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I didn’t know what to expect from this documentary but it certainly wasn’t that I would fall in love with everyone in it but I did.

Drew Binsky did an wonderful job with ‘Entering America’s Most Religious Community’. He says it took him 6 months to get permissions from Rabbis to film his forays into two Hasidic neighborhoods in Brooklyn; Williamsburg, home of the Satmar group of Hasidism and Borough Park, of the slightly less conservative Bobover group.

The New York Post calls Borough Park the “Baby Boom capital” of New York City and Williamsburg is not far behind. Both neighborhoods basically doubled their populations in the first decade of this century, tapering off to now an average of 6 children per family. They say they’re trying to replace the 6,000,000 Jews lost during the Holocaust.

Use of the internet is sharply restricted, so books are very important. Adult Satmar women shave their heads and wear head scarves.

The Hasidim are fiercely anti-Zionist.

The piece is respectful of everybody and honest and soulful and I was surprised by how moved I was and how nostalgic it made me for New York.

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  • President Satanyahu of U̶n̶i̶t̶e̶d̶ ̶S̶t̶a̶t̶e̶s̶ Israel unites senates and representatives

  • The amount of children these Clown’s have do Not account for the space they have, living quarters & the sections of the City. Are we looking at one of the largest Human Trafficking Rings…..
    You will find this same Sect in Israel as well, & they too clash with the modern Jews in Israel.

  • It looks a cult, however, I’d say they can choose whatever they want to be.
    What bothers me is while some group, no matter what it says or does is praised as good, others are completely ignored.

  • I find these people depressing. The women are clearly oppressed. No different than being a Slave. The children come across as Not at all happy. The men depend on the State to financially care for children they have No right to bring into this world, under these conditions.
    Now you know why the “Holocaust” Narrative is so important, between the State welfare checks & the Germans benefit checks these clown’s receive on being a “holocaust descendant.” Time for all that $$$$ to disappear and make these clown’s be Real Men! We will see how fast they find Contraceptives or abstain from sex with their wife.

  • I think in this moment of crisis that stems from the banking/drug cartel, and big Pharma, we have to keep in mind that there are peaceful people separated from the criminal class. Also, there are non-religious Jews who are totally opposed to big Pharma’s criminality. If only, all these peace loving and family oriented people would really renounce the evil behavior of the Jewish members of the criminal cartel, but with rare exception like Vladimir Zalensky they will not. This is the problem.

  • The lesson here is that mankind as created, to love G-d and neighbor as himself (& herself), creates natural families, natural communities, natural nations. As such we were created to love G-d and enjoy him forever! Love in this context is not sensual, but benevolent and selfless. Husbands and wives subordinating themselves to G-d and to each other, as one example which can be projected on to community life. This is fundamental to peace, safety and contentment. This is better understood by citing the opposite which I hear all the time, that their spouse is supposed to make them happy which is of course quite an impossible burden to put upon a spouse.

    This way is easily observable in Torah based people of many stripes and colors. They are not perfect by any means, but they do try to be self governing whether under the Mosaic covenant or the covenant of Christ (Messiah) Jesus, Yeshu, Yeshua depending on what age and nation one views. Christ and his apostles were all Hebraics. There are many interpretations which define their many sects, but all of them are fundamentally Hebraic though you wouldn’t know it by their estranged practices.

    This is the target for all anti-Hebraic’s who reject the instructions of Moses and Jesus which boils down to opposing both special revelation and natural revelation. That is the battle line between the world views of unregenerates against regenerates, the latter of which understand and resist unregenerate attempts to impose their harmful ways upon regenerates ways.

  • Deborah Feldman, author: Unorthodox, Escape from Brooklyn to Berlin
    On an interview with DW News, promoting her book she gives the background of her escape from this community and how she had to leave her six children behind. She details the beliefs of these Hasidic Jews: “In 1969 Hungarian migrants created a new Ghetto in New York, a lifestyle that was stricter than any Jewish lifestyle that had been before. Every single rule that Hasidic Jews designed was an extreme interpretation. And they live by this extreme interpretation of Jewish Law.
    The Hasidic Jews are typically named after the towns they came from, Hungary & Romania or the Rabbi’s they followed. They were radical before WW2 and became more radical after.
    They force their idea of the holocaust on the new generations of children, which creates a lot of irrational fears, it becomes their identity. Hasidic Jews are one of the most harsh environments because everything is fear driven.
    Women have it the hardest in the Hasidic community because they are seen as a threat to the males because they are the ones reproducing, in order for the community to survive. So the men have the power because they control women’s reproduction by controlling the community. In most Hasidic community’s the women give birth well past 10 children. The girl’s are taught & grow up that their bodies are very dirty & inherently a source of evil. The women, believing their bodies are sexually disgusting, yet they have to serve the community by reproducing.”

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