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    This is a very special episode of Tore Says Show, featuring a documentary about Barack Obama’s family and footage and texts and mind-numbingly diabolical facts and things that you’ll have better luck finding in printed material, because there are very powerful AI scripts being run to remove this information from the internet.

    Obama’s closeted homosexuality is revisited, as well as the multiple violent murders of his alleged lovers, as well as the recent suspicious death of his private chef, who was found naked in the shallow lagoon in front of the Obamas’ McMansion on Martha’s Vineyard.

    As Rick Wiles says in this documentary, “They didn’t even say he drowned. They just said his body was found the next day. They didn’t even look for him that night…I think the Obamas are coming back politically and when the Obamas are running, people start dying.”

    Keeping much of this off the internet are the the censorship algorithms deployed by the Censorship Industrial Complex, promoted by Barack Obama at an address he made last May at Stanford University’s Cyber Policy Center.

    Obama enthusiastically promotes totalitarian, AI-powered planetary mass censorship and the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act, which he signed into law in 2012. This repealed the propaganda ban in the original 1948 Smith-Mundt Act., legalizing the US Taxpayer-subsidized State propaganda, which is now being deployed against US Citizens. The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act has enabled the relentless Fake News character assassinations of Donald Trump, Robert F Kennedy Jr, Nick Sandmann and Kyle Rittenhouse, among many others – and surely, more to come.

    Censorship and propaganda were vital to the 2020 BLM Color Revolution, to the theft of the 2020 Election and to executing the government-run domestic bioterrorism program of chemical and biological weapons known as the “COVID-19 Pandemic” and “COVID-19 Vaccine”, in conjunction with the stealth, incremental dismantling of the protections of our rights throughout the 20th century.

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