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    The birth rates of most developed nations is at or below replacement levels, which is the argument given for accepting large numbers of immigrants, because more people are always needed for the economy – as if the economy was something people serve, rather than the other way around, says Canadian YouTuber, Black Pigeon Speaks.

    The financial system needs bodies to create debt-based money through fractional reserve banking and it will do anything – and buy any government – to see that the machine is not slowed down.

    Media and academia take their cues from UN reports and promote the idea that demographic and cultural replacement and the eradication of ancient nation-states is the only answer to keeping economies strong.

    However, Japan is one developed country that refuses to follow the West and replace its population and culture via the importation of millions of people from the developing world. The Japanese people remain rich and are among the longest-lived people on Earth. Japan is safe, clean, comfortable and modern.

    Contrary to what we’re often told, Black Pigeon cites studies that show that there is no relationship between per capita GDP and a growing population. Declining populations (if not replaced) will ease the housing crisis seizing the capitals of developed countries and thereby improve the quality of life.

    Endless growth is not possible on the confined space of the Japanese islands any more than it is on our finite planet and Japan
    does not seem willing to gamble the future of their nation on an ideology of multiculturalism and mass immigration for the comfort of one or two generations’ retirement pensions.

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    • n fact, that article is behind the times.
      “Prime Minister Abe also recently announced plans to attract 500,000 foreign workers to Japan by 2025 to fill severe labor shortages in farming, construction, and elder care by creating a new five-year visa category for non-professional foreign laborers.”
      the above is from an article a student used in a class 2 months ago. I was startled to hear this and told him bringing in that many people will be a big mistake. It is a fact that they have labor shortages, though. or it appears to be a fact. Here is the article (below some content for English learners):

    • Japan is unique in that their culture not only embraces their past fervently but also their future based in an A.I. world. They are pretty diverse in and amongst themselves. It’s a country that not only touches all bases with their beliefs but swings big time with all things offered through music, art, sex, food, past & present. I’ve not heard very many negative remarks from anyone that visits Japan… seems to touch base with those that like to experience a genuine culture. Keeping all things Japanese; Japan in its current form is working really well. Isn’t Hungary also closing in from open borders and thriving with their own culture. Maybe that’s the secret to a peaceful world….to each their own…

    • Geeeeeeeeeeeeee WHAT happened to the Goal of becoming as ONE with ALL “Humanity”???
      Japan is ALSO controlled by the SAME global “Corporate/Bankoholics”
      WE are supposed to become as ONE with “Divine Source” without “Borders”…REMEMBER???

    • Nature does not allow any system, any population unlimited growth. Ask yeast in the bottle making our vodka what is their ultimate destiny. Humans are not smarter than another species like bacteria. Anyone rich enough is escaping cities creating suburbs with a problem of commuting to work in the city. If the population density was lower this problem with associated pollution, congestion, and population alienation would go away. Human species in the primitive, uneducated part will breed until extinction. The educated affluent part does not breed and just by becoming a minority will be destroyed by breeders. I have a feeling that everything repeats itself and this scenario was here already. I feel that there are not aliens, the more and more likely flying saucers visits were simply people that escaped the destroyed planet. The planet does not care, it will rejuvenate and other species will evolve. The increasingly more primitive inhabitants will defer their problems to nonexisting gods and their so-called prophets, often attributed with criminal solutions as an answer for their uneducated followers. There are 1170 plus religions and they mostly copy their BS from each other for millennia. This is not an accident but empirically arrived at the knowledge of how to control the rubble. It is not an accident that after the rule of the brain defective liberals comes always a dictatorship that gains the existence by promising to remove the human garbage with finality again and eliminate all the crime.

    • Japan has between 4 and five million empty homes. Mostly rural. The government is trying to get people to move in. Japanese people that is. Nobody wants to live in a house where someone has died, they don’t want to deal with the ghosts. Or so I have heard. As far as growth of country by importing migrants, with no skills, is asking for trouble.

    • Japan should never ever follow the liberal moral decadence western open door immigration policy. Just look at EU especially UK and EU. German Chancellor Angela Merkel stupid suicidal decision to open door to let 2+ million of Middle-eastern Muslim from shitholes countries without any plan has caused vandalism, rape, arson, murder by the illegal migrants.

      Multiculturalism and open door migration are not worth to replace dwindling population or tax base with uneducated without a skill set is a disaster for Japan or any developed country.

      • they have technology to replace the lost labour by robots…or just make the economy & specially unemployment go down … great plan… no need for illegals & other pieces of shit… I live in thailand for 5+ years and paid tax but & have a family, but if I lose my job & income ,they will kick me out, there is no fucking convention to stay with family even I have savings

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