Tucker Gott is such a YouTube virtuoso, it’s completely nuts. Here, he’s doing a 3-camera shoot, swooping around with a lawnmower engine and a parachute strapped to his back, capturing sweeping vistas of the Salton Sea, while playing a live online video game (Tencent Games funded this video) and blithely chatting with us as if there’s nothing unusual about any of this. Talk about multi-tasking. Meanwhile, our stomachs are dropping, as we take in his 3,000-foot-altiude view.

Then he’s joined by a 4th camera angle taken from a drone and he cuts between all camera angles and the video game seamlessly, in perfect rhythm to the hipster music track he picked, editing like a seasoned pro – plus weaving in the added layer of audio from his mic.

This is the opposite of a bombastic X-Sports adrenaline attack, it’s just another effortless, laid-back day in the life of Tucker Gott. You want 4D chess? Here it is.

He’s got one GoPro on his head, another one mounted on a pole facing him that can pan and zoom, a third chase cam flying behind him is attached by a string, getting a wide angle on him in this insane airscape.

The GoPro camera is so light, it’s unharmed inside its shuttlecock mount when it hits the ground as he lands. The segment is held together by his cheerful banter peppered with preppy-surfer idioms. And don’t miss the whacky aerobatics captured by the drone at the end. It is pure vicarious joy.

Oh my. To be 20 years old and carefree and to have never known a world without the Internet and without being in a constant meld with technology…

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      • From what I’ve seen of his site and posts, he grew up and still lives with his single mother in rural NJ. He seems to have the run of her garage. He doesn’t seem to be a super rich kid. I don’t think he went to college.


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