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Yuval Harari is considered to be a brilliant futurist by Klaus Schwab.

Listening to him is like getting a glimpse into how these Globalists think. Theirs is a vision of the world that is entirely materialistic, mechanistic and utterly devoid of all heart and soul.

These are some of Yuval’s “Pearls of Wisdom”, strung together.



Again, I think the biggest question in maybe in economics and politics of the coming decades will be what to do with all these useless people?

The problem is more boredom and how what to do with them and how will they find some sense of meaning in life, when they are basically meaningless, worthless?

My best guess, at present is a combination of drugs and computer games as a solution for [most]. It’s already happening. Under different titles, different headings, you see more and more people spending more and more time or solving their inner problems with the drugs and computer games, both legal drugs and illegal drugs.

You look at Japan today, Japan is maybe 20 years ahead of the world in everything. And you see all these new social phenomena of people having relationships with virtual; virtual spouses and you have people who never leave the house and just live through computers.

I think once you’re superfluous, you don’t have power.

Again, we are used to the Age of the Masses, of the 19th and 20th centuries…We saw all these successful massive uprisings; revolutions, revolts. So we got used to thinking about the masses as powerful. But this is basically a 19th century and 20th century phenomenon.

I don’t think that the masses, even if they they somehow organize themselves stand much of a chance. We are not in Russia of 1917 or in 19th century Europe.

What we are talking about now is like a second Industrial Revolution but the product this time will not be textiles or machines or vehicles or even weapons. The product this time will be humans, themselves.

We are basically learning to produce bodies and minds. Bodies and minds are going to visit, I think the two main products of the next wave of all these changes.

That is is optional. Again, and if you think about it from the viewpoint of the poor, it looks terrible, because throughout history, death was the great equalizer. The big consolation of the poor throughout history was that, “OK, these rich people they have it good but they’re going to die, just like me.”

But think about the world, say in 50 years, 100 years, where the poor people continue to die but the rich people, in addition to all the other things they get, they also get a exemption from death.

Once you really solve a problem like direct brain-computer interface; when brains and computers can interact directly; for example – to take just one example – that’s it, that’s the end of history; that’s the end of biology, as we know it. Nobody has a clue when what will happen, once you solve this.

If life can basically break out of the organic realm into the vastness of the inorganic realm, you cannot even begin to imagine what the consequences will be, because your imagination at present is organic.

So if there is a point of singularity, as it’s often referred to, by definition, we have no way of even starting to imagine what’s happening beyond that. Looking before the point of singularity just as a trend, it is gathering pace.

It is the new attitude, I think is to treat old age and death as technical problems, no different, in essence than any other disease. It’s like cancer, it’s like Alzheimer’s, it’s like tuberculosis.

Maybe we still don’t know all the mechanisms and all the remedies but in principle, people always die for one reason and one reason only – and these are technical reasons, not metaphysical reasons.

People today actually manage to live – many people – as isolated, alienated individuals.

In the most advanced societies, many people live as alienated individuals with no community to speak about, with a very small family. It’s no longer the big, extended family, it’s now a very small family; maybe just a spouse; maybe one or two children – and even they they might live in a different city, in a different country – and you see them, maybe once in every few months and that’s it.

After millions of years of evolution, suddenly, within 200 years, the family and the intimate community break; they collapse. Most of the roles filled by the family and by the intimate community for thousands and tens of thousands of years are transferred very quickly to new networks provided by the state and the market.

You don’t need children, you can have a pension fund. You don’t need somebody to take care of you. You don’t need neighbors and sisters or brothers to take care of you when you’re sick; the state takes care of you, the states provide you with police, with education, with help with everything, in terms of ideas, in terms of religions.

The most interesting place today in the world in religious terms is Silicon Valley. It’s not the Middle East. This is where the new religions are being created now by people like Ray Kurtzweil and this these are the religions that will take over the world.

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  • 9 months later this video is memory-holed. Why do people not upload valuable material to as many different platforms as they can? How in the world can they trust YouTube? Why do they not give any provenance details to tie whatever is in the video down to a real time/place/event, so that anyone trying to quote from such a transcript is left with more than mere contextless words floating without real-world references?

  • If a useless eater is a mind that comes up with only genocidal and megalomaniac ideas that mean to harm, enslave or kill millions then Harari’s talk of such is mere projection.

    His blasphemy is incredible and i would not have believed i real if i had not heard this vile and depraved mind spout his anti human, subhumanist filth

    and it is subhumanism he preaces and not transhumanism – the destruction of humanity, reducing it to a machine in those who think they are the elites and reducing the others to mere slaves.

    this son of satan blasphemes both the Holy and the human spirit and the main question I ask is does God intend to permit this plan to come to fruition?

    if yes then this is the great tribulation, the end is near. billions will die and there is no stopping it

    BUT so much does not fit bible prophecy. I do not believe it is the final generation and thatGod will indeed stop it – even if He uses the wrath of men to smack down these diabolists to do it

  • We I try not to fear for what is planned cannot help wondering why we didn’t all stand and unite: Being a minority as my former employee told me, I am proud and will go on fighting for our freedom of Rights: It will never go back to normal who wants it to, can only pray for a peaceful loving new world: Thank You for sharing 🙏🇦🇺🌎😘

  • This freak is a useless narcissistic psychopath. He must have had a unloving lonely childhood. He has found his undying love with Lucifer for eternity.

  • Have you ever heard of the Late Bronze Age Collapse?

    When government acts so comprehensively that the individual becomes no longer self-reliant or self-governing, all it will take is one societal stumble, like an extended shortage of baby formula, before the entire thing collapses.

    Civilization can tolerate some useless people. At some point, however, it gets too many and it is only one catastrophe away from collapse. The “geniuses” will not have the intellect to stop it. If they did, they would not let the rest of humanity become so dumb. Well, actually, they facilitated it in their arrogance.

  • As bad as the message of Yuval Noah Harari sounds his description of the materialistic world and where it is headed is spot on. I don’t see him as an evil person, he is (maybe inadvertently) warning people to wake up NOW or go down the drain that Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates have prepared for the useless eaters.
    Since the days of imperial Rome there has never been a more apt time to get the hell out of the cities, join good communities and get in touch with the Creator or whatever name you use to filter the Creator’s energy.
    The cities are going to collapse into meaningless piles of slime just as he has predicted. Small communities like the ones that exist in “Third World Countries”, who have been supporting and trading with each other for centuries are going to survive the great reset. They know how to exist without money and without tons of possessions.
    The Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Bushs, Clintons, Gates, Schwabs and all of their elitist cohorts will survive for a while but they cannot eat their gold and none of them would know how to grow any kind of vegetable. They will have to rely on the compassion and forgiveness of hard working communities for their survival.

    • I suspect that the issue with baby formula may also be a demand issue; so not purely a supply or distribution problem. Jabbed women are likely finding that their breast milk makes their child ill, and thus switching to formula. That’s another angle that hasn’t been brought up much.

    • This is the problem though – he ONLY understands the materialistic world, and that view of the world simply isn’t accurate.

  • This guy is the perfect example of a pencil neck pantywaist that hasn’t done a manly thing in his life, and knows nothing about getting out in nature and living life with gusto.

    So he wants to get rid of all of us that are real people with real lives and create enough slave and transhuman robots to serve him and his pasty one percent. They are the scourge of the earth, and not us like they think.

  • This screw ball is describing himself, just another over educated idot that Hillary would describe as a useless eater. He doesn’t have a clue how those people he’s describing came to be. He’s even lacking the concept of the greater Universe why we’re here and how one goes about educating one’s self to obtain our before birth goals in this life.
    Truly a pathetic delusion-ed individual..

  • Another LOST soul. GOD (our creator) has put us into this life, to learn to LOVE each other. This guy has allowed satan to take hold of him. He, Schwab, and the rest of this evil group had better get right with God/Jesus real soon, or they will see what true suffering is all about!

  • In my deepest fantasy I’m a special ops trained in death and destruction of Elitist enemies of humanity 1st assignment-get this pigeon and send him to Hell,in my fantasy-Schwab would be there waiting for him👉👹 just kidding or am I!?

  • “Every human being is intended to have a character of his own; to be what no others are, and to do what no other can do.”

  • Gore Vidal wrote, regarding poet Robert Frost, that Frost, toward the end of his life, was ready to “upbraid God” for the fate of Job and for His “general cruelty to the human race.”

    • Then Frost clearly does not understand how things really work in relation to God, IMO. God gave us free will, and so most of what we have here is down to the collective consciousness of humanity, with a bit of interference from outside.

    • Yes, I read two of Juval Noah Harari’s books: Sapiens and Homo Deus. In both of those books, Harari spewed this same elitist arrogant slop. Obama recruited Harari for the WEF; make no mistake, he is of their ilk.




      • We die due to genetic interference in our past, and because we permit ourselves to live stressful lives not of our own choosing in an environment where our food, air, and water have all been poisoned and we are kept under constant stress. I’ll wait until I get to a higher level of the game before I decide I want immortality!

  • Very disturbing man who thinks that he is THE messiah for the stupid people?
    Science is cold! But spirituality lives for ever. People are waking up realising that maliciousness can be overcome. Schwab and Gates and all those who think that they dictate society at a whim, are psychopaths who are very miserable because they too are puppets with no conscience.
    THEY know too well that Billy Meier is giving ALL the spiritual teachings to the world for free and nothing will stop humanity’s progress.
    So WHO will educate us in free CONTRACEPTION rather than kill us with death injections? religions are becoming obsolete and the human spirit lives on from incarnation to the next incarnation and so on… This is creation and IT is unstoppable. Nature always wins. Humans are fickle and so very stupid.
    theyflyblog will teach you a lot of wisdom and very current news.
    Get ready for the truth!

    Stop censoring the truth, please be thoughtful and help your humanity.

    • theyflyblog website is promoting and supporting the fiction story of Ukraine connection to Nazi-ism. There has never been any evidence of such. Early on reports from Russia was rightfully calling the Ukrainian government Communist. Tass from Russia was reporting that and within days changed it to Nazi. This misuse of a term that folks do not even understand the history needs to come to an end, it is destructive and targets the German people once again.

      • Ukraine openly has Nazi units woven into its official military, and there is history there also going back at least as far as WWII. So, perhaps you should look into this “fiction” a little deeper?

        • Phillis, the problem with the “N” word is that it is a Lingo Propaganda word that dates back to the 1920’s & belong to the Kommunistische Partei Deutschland (KPD). The CIA has many creative skills to revive old propaganda. That is why they work overtime to make sure the original lie is not uncovered. In 1933 the Antifa flag that the KPD carried was banned from Germany under Adolf’s Third Reich.

    • “Humans…so very stupid…”
      Count me in.
      I was so damned brainwashed it was unbelievable.
      No one could convince me otherwise.
      College did that for me…
      Keep your children away from public schools!
      FAR AWAY!!

  • Imagine sitting around talking like this, actually saying these things out loud and believing in it. Its like they want to lose their souls.

  • This guy spends too much time predicting what is going to happen in the future, and it probably won’t happen as he fantasizes, making him entirely superfluous. These dreary fantasies can’t possibly come true because they are entirely artificial. Someone already wrote that novel in the mid-19th century–Against Nature by Huysmans. First of all, people always find things to do, even if it is just hiking trails or singing in a chorus or writing a book or reading a lot of books or playing the piano or playing a game, etc. Only Harari is freaked by the possibility of empty time gaps to fill, other people have no problem filling up their lives.

  • Listen to this Butt Hole talk about family breaking up, all by design through their Wars and them stealing our Farms and killing us by disease and brainwashing through their system of education.
    He is wrong about Silicon Valley being the most interesting place today in religious terms, but he is correct about it not being the Middle East. It is going to be Rome once Catholicism wakes up to their rightful place in history and the Parishioner’s realize their leaders have been attacked for decades because of who we are. Look up towards the Sun.

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