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    This is a German documentary with English subtitles about Julian Assange because no English-speaking films are being made about him.

    Interviewees in the film include Stella Morris his fiancée, former CIA Director Leon Panetta, Edward Snowden and Julian’s father, John Shipton.

    Julian is currently in the midst of an extradition trial, where he faces up to 175 years in prison, simply for being the world’s greatest journalist.

    In a separate lawsuit filed by the parents of slain DNC staffer, Seth Rich against Fox News and Fox specific journalists, for the pain and anguish they caused by reporting on their son, the Southern District of New York has agreed to allow Fox to depose Julian about the details about his interaction with Seth Rich.

    Motions have been filed with UK authorities and Julian will testify remotely soon, without the need for extradition.

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