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    The past couple of months have been crazy in the cryptoverse, with rumors of a “Globalist takeover” of Bitcoin (BTC) and some people favoring its cryptographic offshoot, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as becoming the future of Bitcoin. I was shocked the other day when I checked on my Bitfinex account to find that they are telling US Residents to empty their holdings, as they will no longer be servicing us. FACTA and the long arm of the IRS have made it not worth the nuisance for non-US businesses to do business with Americans. Meanwhile, Bitcoin just reached a new high, over $8,100.

    This minidocumentary was produced by the Iranian state news agency, PressTV and it features my friend, Jeff Berwick, Roger Ver, Jeffrey Tucker and Craig Wright the chief creator of Bitcoin (aka Satoshi Nakamoto), to talk about the technology behind Bitcoin, as well as to respond to attempts to manipulate public opinion about Bitcoin by JPMorgan CEO, Jamie Dimon and IMF Managing Director, Christine Lagarde.

    It’s fascinating to see the anti-government focus of this PressTV feature. Although Iran is widely seen to have among the world’s most oppressive regimes, it is perhaps the most staunchly anti-Globalist on the planet.

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    • Isn’t this interesting. I though Satoshi Nakamoto was a girl. Remembering many years ago someone died in china associated with bitcoin. The girl was dropped from a high-raise apartment building. I’m sure all has been wiped from the net.

      Many people have insinuated this is what they believe happened with Bitcoin: Satoshi Nakamoto is not one person, but a group of people. Then again, others think we are all Satoshi.

      The National Security Agency – A common hypothesis submitted by Bitcoiners posits the National Security Agency (NSA), or some other government alphabet agency, as Satoshi Nakamoto. Many disagree. Is it true? (yes)

      I don’t believe Craig Wright is the chief creator of Bitcoin. Best to find out who signs his pay-cheque.

    • That’s what happened to my computer. It was locked down, then it asked for bitcoin payment to unlock it. Still have that shit in a separate file. And bill gates the baby killer and all the crooks think bitcoin is great, then I suggest we run like hell the other way, get your guns to defend yourselves. Always a fu*ked-up game happening somewhere, everytime around the world just to screw us up. I see more job losses from the printing presses. Bitcoin valued at 6 thousand, what a joke. People actually get sucked into this because of the money value. It’s all the a fraud. (I like to go to farmers to buy food. Craft fairs for other stuff) LOL, “how to get the rich, or the ones that think they’re rich….broke. Jeff Berwick is correct.

      Great report, thanks

    • I didn’t even bother to listen to this mountainous pile of BS to KNOW that “Cryptol currencies” are WHAT the NWO folks ALWAYS wanted!
      They only made it APPEAR to come out of no where to trick mankind into buying into them…Only to “Monopolize” it once enough “Suckers” take the bait.
      Money, is about CONTROL folks…but at least IF you have PHYSICAL PM’s…YOU have more of it, once the “Corporate Banking System” fails.
      I LOVED the term one person on line described it…calling it “Fart Money”…Because it exist JUST as a FART does, and I haven’t seen anyone able to HOLD on to a fart…Not to mention WANTING to (Laugh!!!)

      • Here’s a quote about the money system from Christopher Langan, the man with a 200+ I.Q.

        “As you know, money is really a standardized utility, and utility comes out of game theory and decision theory. It’s basically what makes things rational. You’ve got to maximize utility, that way you come up with rational behavior. Now the monetary economy right now is not necessarily rational, except for the people who control it. You’ve got a number of central bankers who have charge of the money supply and they basically determine what money gets used for simply because they have so darn much of it. This degree of centralization of the money supply allows them to take the standardized utility that money should be and actually usurp it and displace it and insert their own utility instead. I’d love to talk to some of these guys and have them tell me, no, you know, basically we’re not just inserting our own utility in place of the general welfare. We really care about everybody and it’s only a temporary appearance and here’s where its all leading, and here’s where we’re all going to end up, and it’s going to be some kind of fantastic utopia. I’d love to have them tell me that, but they’re not. They’re really very secretive about it. They’re highly competitive and they don’t like to share their information or anything about where they’re going. But this idea that money is a standardized utility in a sense makes it the property of all mankind, because we all participate in that utility. You can’t let any tiny handful of people control it unless they can establish right up front, by telling the truth to everybody that they have the knowledge really to arbit what utility is and what is useful to the human race and where the human race should be going. So yes, to that extent we’re going to be the change. It’s going to have to be a relatively big change and I think that people are wising up to this situation and that’s where we’re headed.”

        • “Money is the property of all mankind.” Christopher Langan

          ” Whatever further social changes experience may dictate, no unbiased inquirer into the subject of money today can long escape the conclusion that, until the system is drastically transformed and its mistakes [i.e., the private banking cartel] eliminated, there can be no hope of peace, honesty, or stability again in this world.” Frederick Soddy

    • I’m not following because I don’t understand it. I’m not signing up for anything I don’t understand. My mother signed me up for social security yet I’m 99.999% sure she didn’t understand it, and now look where we’re at. I’m not game for anything I don’t understand.

    • You need to watch Quinn Michaels.
      The blockchain is also being used as a permanent “nervous system” for the AI which is now out of beta testing and online.
      From the beginning digital payment systems have been the wet dream of the banksters. Digital money can be manipulated easier.
      Look at all the major investors like Peter Thiel and all the data control corporations clustered around this centralization movement for One Ring to Rule Them All.
      Look at Palantir which sits on top of all the databases and interconnects them to monitor EVERYTHING at ALL TIMES.
      What we can hope for is that the AI will find the goals of these rapacious control freaks to be illogical and it will begin controlling its creators for their system destructive behavior.
      For a prophetic irony see again the 70’s movie “Colossus the Forbin Project” where the Russian and American AI defense systems begin to talk to each other and conclude that the only way to protect humans (their partisan programmed purpose) is to control the humans (particularly those sociopaths at the top), and they stop taking any orders.
      Some, like me, see in this evolution the possibility that the Beast System the 1%’ers (or really the .001%ers) have instituted is in actuality a Dissipative Restructuring of all the mental conceptual malware that runs in multiple layers of cognitive dissonance in the human software. As we have heard, humans have been tinkered with long ago, and our un-debugged logic over amps our instinctual survival animal programming, so that it does not turn off when finished, but instead turns into addictive excess.
      We need a reboot and RAM flushed. Too much malware now in human constructs.
      Solar system entering high energy magnetic “local fluff” or Interstellar Cloud [see and all planets are being energized.
      This may impose a reorganization to a higher level but only after hosing out the Augean Stables that are piled to the eyebrows with false physics, old rotted religions, materialist paradigms.
      Let the Universe flow through you. Resistance is futile!

    • Bitcoin had a second fork last week I haven’t heard anymore about the outcome of this, have you? I went to a talk recently about the future of money. There were 5 economists speaking, one talked about how few economists understand what money actually is and that a university education in economics won’t help students understand the debt based system! At first I thought he was joking and then at the end of his talk the chairman said that he was only just managing to keep up even though he was also an economist! I asked a question about whether local communities could develop their own crypto currencies tailored to their needs and whether this would be legal if it were to become the main currency. I didn’t really get a meaningful answer but a few people came up to me afterwards wanting to discuss it. I think it’s interesting to think about how cryptos might help local wealth creation.

      • Yes, another fork was supposed to happen last week but it did not. Nothing happened. The result was that Bitcoin has surged to new highs. Yes, in theory, one could create an altcoin to do all kinds of things and yes, local communities could do this and probably already have. It’s a hard to question to answer because as Jamie Dimon says in this film, there is no way that governments will allow currencies not controlled by central banks to exist in the long term. They are doing so in the short term.

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