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    The First Presidential debates between the Democrat and Republican nominees went off without a hitch last night, with neither candidate utterly embarrassing themselves, to the great relief of the supporters of each. Trump didn’t say anything crazy and Hillary didn’t have a coughing jag or pass out. (Phew!) They both came off as surprisingly functional, given how both have been savagely derided and dehumanized on both sides throughout the campaign, including by yours truly.

    In my opinion, neither candidate “won”, although it appeared that Hillary, in a venue located in the diehard Democrat territory of New York enjoyed a bit more support from the audience, despite Trump being the actual New Yorker on his home turf. I get the sense that the 9 points from swing voters in play, currently dedicated to Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate, Jill Stein remained as unmoved by last night’s vanilla debate as were those dedicated to Hillary and Trump, as if each were routing at a football game. My guess is that to generate real movement in this campaign, somebody’s going to have to get real about ISIS – and we know that this isn’t going to come from Hillary, one of its architects.

    Both candidates pussy-footed around the fact that ISIS is a mercenary army; recruited, trained, armed and salaried by Western interests and their allies in the Middle East. Both nominees proffered policies regarding ISIS and Syria, which continued to propagate the lie that ISIS is this autochthonous phenomenon which sprang magically from the deserts of the Levant, without the immense resources that have been thrown at them, largely at the expense of the US Taxpayer.

    So much for Trump being the “truth candidate”.

    Veterans Today Editor, Mike Harris joins Iran’s state-sponsored news agency, PressTV to discuss the recent breakdown in both the ceasefire and in the UN’s Emergency Security Council peace talks about Syria, clips of which are shown here.

    Harris is quick to point out the “schizophrenic” nature of US policy in Syria, whereby the US says one thing and does something quite different. He says, “The United States claims they’re against ISIS and al-Nusra, yet they ‘accidentally’ bombed a Syrian Army position that was clearly defined. They are the ones who broke the ceasefire…These things don’t make sense. The United States boasts that it has the best Signals Intelligence, we’ve got the best satellite system in the world, we know what’s there – and they claim it’s an ‘accident’.

    “It makes me think: ‘Is the Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama and/or John Kerry, the Secretary of State – are they really in control of the US Armed Forces? Is the US Military acting of its own volition?’…These are questions that need to be asked of US Government officials – and very, very soon.”

    The PressTV reporter notes that the only time that these Emergency Security Council meetings are called is when the foreign-backed forces are losing ground to the Syrian Army, to which Harris agrees. Harris points out, “Realize one thing about the ISIS fighters: they are mercenaries. They’re not fighting for their country. The reason why the Syrian Army is doing so well is because they’re fighting for their people, their country, their culture. They’re fighting with bravery and valor. The mercenaries aren’t. The mercenaries are being paid to be there.

    “Now, is it the US Government that’s involved in paying them? Or is it the US corporations that are buying the stolen oil, like Exxon-Mobil? There are many sources. How are the ISIS fighters acquiring advanced US weapons systems without some tacit support? How come ISIS has got access to US-manufactured Tow Missiles, made by Raytheon in Tucson, Arizona? How is that possible, unless there is some back channel?

    “…This is very unsettling. As a very loyal, patriotic American, to see our country behaving the way it is…it’s frightening.”

    Harris states that the only way to bring peace to Syria, beyond their Army’s using the help of their Russian and Iranian allies is to completely exterminate the foreign mercenaries – which will remain a practical impossibility, due to the diehard support the latter are receiving from the West and their allies. Therefore, Harris says the only thing left to do is, “To call out Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel and the US as State Sponsors of Terrorism and let the global community judge them for their actions and not for their words.”

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    • Well, as long as you are really searching for the truth, the US is never to come clear of anything.

      The USA is founded on imperialism: First the colonial powers Great Britain, France, and Spain took the country from the natives. Then GB pushed the french out. Then the white americans pushed GB out – and started the real slaughter on the natives. Then they took the south west from Spain. Then they bought Alaska from Russia. Then they took Hawaii from the natives there. And so on…

      1913 the congress and president Wilson handed the USA to the the bankmob, by handing the control of the money to 12 banks. Then the little democracy there was before, was definitely lost. (In my country, Sweden, we have a similar situation, but here the bankmob took over 1820, when they put a french masonic general on Swedens throne.) All political events since then are illusions and our total societies are just a Matrix.

      This is the real history of the United States of America, everything else is an illusion, made to cover up its imperialistic foundation – including WW1 and WW2. If you control the media, you can get away with anything. If you want to find the truth, don’t listen to what the politicians or the media say, just see what they do – then you know.

      The Matrix is nowadays cracking and the sinister truth is emerging all over the world. But the bankmob has accumulated wealth and strength for more than 200 years, and is today extremely powerful. The presidential elections in the USA are just political charades, to entertain and fool. The few presidents, that finally saw the truth and tried to to the decent thing, got shot. (Olof Palme, the bankmob’s puppet from the beginning, finally realized, who was really operating submarines i our archipelago – NATO not USSR – was shot a month before he had booked a meeting with the russians about this.)

      This is the way it is. Don’t expect any change from the top – it has to come from the bottom, from people awakening and taking their destiny in their own hands.

    • The ” Debate ” what a joke….The real winner of last night’s debate was Lester Holt, I agree with Jon Rappoport on this issue

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