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    Alexandra Bruce
    November 10, 2012

    The Washington Post reported that U.S. Army soldiers were subjected to mind-control weapons. Experimental targets were covertly chosen.

    In October 2007, while in north Iraq, U.S. soldiers were fighting insurgents. During a firefight, another squad of soldiers arrived in the theater and aimed a “desktop PC-sized device” at the enemy. Immediately the enemy surrendered.

    A similar incident was said to have occurred that year in Sadr City, a Baghdad enclave.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Actually Actually .or didn’t want to send any word .but I wanted say little things for you . I will punish you legally some day .because the Lies that you published its and I will throw responsible about you . But not now cause I am still in Iraq middle mind control gangs .those whom attacked USA army and other international forces in Iraq .and this gangs still yet now use this weapon’s .I think now you know why I will punish you by laws some day .cause you support evil and protect him by lies you published it .You make victims here in Iraq .lose cause you give big serves to the real killer that who use mind control .I know there are freedom to speech but not lies .you can lie on your friends my be they forgive you but In common opinion you will put yourself in truble .who use mind control in Iraq not USA and any European countries or their friends .It’s intelligent net from past regime and who lead it devil make himself a prophet .and hidden genocide by this weapons committed .and who fallen in its the friends of USA and European in Iraq basically . By the way .I know the lie so free .But some time this will lead who lie to big problem . I will not learn you .I have a websites but I never published any lie .If I hate some things I never publishing a bout it ..If you hate USA and Europe .you are wrong .But you suppose to not lie . I don’t know from where you got this wrong .

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