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This is death.

This is the worst Satanic garbage I’ve ever seen in my life.

I’m OD’ing on ESG and DEI.

This is how Apple, Inc, the world’s most valuable company will remain the most valuable company: by kowtowing to the World Economic Forum’s corporo-fascist comic book cosmology.

You are the carbon they want to reduce and this is a depiction of what the 500 million human drones that have their lives spared to maintain the servers and the AI post-2030 will look like.

This is not an advertisement. This is a warning.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • It’s a Crazy video , That’s Nowhere near accurate,
    Video says: We are building forests in Brazil and prarquay,
    Bill Gates plans on cutting down 70 million acres of trees….
    A billion gallons of water , Quadrillions and Quadrillions and many more would be a real number.

    Order Followers who take orders that end up harming society are very selfish people only thinking of their own little existence,
    When the mark of the beast comes everyone in that video Would Take The Mark of the Beast.
    Some videos are getter off not seen.

  • Does Apple even know how photosynthesis works? You need lots of carbon dioxide first and foremost. Get educated before you completely destroy all life on this planet!!!!

  • Your country is ruined; your cities are burned; 
your fields—in your presence, strangers are destroying them— abandoned devastation, overthrown by strangers. [Isaiah 1:7]

  • So the want to get rid of all carbon admissions??
    We will all die, as carbon is the “Gas of Life”.
    That is the biggest load of tripe I have ever seen and I am sure all “sane” people will agree.

  • This very presentation is overloaded with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. A Black “Mother Nature”? Please. I suggest that we Terminate every Carbon-Based Unit, and let Evolution start over.

  • A lot of greenhouse gases could be eliminated if these people would SHUT UP.

    Sorry but this planet is carbon based. So are its life forms. Carbon dioxide is HEALTHY for plants who in turn give off OXYGEN. That was 5th grade SCIENCE.
    This ridiculous message is co convoluted it’s not even logical any more.

    The American philosopher, George Carlin once said:

    “The Earth doesn’t share our prejudice for plastic. Plastic came out of the earth. The earth probably sees plastic as just another one of its children. Could be the only reason the earth allowed us to be spawned from it in the first place. It wanted plastic for itself….didn’t know how to make it….needed us. Could be the answer to our age-old philosophical question, ‘why are we here?’. PLASTIC!! Assholes!!!. So now the plastic is here and we can be phased out……..”

  • These people NEED to be burned at the stake. Otherwise upon their death, the demons within will jump and find another human host. Burn them back to hell. Thanks for allowing me to speak, Capt Joe Kelley.

  • Steve Jobs is spinning and screaming in his grave, for having put this little Steve Cook sissy in charge of his company. Cook is woke in about every way possible, and is doing nothing like Steve would have had it. The greatest computer company ever is being ruined by and dancing rainbow boy.

  • It’s sickening. A display of how they’ve weaponized the environment. Now we have a Satanist representing mother nature. Nice try but it won’t fly. Interesting that it looks like Oprah, after the Maui fires and all

  • OMG. What a bunch of PROPAGANDA and total B.S.

    We are made of CARBON. Lets just kill everyone and allow all of that CARBON to turn back into dust. Maybe a mandatory vaccine would work.

    Plants absolutely live on CARBON dioxide. Lets kill all of the plants. Eliminating C02 would do it.

    I can agree that waste water, pollution, and fouling rivers, lakes, streams oceans, land fills etc. should not be tolerated.

    But CLIMATE CHANGE IS A HOAX, designed to make laws that are not restricted by borders, unless we are talking about CHINA.

    They get to do what ever they want. It is nothing more than a mechanism to control people, transfer wealth, and restrict what people are allowed to do. CARBON NEUTRAL, another bogus buzz word designed to persuade the gullible.

    • Do they think they’re going to make sales off this commercial? Is it even real? Makes you wonder, How deep do they want to dig their grave?

  • Good Lord, can you imagine having to sit at the table with that bland, sterile, clinical group of “units”? Someone put clothes on a bunch of scarecrows. These people need to go buy some personalities. Gives new meaning to the term NPC synths. And with a Leave It To Beaver sound track. I’d go freaking crazy having to interact with those people every day.

  • I noticed that the YouTube track of this video turned off the comments section to “protect the children”. Really?
    It should be called narrative control. We wouldn’t want anyone to hear the truth after all the big bucks were spent on this 5 minute Politically Correct dufus movie. The coming carbon tax is really a One World Order oops I meant a United Nations Tax

  • Carbon dioxide @0.038% of air is a heavy gas and stays in the lower atmosphere below the clouds near the surface where the plants are , the higher you go in the atmosphere the less CO2 and the plants on the mountains look stressed and smaller and fewer. Higher levels of CO2 leads to increased farm yields with less fertilizer and less water usage to grow bigger plants. The present level of CO2 is dangerously low and will impact the oxygen levels from plants which then causes disease and poor health in the animal populations . Water vapor by far has the biggest impact on weather and the climate and the global warming from the greenhouse effect is solely driven by water vapor it’s called humidity . . The climate science con job has gone on long enough but they lie about everything why should this be the exception.

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