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Contrary to her Democrat trappings, Hillary Clinton’s decades-long history of reactionary and ultra-hawkish politics are revealed by Abby Martin in gruesome detail here, along with the inner workings of the Clintons’ multi-million-dollar political machine

Learn the essential facts about the mega-corporatist danger posed by a Hillary Clinton presidency and why she is the US Empire’s choice to be its next CEO.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • She is the EPITOME of career criminal. Politicians on both sides are, first and formost, going to make decisions that serve their own best interests.
    However, as Sam states, the democratic party does little to represent the people of this nation.
    Some of the largest ‘corporations’, if you will, are the media networks. The majority of which, are owned by liberals.
    In addition, what is being taught in our public school system, is also manipulated by liberals.
    Thusly, it is remiss for a voter to rely on the information given by either, for educating themselves in preparation for, what could very well be, THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION in American history.
    Actions speak louder than any words ever will. Hillary has SCREAMED for 40 years that she is NOT for the American people, she most certainly has not stood strong behind women, and she will ALWAYS put what furthers her political career and what lines her pockets above all else, including, a then very young & impressionable daughter.

    Instead of watching her mother choose to stand strong against a man who made a mockery of not just their marriage, but of women as a whole, she saw her mother choose power, status, & money.
    Yes, Fox news certainly leans conservative-no argument. Given the fact that the other networks are bought & paid for by the 1%, to disregard a source who is not, is to indeed, be uneducated.

  • PHOENIX The quote by Hillary Clinton, “we came, we saw, he died”, was her interview about Gaddafi’s death. And the “ousting” of Gaddafi?? He wasn’t just “ousted”!! The man was tortured to death!! He was sodomized with a f–king sword!! You are out of touch, firebird.

  • Respondingto Sam–April 25 entry.

    Radical Left? What is that? Other than people working for basic justice and taking the country out of the hands of corrupt corporations and those who are not paying attention but listen to the poisons of FOX News and the likes of O’Reilly?

    You don’t get to call me uneducated, sir. I have been studying the essentials of American government and hegemony for over 40 years. You want a face to face debate? I’d be glad to accommodate you.

    But don’t make such rash claims and use such hot rhetoric. It does not help anyone, or clarify anything.

    Have a good day, sir

  • Abby/Alex

    Should this quote not be attributed to Clinton’s reaction to the supposed death of Osama Bin Laden by the navy seals rather than to the ousting of Col Gaddafi ?

  • Mary Jacobs – you are very funny, and intelligent, for posting such a profound comment! Thank you for lightening this dark topic!!

  • Slipperyslope, I hadn’t thought of that! Excellent point!
    Artthur, Mary Jacobs, and IAMONE, I couldn’t agree more!
    Sam, I couldn’t disagree more! You say the Democrats don’t represent the people? Have you even looked at the Republicans? I don’t mean that either one truly represents the people, but come on!!

    I didn’t realize she was this bad! OMG! Come on Bernie!!!

  • Anyone who would vote for a democrat today is not educated. The party has been taken over by the radical left and it no longer represents the people. The GOP is running on thin ice, too, because they have corruption, just not quite as bad as the democrats. obama has appointed his Muslims in all top positions. These people don’t even respect our Constitution because they all believe that sharia law tops it. We have to vote against the democrats if we want to take our country back. Otherwise, it’s going into the toilet just like all the democrat cities they ran into the ground over the years.

  • Disgusting!
    GO BERNIE!!!
    BUT NOT VOTING AND NOT VOTING FOR A DEMOCRAT in Nov ARE NOT AN OPTION! I believe that both Trump and Cruz would be DEADLY for our country, women, world and planet!!!

  • Just outrageous!! Another corporate whore in a long line of corporate whore’s . A callous ,hard, cold , piece of garbage. This is what the rulers want to occupy the White House..This election is all set up . With these corrupt super delegates in place Bernie may not have a chance.Just disgusting the character of this woman and her kind. GO BERNIE!!!

  • You know who she reminds me of every time she comes on stage and points to someone in the crowd with her mouth hanging open ? Phyllis Diller, Phyllis Diller !!!

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