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Published by Allan Handelman
September 21, 2012

Billionaires & Ballot Bandits: How to Steal an Election in 9 Easy Steps. The book that exposes how Karl Rove, The Koch Brothers and Super-Rich Pac Men Plan to Steal 5.9 Million Votes.

On September 18 … Rock the Vote, Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Public Citizen, Graham Nash, Neil Young,, Color of Change, Daily Kos & 100 joined to launch the book.

It was BBC Television’s Greg Palast who, in 2000, exposed how Katherine Harris removed thousands of innocent Black citizens from voter rolls as “felons”—and stole the election for George Bush.

It was Palast for Rolling Stone, with co-author Bobby Kennedy, who uncovered more ballot-bending trickery—from inane ID laws to “caging” of absentee ballots that earned the thanks of the US Civil Rights Commission and the hatred of ballot thieves everywhere, of both parties.

Now, Palast, using his inimitable undercover techniques and cache of inside documents, in detective story style, tells two stories: First, the 9 ways over 5.9 million votes can be stolen in November—unless the ballot bandits are stopped.

And there’s a second story: The billionaire PAC-men who would purchase Congress and the White House through a mud-slide of money.

With names like “Ice Man” Simmons, Paul “The Vulture” Singer and Ken “Black List” Langone, Palast chases down the source of their loot—from scams against the Congo to mortgage securities flim-flam.

This is a major publishing and political event: Over a hundred action and media organizations who want Americans to know about the threat to our democracy. Palast and penman Ted Rall are non-partisan scourges of the One Percent of both parties who would take away our rights and our treasury.

“These super-PACS are treasonous organizations. They are designed to subvert American democracy, designed to turn our country over to the moneyed classes. And that is where we are headed as a country today, America as a colonial economy. How will they do it? By stopping Americans from voting.”

Did you know that….

· 54% of all ballots rejected as “spoiled” are cast by African-Americans—over 783,000 votes in the last election.

· In Florida, the fake felon purges continue. (Ms. Bobbie Moore lost her vote because Mr. Robert Moore committed a crime in 2014! Yes: 2014.)

· Romney’s top donors made $2.4 billion on a scam involving the auto bail-out.

· Karl Rove’s “research” unit ran a voter “caging” operation to challenge the votes of Hispanics, Jewish voters, homeless voters and active-duty soldiers stationed abroad.

(See the lists yourself —marked “confidential” —on page 110.)

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