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    This is a very low quality military training film that documents the hazards of depleted uranium munitions. Perhaps more shocking than the massively toxic and insane nature of this weapon is the fact that US soldiers are not even shown this film.

    Depleted Uranium, (DU) is a carcinogenic heavy metal material that emits alpha and gamma radiation. Outside the body it’s not too serious but inside the body it causes cancer and genetic birth defects in offspring. The symptoms of DU poisoning vary depending on what internal organ is affected. It can never be cured and DU will last in the environment for eternity. It is a waste material of the nuclear industry and in the battlefield it becomes aerosolized. Its deadly dust particles thus become a permanent part of the world’s environment. It cannot be cleaned from the environment — ever! Its use is unconscionable and a crime against humanity and all life. The U.S. is currently producing it by the truck load everyday and shipping it throughout the world…

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