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    What a hectic week! I’m beside myself with grief about Prince’s passing. I met him once with my friend Fab 5 Freddy, when both of us were working at MTV, right before He and Shiela E. did an impromptu performance at our Wednesday night hangout at a VERY late hour. He was painfully shy and sooo tiny. I was wearing flats and he was wearing heels and the top of his head barely cleared my shoulders – and I’m only 5’6″. He might have weighed 60 lbs. They were superb musicians…it was a surprise treat that was out of this world.

    So, this clip captures the sensation of this newsy week without being overlong.

    The price of silver has zoomed up, on the heels of Deutsche Bank’s confession of their suppressing the price of silver (implying a price suppression scheme for gold, as well). Guest, Andy Hoffman points out that another “too big to fail” bank, UBS admitted to doing the same thing last year, as did the Bank of International Settlements.

    Deutsche Bank has agreed to turn over State’s Evidence and to rat out the other banks that have been doing the same and by so doing, they’ve opened themselves up to class action lawsuits. One, for $1 billion has already been filed. (Readers of this blog who have lost money in precious metals over recent years may be eligible for reparations and are urged to look into this).

    Hoffman notes that the more these entities try to suppress the price of metals, the more that their efforts backfire and ignite demand, bringing supplies and prices more to parity.

    We’re also seeing global social unrest, the Brazil impeachment of President Dilma (based on no legal charges), just four months prior to the Rio Olympics, which one wonders if they’ll take place, at all.

    Then there’s the Saudi T-Bill threat, related to allegations of Saudi complicity contained in the 28 redacted pages of the Senate 9/11 Report, which many say is just so much posturing, because intentionally crashing the US dollar overnight would boomerang and crash pretty much everybody else’s economy overnight, as well.

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