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Why Woo is Clif High’s Theory of Everything (TOE) and it is a magnificent monument to his thoughts.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I follow Clif High and his Woo World because he dares to “think outside the box”, but I’m afraid that my Psychedelic days were long ago in the early 1970s before I was introduced to the starkness of Reality. I have, however, managed to borrow his term “MotherWEFers” to use rather constructively in this Reality. I’m often amused at his perpetual greeting “Hello, Humans!” and find it to be somewhat presumptive. Humanity in my world is sometimes not the elite clique that I would seek to be a part of.

  • People who mess with these drugs always start believing in different but equally wild nonsense like Clif.

  • I appreciate the integrity and intellectual continuity Cliff presents, though, for me, the entire construct does not address human volition, particularly, and the lack of mention of creativity, imagination and human will.
    That ‘gap’ seems to make the entire precept superglued into ‘intellectual” pursuit, relegating far too much to the implied whimsey of ’emotion’ and chaos. We all know the illusion of the ‘super’ part of the glue, it is brittle.
    Are individual choices merely equivalent to the result of result of probability encased in one’s and zero’s on either side of the decimal?

  • As long as you babble on and really confuse your stupid flock – you can stay on line.
    Instead you could speak some, at least some truth and say that you are reading Billy Meier material, at .theyfly dot com but are still UN- knowing and confused.
    Truth is not complicated, try it!

  • You must be as high as Cliffy to believe he came up with this theory that he ripped off from off world sources then mangled to fit in his drug addled cortex. What he thinks he proved is that the intelligent designed creation created itself out of chaos then GOD shows up and punches the space time time clock which doesn’t exist which means Einstein punked us with the universal speed limit . Totally not his fault since he hadn’t been to the ninth dimension either.
    You may indeed be able to connect with source while surfing the rift on magic mushrooms but I think it’s safer to just ask for help he delivers.

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