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    Yesterday, Rothschild-owned California power company, PG&E shut off power to over 500,000 customers, with plans to shut down the power of up to 3 million more over the next 5 days, citing high winds and the attendant fire hazard. Californians on Twitter, however, were posting videos of crystal clear skies with barely a breeze, while their Diesel generators blared in the background. They’re asking what’s the real reason for the massive shutdown?

    YouTuber aplanetruth believes he knows what’s really going on.

    “It’s all part of a much bigger picture, to get everybody off natural gas, to get everybody off petrol fuel for cars, the petrodollar, crash the petrodollar, convert it to the cryptocurrency. The new $100 bill, half of it’s in gold; cursive writing the background says we’re gonna get rid of the government to abolish government. It’s in
    writing on the new hundred dollar bill, if you take a look at it.

    “And they’re not just playing the power game with California…seven million people were [recently] left in the dark as a massive power cut hit Taiwan. This is a worldwide event they’re doing now to get us off the power grid and get us on to a radiofrequency laser-delivered, solar collective power grid, coming from high-altitude platforms, where you’ll have no way to stop them, no way to turn off or turn on the power unless you subscribe, submit to eye scans, to vaccines, to anything they decide.”

    I have to admit this is the first time I’ve ever heard this conspiracy theory before, so the evidence and elaborations for this are of interest, if for no other reason than their novelty but I suspect there might be a few details that are true.

    In the past, this YouTuber has advanced the theory that Directed Energy Weapons caused the major California wildfires that left tens of thousands homeless last year. I offer such points of view not to endorse or reject them but to present the phenomenon of these growing suspicions among the affected people.

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    • I live in Southern California near the mountains, two ridgelines away from the big fire last year. I knew they were going to shut down the power in wind storms because they warned us they would do it. I still have power at the moment. I once was an environmentalist and now I have cut those ties. There is no global warming, there is global cooling and it’s real, not fabricated. This may be a land grab. At least that’s what it looks like. They are making it impossible for people to rebuild from last years fire. Get your own generator. Just remember, without consumers they have no profits.

      • A longtime subscriber has this to comment:


        Yup, we’re under assault. The Rothschilds et al figured out long ago they needed to take control of our electric, gas and water utilities as well as big pharma, ag, energy etc.

        I’ve lived in CA for shhhhh 7 generations now in the foothills. I have witnessed many fires and can attest that these recent fires are NOT natural. And we have always had droughts basically every 7 years so that is nothing new and is NOT responsible for these fires, though helps fuel them when started. I grew up in Glendalel CA where we had at least one 90 mph wind every year, and many 70 mph winds and the eucalyptus trees in our front yard would bend at 45 degrees or horizontal to the lawn. The winds never CAUSED the fires, they only spread them faster.

        Our fires begin with arson or negligence or carelessness or lightning or PG&E’s refusal to diligently take care of frayed lines in more remote areas or poor forest management. Wind is NOT the cause! I’ve seen all the videos of the fire cyclones they blame and they, too, are not natural. Yes they do occur but in tiny amounts and heights and not at all like those in our recent fires. I’ve seen the Paradise and Santa Rosa videos which show them being ignited from above, which correlates to the weapons discussed in this and other videos and for which I’ve seen the patents.

        Our electricity is now regularly turned off for “infrastructure updates” they say are new telephone poles and deny 5G It was off all day today and will be tomorrow, yet I saw zero phone polls going up, only major additions to the already heavily equipment laden lines and buckets up high. I’ve seen the megal gizmos shown in videos of 5G installations hanging from some of our overhead wires. So far I don’t think they’ve been activated, but who knows? Our older equipment does give us lots of “brown outs” for a few hours at a time, always has, but we don’t have fires that causes the brown outs. Winds do bring down power lines but don’t cause fires or if they do the fires are small and quickly put out.

        As I mentioned years ago when they said our dams are dry in CA, those dams were purposely emptied all the way and it takes only one rains storm to fill them up again. I have personally witnessed this here in SB and in No CA at Shasta Dam. We used “gray” water from the washing machine etc on our family on our property many times over the decades, but they made it illegal in the 80’s or so. We are now at capacity again for most or many of them, but I don’t trust the utilities (or Rothschild operatives) to not empty them again. The Rothschilds have also recently placed themselves into the CA water management groups which bodes evil. Los Angeles Water and Power has been corrupt and evil since my grandfather’s day in the 1920’s when he knew many of those involved because he was in ranching. Pete Santilli who I found very suspicious in the Nevada and Oregon BLM/FBI “shootout” power grabs, but guess I was wrong, is currently airing a lot of this history and the weapons currently being used to control us and our weather. There are mysterious uniformed military style men manning the dams here whom I’ve seen up close and personal. Because they look and act military and refuse access to lookout points, you can bet they are protecting some facility unknown to us, likely underground. Same with all our state and national parks here.

        I believe this video is totally true. Evidence comes via HGTV where they renovate with electric stoves, not gas. Most people hate electric stoves. And all of HGTV’s new home contests feature entirely SMART HOMES with totals surveillance. Evidence comes via the Santa Rosa fire boundary and fact that it and the Paradise fires weren’t contiguous but one house then another,. chimney which always withstand a fire but are gone, too many things not normal.

        I’ll go for now. But I connect the dots he same way the video author does. Space based power. Cloud unsafe. They will refuse to allow us to access our own documents on the cloud just as they are censoring alt media now.

        mas luego,

        Many Hugs

    • Alexandra, thank you for posting this. Excellent info, as usual. I’m forwarding this to a dear friend in Santa Rosa who is right in the thick of it with no power, and BS stories from PG & E.

    • Disaster capitalism, something Catherine Austin Fitts talks a lot about of late.
      Sadly, it fits the bill of narcissistic power-hungry lunatics that stop at nothing.

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