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    At the September 29th International Astronautical Congress in Australia, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk unveiled a system for the Big Falcon Rocket (aka “Big Freaking Rocket” or BFR), originally developed for Martian travel but which will now first be adapted for international travel, whereby most flights which today take from 5 to 14 hours will now take less than half an hour, with the promise of being able to transport passengers to anywhere on the planet in under an hour.

    Its tanks topped with liquid oxygen fuel, the BFR will make it possible for everyone to fly into space in short trips between major cities for the equivalent of “a full fare economy in an aircraft”.

    The same way that the development of the BFR was subsidized by SpaceX’s successful satellite launching business, the proceeds from this futuristic Earth-to-Earth aviation venture will be used to subsidize Musk’s obsession of creating a colony Mars. Current plans are to start sending two cargo ships to Mars in 2022 to supply a manned mission to the Red Planet in 2024.

    “It’s 2017 — I mean, we should have a lunar base by now,” Musk deadpanned. “What the hell is going on?”


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    • What a stupid use of toxic resources. The only folks who should use this primitive tech are greedy businesspersons. Instead, the goddamn aerospace/ national security cabal traitors should release artificial gravity drives that are faster, safer, and use less toxic tech. And even then, we need to replace our military with a “Thunderbirds-like International Rescue ” outfit to help areas in need.

      I appreciate Elon’s Ego, but this is NOT the way to travel.

    • Finland is a beautiful country. I have fond memories of my visits to Lapua to do with work. I used to fly to Helsinki, jump in a hire car and drive 400km north. I like the way the Fins use of wood for everything including electricity pylons. It was also good to see houses and factories heated by wood fired district heating schemes. Houses were very well insulated and heated by automatic log or woodchip boilers. Not one bit of a felled tree was wasted. Even the brash was chipped and fed to boilers whereas it is calculated that 54% of a felled tree in Scotland is left on the hill as waste.

      • Great. A millions-year old, wood burning tech that leaves so much particulate pollution, China had to stop burning it.

        Join the present, and understand that CLEAN tech is the ONLY way to progress.

    • This happens by the vision that love/paradise is without, as told by the religions of personalities.
      By the vision that love is within, personalities become human beings, which feel who they are and can love………by their innere paradise.

      Now there is a science of sending, which is male and a science of attraction, which is female.
      I guesss, there is at the moment not so much interest for a female science.

    • Sending passengers by rocket has to be one of the worst ideas imaginable. The last thing this planet needs is millions of pounds of fuel being burned for a few rich elite to take a rocket to their destination and get there in under an hour. Mr Musk is allowing his ego to get ahead of his judgement.

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