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    Clif High’s datasets point to a complete unraveling of the Mainstream Media around the third week of October, which will precipitate a watershed moment for the Normies, many of whom will finally begin to see what’s really been going on.

    It appears that the release of the audit results will trigger a shut down of the internet and other communications in order to stop the spread of information damaging to the Biden regime. Clif says this action, albeit short-lived will have the opposite effect of that intended and that it will Red-Pill an enormous amount of Normies.

    Also, the fiscal year of the US Government’s budget ends at the end of September and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has already said that by mid-October, the US may be “unable to meet its obligations, for the first time in our history.”

    Clif says the US dollar will undergo severe degradation and that there will be a collapse of the Federal Reserve banking system. He does not believe that another system is waiting in the wings. He thinks that all of this talk of NESARA/GESARA and the Quantum Financial System (QFS) are total BS and that the people promoting such ideas, like Charlie Ward are pathological scumbags or disinfo agents.

    Many banks will fail. He even anticipates bail-ins, where if you have any money in the bank, the banks may actually seize it.

    Clif says, “The Federal Reserve does not producing sound money. The USA does not work on sound money and we have very, very, very unsound management that is illegal and immoral and criminal – and that criminality is about to come out!

    “And so, the populace is going to get really, really pissed. So now, all around the world, ‘F* Joe Biden, F* Joe Biden’ is the official mantra of all of humanity.”

    Clif says there’s a growing awareness among the college kids that ‘F* Joe Biden’ is not only in relation to Afghanistan but that we’re at war with China and as Clif says, “Their future has just now been taken from them, because they’re going to be suddenly smacked up against the wall that is…1933…and the Great Bond Crash.

    “And no matter what anybody tells you, it was not the stock market in 1929 that caused the Great Depression, it was the bonds degrading and dying over the course of 1932 into 1933 caused all of this sh*t. We’re there now.

    “China is unraveling. China is the world’s second-largest economy and ours is all f*d-up and the Chinese own us and it’s only an illusion that America is a separate economic structure now, because all of their Progressive and Woke and all these people are in our top positions…

    “The good part of all of this is that these minions…Obama, Michael, his wife, Biden…all of these f***ers have an image in the political world and that is where we’ll find them and lasso them down and pay for their crimes.

    “And in that process, some of these guys are going to sing…and we’ll get a lot of these guys [minions] as a process of going through this. It will be all these college kids that will be doing it. And we know that they’ll be doing it because they’re just filling the stadiums and shouting at the top of their lungs, ‘F* Joe Biden!’. And they know why they’re shouting it.

    “They just don’t know the complete ‘why’ and they’re going to be getting that complete ‘why’ relatively quick, over the course of these next few months, because there’s going to be a mass breakdown in the narrative. And it’s not going to be good for the people in the things that are actually working the depop agenda and driving all of this chaos.

    “And we shall have some form of ‘different’ coming out but it shall not be order. There will not be Ordo ab Chao, because that implies that someone is giving us that order, or laying that order over on us – and humanity’s not going to do that anymore.

    “That’s because we have the ability now to see our enemies…in the sense of the people that produce the vaxx, that are killing us, the lockdowns…the humans out there that are our enemies. That will lead a great many Normies into the abstraction of ‘Why did they do it?’ and they’ll start exploring those sorts of things.

    “We’re going to deal with the depop. We’re going to deal with all of the deaths. We have a lot of people that are suffering from this sh*t already. We already know that NAC [N-acetyl cysteine] and Ivermectin and glutathione…NAC produces glutathione in you. You can take them both but it’s not necessary but if you can’t get NAC, you can get glutathione…NAC is a little better, in a sense because it aids your body in its own production of it, as opposed to just supplementing it…

    “Amazon has stopped people from selling [NAC]. They’re restricting the ability to get that supply anywhere. It aids the mind and body of the people that have been vaxxed and it helps remove some of the SPIONS, the superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles, as well as the graphene oxide.

    “Glutathione will take graphene oxide and attach an oxygen and a nitrogen to it and aid it in being removed. Ivermectin can be used for grabbing all of the spike proteins and removing them.

    “So it’s not as bad, it’s not as dire as we might have thought. That Fauci is a f*er and he’s also a f*-up and their spike protein is deadly when it’s injected in you but it’s not as deadly as they thought it was going to be. It’s, in fact a poor death shot. It doesn’t kill enough people fast enough for it to work for them.

    “Bear in mind, they had a very delicate operation, the Powers-that-Be. They wanted to kill 95% of humanity and leave only 5%…but they had to kill ’em in such a way that we wouldn’t wise up to the fact that we were being killed in the process, because then, we could kill them and stop it.

    “So they had to have a fast enough weakening and a die-off, that we would be too weak to pursue them once we understood what was going on and we would only understand that just before we died. Maybe. That was their whole goal. But it had to be a slow enough die-off that they could process us all through there.

    “It’s very much like a very delicate balancing act – it’s probably like an alligator harvest or something like that. You don’t want to start shooting alligators, then they might turn on you. They might come and charge you…cause we’re dangerous critters.

    “So, the Powers-that-Be have a real problem, because we’re not dying at the rate that they need it to. That’s why they came up with the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh shots, because they need to keep injecting until it ‘works’. They cannot stop. And this is why we see the people in Kentucky bringing in the National Guard to fire hospital workers.

    “The vaxxed have to maintain that paradigm, they’re under a mind control. They think it actually is good stuff in them. They do not understand – they cannot conceive the mindset of the unvaxxed. It is a gulf that cannot cross, because they accept all of this stuff.

    “The vaxxed individuals accept whatever they’re told about that material that’s been injected into them. They can’t tell you what’s in it but they won’t believe anything you tell them about it, probably – unless they’ve been ill from it – but they do not understand your reluctance, your inability to accept being shot-up with something that you f*ing idea what it is!

    “Because they’re authoritarians. They believe in authority and that’s what they’re pushing out. They’re real Fascists. So you see the videos of the people getting fired in a hospital in Kentucky…and this will progress.

    “I don’t think we have to worry too much about the courts. You need to file your cases within a timely period but I actually think that the infrastructure breakdown will be rapid enough that the court system will break down this winter and that we just won’t have a courts for a very long time…

    “Getting back to the Consequences of the Woo…we’re at this point now where we’re going to see something that hasn’t existed for many centuries and that is a naturally-arising human response, in the sense that, as the people dive down into the Woo…this will propel their awakening into this more emotional response.

    “So, there’s been a dampening on all of humans within Normieland, because…the framework, the structure; you’re not allowed really to express yourself…We’re going get into a bust-out phase, something that’s akin to VJ Day, where ‘Victory Over Japan’ and everybody basically had a giant party from West Coast to East Coast and back again, here in the United States and then also around the world.”

    But we’ve got a long slog to get there. The release of the audit data will result in a lot of chaos.

    “The datasets forecast that we would get to the point where individuals would break free of the mind control, see what had been done. They would be a ‘survivor’, so to speak. They wouldn’t be 100% debilitated by the shot but they would know the reality that they had, indeed been injected with a death sentence and they would take matters into their own hands and find guns and other weapons and hunt out those individuals that they believe are responsible. We’re getting close to that…

    “If you see that your Normie friend is going to pop his cork…as gently as possible and without putting yourself at risk, try and watch out for the Normies that are going to go a little crazy around us, because there’s going to be a lot of them and they’re going to be a danger to themselves and others.

    “Its the consequences of ignoring reality for all this time. It’s the consequences of not knowing that your reality is simply a box floating in the vast Woo of Universe and it’s a real shock to the system.

    “Humans react to shock frequently – because of adrenaline – with a violent response and we have to guard ourselves and others against that.

    “We may need to use force. We may need to use violence in the future but it should be reserved as a tool and not as an emotional release…

    “I can’t give financial advice but take the fact that it’s the end of fiat currency. We know this. The central bank system is breaking – it was the central bank and warfare model, if you go and look at Catherine Austin Fitts’ work. She pretty much details and lays it out.

    “So be careful, keep your bodies up, keep your mind and your emotions up and watch out for the Normies. It’s going to be a good time in the end, when we get through this period and I’m very pleased that Fauci is such a f*-up and the minions did such a bad job for the bug with the death shot. So, hopefully, it won’t be as horrific as it could’ve been.”

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    • Your high Mr. High.. The Rothschilds are not minions… They are the core instigators of all this calamity… That dynasty with their central banker buds have funded both sides of war, just like they are right now… They have funded and implemented this jab agenda as well..
      Xi as well as other leaders are under their control… The Roths like to use China and Russia as cover bad guys to keep themselves hidden.. The one higher up from the Roths of course is their master satan himself…
      You better get the pecking order straight, or you will be in delusion yourself…

    • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Clif is interesting with what is produced from his software but, ultimately, this is also spiritual warfare and we are spiritual beings. As another economist said (sorry I cannot remember his name) we are currently in a simultaneous timeline between the CovID side and non-CovID. Split happens in Oct. The spiritual side believes this is when we see our separation from leading lives too dependent on the intellect which Clif offers with his type of analysis. Time to remember who you really are.

    • Well, we inherited our China and knew upfront that it was fragile and broke easily. But at least it kept us from buying our own and going in debt.

      Regarding the US of Shade, I’m looking forward to the truth.

    • Clif, amazing analysis of where we are and where we might be heading. You mentioned how you think that by mid Oct. things might start shutting down, esp. the Internet. What do you think of the near daily news (Google News…. I know….) has a ‘science report’ about our Sun and its solar flashes that will damage the Internet, along with some other electronic based things.
      Question: are they preparing us for something more Bug-based than our Sun acting up?

    • Thank again Cliff; This gives me confirmation and a fill-in-the gaps organized way of thinking so that I can focus on a readiness mindset.. Keeps me sane; I guess..Glad I’m on the same page or at least the same chapter…All the Best d

    • The real scary part is Clif has a good track record for being correct.
      Scary times ahead and I am prepared, wide awake and not Vaxxed.
      Unfortunately, not all friends listened but at least half did.

    • I’m stopping at 42: 29.
      #1: When you speak of communism, you shouldn’t be speaking of China and Russia?
      #2: Communism is so criminal. You do not see any criminality and corruption in U.S. capitalism? None whatsoever?
      #3: You are so anti-progressive. You do not see any institutional ways of keeping people poor?
      #4: You do not think too much plastic has been produced on this Earth? Peoplr cannot get to a Far-Infrared Sauna as often as needed, let alone other species that are not treating the plastics problem with Far-Infrared sauna sessions.

    • Wasn’t this the same guy that just last week mentioned the vaccine kill shot will kill the majority of vaccinated at the start of the new year? Now this guy is saying the vaccine isn’t going to be as effective at killing the vaccinated as the global cabal have hoped? So which is? It can’t be both.

      This guy is well spoken and gives the impression that he is highly intellectual and believable.. but he is not. He begins by bringing in things that we know are true, such as General Flynn, then goes into the “no one knows about this next part, only me, I call it the Woo and call that the bug so you have to take my word on it”.

      I plan on watching his older videos for laughs because I know this man is talking out of his wrinkly old ass. He must smoke a big fat ass blunt before hitting the record button.

      • Actually, I thought the same thing. His last video, he said all these ppl who got vaccinated were going t be dropping dead like flies on the street. And that was a week ago? Week and a half ago? And now he’s saying that the vaccine/ injection is not as lethal? I’m confused. Then I listen to Dr. Zelenko and he says it is lethal and ppl are going to die. Granted, they are not all dying at once. What I question is the original virus has died out. So this new one has morphed from the old one and thus an excuse for a booster. I question why give the original vaccine at all. It tells me it can kill you. Or? that the pharmaceutical companies are stuck with billions of dollars of inventory. But I do agree the booster will speed up death.

      • And what a wrinkly oke wizened ass it is. Your ass doesn’t add no where near as much to the party. Remember ,Cliffs human and pokes his neck out and can handle being wrong. Go Go Go Clifford.
        What do you cakk a guy with a seagull in his head?

    • I wish Clif had chosen another word, besides ‘normies’, to call these individuals. They are FAR from NORMAL as one could get. These individuals are ZOMBIES; NOT HUMAN (I take issue with Clif calling these ZOMBIES, ‘HUMAN’). A NORMAL person (aka HUMAN) lives in reality; can SEE what is going on; can THINK…..has a FUNCTIONING BRAIN (Zombies/NON HUMANS have NO FUNCTIONING BRAIN); is an ADULT (NOT a retarded 3 y/o in an adult’s body).
      Sociopaths and Psychopaths are also NOT HUMAN. SO……if some of these NON-HUMAN Zombies have the slight ‘thoughts’ to go out and kill the Socio/Psychopaths that ‘turned them into the waling dead’…….I say, LET THEM! In a NORMAL, HEALTHY, PEACEFUL Society, there are NO SOCIOPATHS & PSYCHOPATHS. IF there are?……we will end up right back where we are now, really quick! So, the Socio/Psychopaths NEED to be ‘taken out’.
      What’s coming NEEDS to happen…….’THE GREAT PURGE’, is what I’m calling it. And I welcome it. NON HUMANS need to EXIT the planet! So that we SANE ADULTS (aka HUMANS) can live like we were meant to…..FREE and IN PEACE. Instead of this fake, Globalist-made, violent, toxic, Matrix. Most just cannot comprehend that these Globalists have CREATED this FAKE ‘life’ that individuals find themselves ‘living’ in. And they’ve BEEN doing this for 1000’s of years. Individuals’ WHOLE LIFE is FAKE……and they don’t even realize it.

    • LOL……’who’ are these ‘females’ that to not ‘like’ Clif’s LANGUAGE/WORDS?? If ANYONE is ‘offended’ by WORDS…..then you have NO BUSINESS even being ON THIS PLANET!!! ANYONE who is ‘offended’ by WORDS……it doesn’t really even matter; because THOSE individuals will NOT SURVIVE WHAT IS COMING!!!!! lololol YOU, the ‘offended’ DO NOT MATTER! You’re OBSOLETE. ‘Offended’ by WORDS = ‘offended’ BY REALITY! And I just have one thing left to say…..GROW UP! ADULTS SPEAK like ADULTS (NO ‘sugarcoating)!

    • For future reference, I was confused through a great deal of the video about the bug. I thought he was talking about covid “virus”. Then the light bulb went on when I realized he was talking about the insect paradigm of mind control. It would have been helpful if he had defined which bug he was referring to when he first started his chalk board. Some of us are slow. Lol. Excellent presentation. Very thought provoking.

      • Clif would need to verify this info: I understand what he calls as “the bug” as what Native Americans have called Wetiko, an archontic, soulless, amoral parasitic mind virus collective trying to drain all the life force from humanity, possibly created by an AI infection near the time of one of humanity’s creation or update periods. Conceptually, AI, Wetiko, the bug, Ahriman, Satan/evil, negative interdimensionals and psychopathy are interrelated. Every indigenous culture seems to have its version to warn of. Jungian healer-artist Paul Levy has written extensively in his books and blogs about this; Steinerian Bernard Guenther and partner Laura Matsue have picked up on this and added their own fine work to this. Now the word Wetiko is being found everywhere, an excellent start to extinguishing it for all time if people do the hard work of taking ownership of the layers of Wetiko within and bring it to light and integration. At the same time, taking action for humanity in the outer world adds to the speed of our liberation and our children’s futures.

    • Paul Preston and Chriss Street of New California are saying the same thing regarding the collapse of the Federal Reserve banking system in October 2021 and have been talking about it for a long time.

      New California has active lawsuits against the State of California regarding the fraud in the November elections. Additionally, here in California, we are signing Affidavits against the County Recorder for their fraudulent actions regarding the elections. Also, Affidavits for County Superintendents, School Boards, and many others. We have an Affidavit against Newsom too. All of these Affidavits are served on the individuals, and if they do not respond within ten days, the Affidavits are taken to the Sherriff’s Department for further action. Some people have stepped down already.

      It is my Awareness that the Annunaki created NESARA/GESARA and the Quantum Financial System (QFS), etc., to distract people from what is occurring. People who follow the charlatans that spread such information are in a state of hope as they “trust the plan.” They are not paying attention nor able to discern the information. When I hear the words “trust the plan,” my red flags immediately go off since the message is for me to shut off my Awareness and Discernment—not happening! So as people sit back, hoping and trusting the plan, others are taking Empowered Action.

    • Alexandra and Clif,

      The “control” is partly effected
      by Neuro-Linguistic Programming,
      as explained in here :

      — Glenn Beck quotes the Koran in His Never-Ending, Emotion-Driven Stupidity ! —

      Beck had quoted the Koran this morning
      ( 9/13/21 ), in a positive way!, about how
      “saving one man is saving the world,” which
      was a direct slam against Christianity. He
      could have quoted the REAL purpose of the
      KORAN’s “saving the world”—by its demand
      that all Koranists “Kill unbelievers wherever
      you may find them!”

      Glenn Beck and Company ? Very deadly to
      the future of White Western Civilization—to
      your White children’s future prospects, within
      their Once-Own, Once-Civilized, White Civil
      Society (( the 1950s were truly Utopian, in
      comparison to the sewer-of-a-civilization here
      and across the Pond, today, for White folks ! )).

      Divide and Conquer!—is Globalists’/Marxists’
      ongoing PLAN :

      “Diversity is our strength!”—and I’ve a bridge to
      sell to you IDIOTS (( buy/rent, “Idiocracy,” as that
      movie is predictive programming, developed by
      the Shadow Cabal )) !

      This American federal government is Marxian
      Abraham Lincoln’s singular LEGACY!—yet, Beck
      & Boys constantly idolize/worship Brutalitarian

      Go figure!—the stupidity of libertines’/liberals’
      failure to T H I N K (( poisoned by EMOTION!,
      which the Holy Bible warns not to abide, as it
      warns against following “HEART,” because it
      makes one the “FOOL” in matters requiring
      reason, not left-handed fickleness )).

      Do the math, as Beck’s multi-millions are spent
      to save 5,000 anti-White, anti-Western, DEADLY,
      not-so-Christian “Christians,” who despair-
      ately lust after your flushing toilets, hot water,
      medicine, and your LAND—for imposing
      Sharia Law (( not to mention, Arab men LUSTING
      after the far, far more sexually attractive White
      girls and women—T-H-E “Great Displacement!”,
      dear Glenn Beck & Boys, of White men’s ONCE-
      Grand Civil Society )).

      Notice: Beck says: “TALiBON” not Taliban.

      That’s a strong clue to CONTROL by Globalists/
      Marxists, using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)—
      as does our Interloper President, Biden, pronouncing
      it INCORRECTLY, too, by repeatedly saying :

      It’s called, “reframing,” in NLP—the control of
      the listener’s mind by employing what this
      student of Jungian, Freudian and NLP psy-
      chologies names :

      “Lingual Deflections” ( my psychology term )

      —which is simply accomplished by altering
      away from the traditional pronunciation (( recall
      Obama’s training by NLP psychologists, before
      his first installation—yes, he had been chosen
      and trained and installed. Hint: Russia! Russia!
      Russia! Russia!, which hint can’t be explained/
      proved here )).

      This scribbler had had formal training in the
      NLP methodologies, in the early Eighties, and
      has all the books.


      • Maybe it would move freedom forward faster if people would make a daily habit of spending five minutes daily studying the origins, mechanics and neurology re: NLP, Tavistock, cultic language embedding, and wordplay programming techniques. Better still to practice weeding this out of daily life by pointing it out to self and others in a humorous way, if possible, with anyone who is slightly open to it.

        TollyBON reminds me of Cinnabon, the hypnotic, ancient mall favorite endorphin producer. Could it be that it is a mild association trigger to encourage a more positive response to the Sharia darkness? RussiaRussiaRussia may be a pop culture-aligned trigger to the humorous MarciaMarciaMarcia!, an 80s TV sitcom catchphrase which used to generate giggles around the water cooler. These examples might be too subtle and overreaching, but subtle repetitions of millions of psychodynamic neural triggers over decades is how most of our matrix brain patterning was highjacked in the first place.

    • Cliff High is informative and great to listen to. His language is not vulgar but more of a way of getting a point across. Listen to his message rather than agonizing on his choice of words.

    • Third paragraph:: “the fiscal year of the US Government’s budget ends at the end of September and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellin has already said that by mid-October, the US may be “unable to meet its obligations, for the first time in our history.”
      What happens in national bankruptcy ?? Ref. FEDERAL RESERVE FOR DUMMIES.

    • Gen Flynn is the real deal. I’m certain he sees beyond what he asserts in public conversation. Many people cannot grasp the evil and scope of the depopulation/injury/stress and suffering agenda. Election fraud is a great place to start, due to our ability to bear witness to the consequences of it having been stolen!
      Bless you.

    • This “China” thing is only based on Trade & Currency as every War is. This is about the September 30th 2021 Debt deadline that the United States Corporation cannot make its payments with a 2 week ‘Grace Period’ that leads to October 14th. That is what Janet Yellen is yelling about!
      & Yes Woo, “Everything is Boxed like” even your reaffirming the lie about the “Earth going around the Sun.”

    • I love Clif H. This is a man who knows… I’m listening too!My son took the J.J. vaxx after having covid,he had it after the vaxx too.I hope for the best.

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