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In 2016, comedians who used to be funny, like Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah were all hijacked by the Globalists and impressed into their war against Trump and populism.

For six years, these former comics have been in “Lock Step”, as the cheerless gaslighters and the scolding nags of wokeism, now commanding their viewers to take the Death Shot.

I’ve bewailed the horrors of “Propaganda Comedy” since 2016, in which Deep State assets PSYOP their audiences with corporatist talking points masquerading as jokes.

They’ve odiously morphed into shills for the very despots they used to rail against, coercing their viewers to believe their technocrat-directed takes on the daily news.

The antics of Stephen Colbert in particular, a man I once idolized are particularly revolting. His audience is screamed at nightly and browbeaten into submission with his CIA-scripted barbs in what passes for an opening monologue.

What they’ve all forgotten is that comedy isn’t funny unless it rings true.

In a profession devastated by Communist censorship and blackmail, Ryan Long, like Dave Chapelle is one of the last funny comedians left on the planet.

Unlike the others cited here, Ryan came of age at the height of this Great Information War and he’s been tirelessly taking a run at the mass formation psychosis in our midst.

He threads the needle and manages to be side-splittingly hilarious without getting himself de-platformed.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • One of your best.
    Comedy is not funny unless it is true.
    The Court Jester knew that but he had to be very very careful.

  • First of all, that wasn’t at all funny, as what might have been a 30 second quip, that may have brought on a snicker, was drug out for four minutes that were annoying, a mistake of so many attempting comedy today.
    Then there is the actual premise of the article, which is diluted from the start, stating that Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah were ever funny, I beg to differ! The best of the bunch being Stewart with his sarcasm, but once you realize that he is just a self-centered, pompous ass and that is what he is really like, it is no longer funny, as he feels he is much smarter than everyone else, his snarky attitude is just him talking down to all others.
    In late night, none have been able to fill the shoes of Jonny Carson, none could match his wit, nor his timing, I doubt any will in my lifetime.
    As for stand up, George Carlin set the bar pretty high in his pointing out the absurdity of the world in which we live, using humor.
    The greats are gone, never to return, as all others pale in their shadows.

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