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    Tucker Gott is an example of someone who actually should have a YouTube channel. He’s the current golden-haired child of paramotoring but recently decided to try his hand at BASE jumping with Miles Daisher in Twin Falls Idaho, not far from where some may recall Evel Knievel attempted to leap the mile-wide chasm of the Snake River Canyon on his specially engineered rocket motorcycle in 1974.

    Gott recently converted his small van into a bedroom on wheels and drove cross country with his girlfriend to go paramotoring in Arizona, Utah and Idaho. The solar panel he installed on the roof collects enough energy to recharge his devices and to power his all-important espresso machine. Wal-Mart lets you sleep in their parking lots and a Planet Fitness gym membership gives you access to thousands of showers across the US and that’s how these kids have been managing. It’s the life of a YouTuber and I’m hardly not the only one living vicariously through his adventures.

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    • The longing to sense to be freed for some time of the earhtly problems seems to be the goal.
      At least gravitational impact is used here. Nor-adrenalin gives the longing sensation, which is sensed.
      Just one mistake and the sensation of being freed disapepars into a painfull experience. (adrenalin is acvtive).

      So why not use the impact of gravity INSIDE the own being, where all problems can become attracted into a soul, transforming pain in soul energy? Here is feeling….., not sensing present.
      That must be a godly experience INSIDE! At least I have a bit experience of this.
      Serotonin is active.

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