Just when you thought that the corruption of the US Department of Justice couldn’t get any worse…

I want to thank Devon Stack at Black Pilled for covering the December 13th House Oversight Subcommittee hearing on the Clinton Foundation, where forensic accountants Larry Doyle and John Moynihan described – but chose not to present their evidence – of massive bribery schemes on the part of the Clinton Foundation, while testifying before the Committee’s Republican Chairman, Mark Meadows.

Doyle and Moynihan withheld their actual documents because they want to be paid for their work…work that should have been done by the Justice Department and which Q followers felt sure had already been done over the past two years…the subcommittee has apparently now subpoenaed these papers but with this being Mark Meadows’ last hearing before West Hollywood Democrat Adam Schiff replaces him as the Chair, one wonders if this investigation won’t just disappear.

To add insult to injury, the hopes of many Q followers were dashed when Internet-famous US Attorney John Huber did not even turn up for these proceedings. We discover through Doyle and Moynihan, two very proud Jesuits as you’ll see here, that Huber hasn’t even looked at the findings of their investigation.

Stack has staked out his nook on YouTube as the angry Gen Xer. Myself as a fellow Gen Xer, I understand his rage. We’re so vastly outnumbered by the Boomers and their Millennial offspring.

Whether rightly or wrongly, Stack unleashes his ire and puts the blame for our corrupt government – and for the money-grubbing antics of the forensic accountants seen here – squarely on the lacking ethics of the Boomer generation.

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  • Ah Christendom. I love it… and the fate that awaits it. Are you gonna get paid boys? What will you do if you don’t? Will you join Wikileaks in informing the people for no gain?

  • Do you think the deep state will prosecute the “DEEP STATE” ? Question, how do you find an honest lawyer? Never mind, that’s a contradiction in it self. The same as believing the Clinton’s will ever face any punishment for their crimes. Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, their were a few “good” people in this world, but, the deep state has taken care of that. Hope, hey hope!

  • I said IT before…I’ll say IT again GOVERNMENTS will Never Prosecute themselves…THEY are in fact what is being called “The Deep State”…They were Never separate from each other.
    Until the VATICAN is EXPOSED as the “Mother” of this mess and REMOVED…Nothing will changes…BY THEM…..GET-IT???

  • The “Boomers” and the Q fluffers deserve EXACTLY the disappointment and heartbreak they get.

    I wouldn’t blame the Boomers’ lack of ethics. It’s their self-absorbed, lazy, blind ignorance. Where do you think the Millenials get it?

    Although, in their defense, there were many, many, many other signs and indications of corruption from within every step of the way that every other generation has embraced or ignored.

    • A rather superficial take on Boomers here friend, and the rest who are flaying MY generation.

      ALL of your takes lack one thing, the impossible task of NOT initially implementing the legacy, social, psychological and indeed spiritual momentum handed to us/you/me/them from the previous pool of initiating mind/spirit/social/religious spins and programs sailing willy-nilly out of the perverted reasoning of fear soaked minds via the MIC and the legacy generation, which dubbed itself The Greatest Generation, a truly twisted handle in many respects.

      At least Boomers gave a big try in the Peace and Love effort, along with importing spiritual perspectives from around the planet and eons. Then there is the ‘look within’ meme that has aided not enough of us to see our inner truth.

      THAT is the legacy in spirit Boomers leave…such rich spiritual potential always has resistance, undermining, ridicule and particularly distractions of lust and avarice.

    • Funny how libs insist in putting ALL boomers in the same pile. Maybe it explains why they never have figured out that life is WAY more complex than they think it is.

  • You are not going to touch the Teflon Klinton’s or our Teflon Federal government. They are waiting and hoping the useless eaters and oxygen thieves (citizens) will finally get so fed up with corruption as usual, they will fire the first shot! Being 95% of the citizens are zombies and will side with the cannibal federal government the rest of 5% of the citizens will be deemed the bad guys. When that happens kiss your country and freedom good bye, Welcome the NWO!!!!


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