entire legislative branch and past members of the executive branch of a continent-sized country, with one of the world’s largest GDPs and the only other country country on Earth besides the US, which is 100% self-sufficient, from the point of view of energy, to food* the industrial production of everything were under investigation by a judicial branch that actually executes its Separation of the Powers, it might give the American people some ideas.

It might even give the United States DOJ some ideas!

  • http://beef2live.com/story-world-beef-exports-ranking-countries-0-106903


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  • Citizen from “UFO of countries”, there are many perspectives of our behavior in front of troubles… Sometimes I thing that it could be an incredible country if we are more serious about politics, but sometimes when I see the corruption in European countries, for example, the stress and angry created by the feelings to keep all the things on the rail will be important at the end of our life?? The fight to the power is always a waste of time, in my opinion.

  • Rest in peace……….
    This is said almost to any one, which has died, now can reincarnate.

    How it is possible to live in peace?
    For making this possible, people has to ask who/what am I?
    In this case a different kind of hero appears.
    A hero of love by of the core of being instead of a “left” or “right” hero by suffer and pain.

    • No. OMG. There wasn’t any heroin in Brazil in 1973! There really isn’t any there now. Cocaine from Bolivia does come through Rio to be shipped around the world and causes the infamous violence in the slums. Elis died when she put a teaspoon of blow in her whiskey, after a spat with her husband-producer. She OD’d accidentally. It was absolutely ridiculous and tragic.

  • Great, Alexandra!
    Just loved what you wrote about current situation in Brazil, “The UFO country”, like you brilliantly quoted. I lived in the States (as Rotary Club Exchange Student. back in 1974) and most of the Americans knew nothing about our country. They still don’t. Unfortunately, Mr. Trump will blind them even more (lol).
    By the way, I am Elis Reginas fan as well and please be aware that I am your fan too for so many years already.
    Hope you read my website to get to know my very thoughts toward mysteries (it’s in English too).
    Have a great Sunday!

  • Alexandra, this is a beautiful thing to share with all of us. Really upbeat both visually and for the mind and ears. It must be very hard to have lost your mother in this life, but it appears she will live on forever in your heart and mind. She certainly raised a brilliant and beautiful woman in yourself. Regarding the political and economic corruption in Brazil (and for that matter, every other country in the world, I am wondering if you have read Naomi Klein’s book “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism” (something tells me you have). For those that haven’t it is a must read. This link gives a very interesting summary of the book: http://shockdoctrinesummary.blogspot.com/

  • Beautiful, wish I could understand the words, then thought of “It’s Time to Say Goodbye” by Bocelli/Brighman. Not quite the same I suppose.

    • This is a song about Carnaval and dancing with millions of others from all walks of life and forgetting ‘your troubles, which is what Carnaval is all about in Brazil.

      “É Com Esse Que Eu Vou”
      (Lyrics translated into English
      virtually impossible to translate!)

      It’s with this that I’ll go
      And samba until I fall to the floor
      With this I’ll unburden my heart,
      In the multitude
      If no one cheers, I’ll break my tambourine
      But if everyone likes my dance, it’ll be all me.

      It’s with this that I’ll go
      And samba until I fall to the floor
      With this I’ll unburden my heart,
      In the multitude
      If no one cheers, I’ll break my tambourine
      But if everyone likes my dance, it’ll be all me.

      I want to hear the sound of the cuica,
      Poor people, rich people, Congressman, Senator
      Break it down, because I want to see
      A beautiful singer
      On the piano by the drummer
      Banging out the rhythm

      Break it down, because I want to see
      A beautiful singer on the mistress’s piano

      And it’s with this, that I’ll go
      And it’s with this, that I’ll go

      Samba until I fall to the floor
      With this, I will unburden my heart
      I’ll samba in the multitude
      With this, I’ll go
      Vent my heart
      With this I’ll go
      Unburden in the multitude
      My heart, I’ll go
      I’ll go, I’ll go, I’ll go
      I will
      With this I’ll go
      I know I will
      Samba in the crowd

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