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This multiple-record-breaking games-themed domino setup was designed by professional domino/chain reaction artists Steve Price and Lily Hevesh. Nineteen builders from five countries spent seven days (over 1,200 combined hours) building it.

250,000 dominoes were toppled at this event and three US domino records were broken: 1) US Domino Field Record: 12,450 dominoes; 2) US Domino Structure Record: 12,780 dominoes; 3) US Domino Record: 245,732 dominoes.


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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The science machine?

    What happens here in this video should be an example for a science machine?
    If so, I know an other kind of science.

    I observed here how many human beings (Dominos) build up by domino stones a row of domino stones and some buildings by domino stones some plays by other stuff as dominos stones. It took a lot of time to build up a culture. The remarkable thing is that between the domino stones, there had to be a tiny space, where inside the games a ball worked by a support for having a special effect.
    The whole event was possible by a money spender.
    Than by just a tiny touch of a small boy touching one domino came and “science” took place.
    Yes, a tiny touch can change universe. Is this happening an example for what happens on earth? Building up a form of culture and wait for the moment of where these forms becomes transformed in such a way that the old form is not any more present?
    Is this the game of survival, where one small touch can “destroy” the world culture?
    Now starting again…………..

    For sure, this happening is not meant by the vision of David and Goliath, where David hit the third eye of Goliath, opening it up.

    I am aware of a science of fusion, of love, where healing inside happens by re-paring the split human beings.

    A remarkable thing also is that the formula of Einstein (Onestone) allows these events as in this video. Moreover, his formulae also allow fusion and love.
    Therefore, I perceive also a science of love.

  • Very entertaining–very cool–one tiny breath of energy flowing throughout the entire gym floor. Makes me think of the Butterfly Effect.

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