Documents leaked from a Department of Homeland Security whistleblower show that the agency’s ill-fated Disinformation Governance Board would have been part of an effort to work with private social media platforms to police the content of Americans, as revealed last Wednesday by senators Chuck Grassley and Josh Hawley.

The documents also suggested the board would play the role of policy cop at Homeland Security, with input on disinformation budgets and a role in how the department engages with “private sector stakeholders.”

Whenever you see the word “Stakeholders”, it’s coming straight out of the World Economic Forum and it is the new word for “Fascism”. It basically means government by corporate private contractors.

The documents they released included a 2021 memo for Mr Mayorkas suggesting the creation of the disinformation board, a January 2022 memo with a charter establishing the board, and a schedule from last April describing one of the board leader’s meetings with Twitter executives.

Paul Joseph Watson reports that the logical conclusion – the goal – of of this Globalist ‘disinformation governance’ was just revealed in Brazil, when Edson Fachin, the head of the superior electoral tribunal there said he will nullify election winners, including the president, if they are deemed to have shared ‘disinformation’ during the campaign.


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  • There was a minister by the name of Derek Prince (R.I.P.) who once said, “Corruption is like rust. Once it begins, it only gets worse.” We’re witnessing that today. You can only hide it when it was small, perhaps, but it’s grown and has spread so massively it can no longer be hidden, hence, The Great Awakening.

    So what can be done when rusted? It can only be cut out…totally removed. And that’s exactly what God is doing.

    Last Saturday, June 11, 2022, God spoke to His prayer warriors in Regeneration Nashville’s prayer meeting that He will be REMOVING those from office. Did you hear that? They will not be voted out. He will be removing them. How? God said He would be removing them with the same Death Angel as who removed the Egyptians in the Old Testament. Check it out in Exodus.

    Pastor Kent Christmas relayed this message to the rest of us in Sunday’s service (6/12). You can hear it for yourself if you go to and click “Livestream” that’ll take you to the next webpage, right column. Videos are listed in the order they occurred, latest one at the top. All church services are online, Sunday afternoons, 3:00 CDT.

    • Keep in mind the Bible is a book of Literature based on Mythology. It does not hide that fact, everything is written for reproval/rebuke as an “Allegory” (old testament)
      “Jesus spoke in Parables” (new testament)

  • Its obvious in Brazil that while the President is rather good guy, the rest of the government is fscked up.

    He’s said clearly against vaccination that it will cause AIDS, cancer and so on.
    He’s also possibly the one helped leaking Pfizer’s contract.

  • It such a big ball of 💩..Run by Globalist Technocrats with a wish to cull the people for their Eugenics God (AI)can’t wait to own nothing and eat bugs!Bravo to India in their pursuit of JUSTICE 🙌🙌🙌🙌May they nab the criminal they pursue🎉


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