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There are supposed to be major breakthroughs in justice this week. James Comey had been scheduled to be questioned yesterday, December 3rd by the House Intelligence Committee about his decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server and about his role in the investigation into “Russian meddling” in the 2016 election while Director of the FBI. His testimony is now scheduled for this Friday, December 7th.

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, however is still scheduled to testify today about her roles in these two matters.

A civil trial against billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, in which his victims will be able to testify for the first time begins today in Florida.

The most consequential hearing in the opinion of many, by US Attorney John Huber before the House Subcommittee on Oversight and Reform, with the findings of his investigation into the Clinton Foundation was scheduled for this Wednesday, December 5th. This has now been postponed, due to the unexpected state funeral of George Bush Senior. There is no new date set, much to the chagrin of everybody and the outright morosity in the QAnon community.

We close out this chapter of history with footage from that time in 1992 when George Bush Senior barfed on the lap of Japanese Prime Minister, Kiichi Miyazawa during a state dinner. Bush was reportedly jet-lagged and had just been creamed at tennis by Japanese Emperor Akihito. Between the sushi course of raw salmon with caviar and the third of grilled beef with pepper sauce, his chin slumped to his chest and he collapsed to his side, vomiting on the pants of his host. Barbara Bush is seen covering his face in a napkin.

On a humorous note, former Forbes magazine Asia Bureau Chief, Benjamin Fulford reports that his “X-file sources” told him that, the man seen fainting here was actually “Clone Number 34,” with the old Bush clone seen here “Actually dying, as his wife Barbara finished him off with a poisoned cloth…he was quickly replaced with a new clone already waiting in the back room. A fast switch of clones/doubles…” It does kind of look like that! Ha ha!

That’s about as fitting of an epitaph as any for the arch-villain, arch-spook and arch-minion of shadowy Globalist overlords that was George HW Bush!

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  • You might take a look at Christopher Storey’s take on this incident. He said if i recall correctly that Shrub actually orchestrated the attempt on 41’s life-by poisoning him. Mom may have been part of it but the motive was what his NOT BIOLOGICAL father had planned to do to him with the help of Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Poppy’s other cohorts. Big clue-what was Shrub’s NAME in the Skill and Bones club. This is occult and sick and utterly evil-and it was thwarted by someone out of left field just trying to do the right thing. The bad guys orchestrated their own failure by being arrogant, as usual.

  • No words to express this ‘farce’ of a state funeral for a scumbag that occupied the Presidency and ripped off once again the world by just being himself. Nice going, those that dealt him that hand to once again throw the world more corruption. I wonder at the people that came to view the casket…(if there was anyone in it). How could they stand in line to view one of the evilest men to ever occupy space on earth. It’s enough to give make one sick …..too bad it wasn’t an open coffin!!!!!

  • They’ll dangle that carrot so close and then snatch it away. Classic manipulation shell game, rabbit out of the hat, sawed in half and then in a poof of smoke…..

  • Well IRONCLAD Proof was made today that GOVERNMENTS are Treasonous to its slave citizens, because the US one just gave former president a State Funeral…GET-THAT folks???
    Bush family Treason was already widely KNOWN, yet if you watched that SCAM of a funeral, You were watching how CORRUPT they ARE…Even TRUMP was seen Clearly “Saluting” that MONSTER Bush.
    The WHOLE family SHOULD have been Exposed then PUBLICLY HANGED, as Treasonous people were in the past.
    And yet we keep hearing about 65,000 plus Indictments and Mass-Arrest???
    They couldn’t even prosecute one of the WORST Traitors of ALL…AND THEN GIVE HIM A STATE FUNERAL?!?

    • By the way…Bush was one of the criminals responsible for WHAT happened on 9/11 and the stopping of NESARA and DISCLOSURE…Witch was SUPPOSED to be announced at 8:45am that morning…EVEN THOUGH BUSH WAS FORCED TO SIGN ON TO!

    • not sure it was a state funeral exactly. If you recall JFK funeral, there was a parade and a horse with boots strapped backwards and internment at the big graveyard in d.c. There were other less obvious oddities too-like the envelopes and Shrub giving Big Mike the paedo candy.

  • Clone 34? That wouldn’t surprise me. Alexandra didn’t you once meet someone who said they weren’t in their original body? A Vietnam vet in the body of a teenager or something.

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