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    Brian Becker of the anti-war ANSWER Coalition joins RT America’s Anya Parampil to discuss the Mainstream Media’s “demonization” and “caricature” of North Korea, drawing on his several visits there to offer a sharply different view than the one we’ve all seen.

    He says that North Korea has vivid memories of being bombed back into the Stone Age 65 years ago and that it has also witnessed what has happened to countries that agreed to US calls for disarmament: Iraq, Libya and Syria, which were rewarded by being laid to waste.

    Is it possible that this North Korea hype on the news is just Iraq all over again?


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    • The one sided descriptions of North Korea coming from the MSM, novels, think tanks, the military, the State Department is apparently more skewed than Tiny Hand’s views of history, .
      Scary stuff in light of one critical factor…N.Korea is in it’s 7th decade of aggression and lies from the outside…and still standing, with zero obvious belligerent aggression outside of defensive moves on it’s own borders, Pueblo in ’68 and various who knows if they are true border incidents.

    • Trump trumpeted the military all along, poor mouthing the largest, most powerful military in the entire world as if it’s Peter Tumbledown’s run down farm. The US economy has been a wartime economy for so very long it doesn’t remember how to function as a peacetime economy.

      My beloved nation has been at war with somebody my entire lifetime!

      • I don’t think I can abide by this much longer. I think I might have to leave the country. It makes me sick and I can’t imagine that there won’t be Hell to pay in the form of righteous blowback – following the script of the genocidal elites.

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