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This music video by American Alternative Rock band, OK Go was shot in a cosmonaut training airplane with a Russian production team. It involved an enormous amount of coordination and timing to shoot this in one take. This is the kind of fun art Americans and Russians can make when not being pushed to the brink of World War III by Neocon a**holes.

In retaliation for the US’ “boorish behavior” displayed last Friday, Russian lawmakers have called for an end to space cooperation.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I don’t think this was shot in one take:

    “What is the duration of the Zero Gravity Flight and the number of Zero Gravity modes performed during the flight?

    The Zero-G flight lasts 1,5 hours. During this period of time the plane performs around 10-15 Zero Gravity modes. Every “Zero gravity mode” lasts 25-30 seconds.”

    • They’re not in free-fall the whole time. They did several “parabolas” during which time the plane was climbing and nosediving several times and they undercranked the camera to make that pattern sync up with the choruses. Here’s a video where they explain how they did it: and here’s an edit of the music video put together from several takes and camera angles:

    • Such a zero gravity happens, when gravity and anti-gravity are in balance.
      There is by this no zero-gravity, giving the image that gravity could disappear!

      Gravitational mass can not disppear and therefore is the only reality, which can not disppear.

      Where goes the light of the lit candle???
      Colored light “disappears”, moreover becomes transformed, because information never gets lost!

  • Having seen You Tubes of “astronauts” in giant swimming pools, brain-washing the gullible public to believe “they’re in space” doesn’t mean they were, so I don’t believe any of that Russian “performance.” Secondly, just because they SAY they’re in an airplane and what we’re seeing is real, doesn’t mean it’s real!

  • The remark of: no-gravity is wrong.
    There is a micro gravity INSIDE their bodies. When this would be zero, their bodies would become torn apart.

    It is for sure funny to watch what happens here by the personalities of the persons.

    In normal life on earth, where gravity of earth exist, there is a possibility for the soul inside to grow, by the micro gravity. Only when the soul is found and grows, peace on earth will appear.
    The love of the souls make allows this.

    • Whether there is a “micro gravity” inside our body preventing it from collapsing I cannot dispute through lack of scientific knowledge, although all animals bodies collapse when they die.

      However “soul” is a religious concept and although we have meticulously mapped the human brain and the electical/chemical pathways that permit the functioning of our emotions and thoughts, they have never located the soul.

      Perhaps you are confusing it with the conceptual idea of spirit or the essence of all life forms. We are a mammal and mammals don’t have gods.

      • My best wishes to your soul, Trevor. May you find it within, it will help to overcome believe systems of all kinds, not only religious ones 😉

        • Yes, the concern is not believing.
          Moreover it is all about …..feeling.
          Feeling happens by mass and not by matter (DNA).
          The soul is a feeling organism, which is present inside emptiness inside.
          Looking at the sky, you see objects, surrounded by emptiness.
          Looking inside any object, you perceive also an inner emptiness, where “I” can enter and find inner godliness of feeling feelings.

      • Any material body collaps at some time, when the spirit/soul/self/essence has left the material body.
        Now a reincarnation is possible, needing a material body.

        However, when the spiritual being attracts all spirits inside, now the spirit becomes fulfilled and no more need to reincarnate again.

        Material colors can disappear into white light. White ligt tightended grows to mass.
        The gravitational mass can not disappear, because this is the base of primal universe.
        Mass attracts, where matter can be sended/projected.

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