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    Canadian YouTuber, Black Pigeon Speaks (BPS) is back to talk about the the dumpster fire of a Globalist experiment that is Canada, as the country prepares for a general election.

    The election will likely be a referendum on the relentless social engineering that has been bulldozed upon the populace, in a bid to make Canada the first “postnational” country.

    All over the world, we see a mass-repudiation by the middle classes of their wokester technocrats. It is a logical backlash against the hostility directed at them.

    In 2017, when asked to comment on his Open Borders immigration strategy, Trudeau replied, “The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. And we will replace them.”

    Trudeau is succeeding at this. Canada currently has the fastest rate of demographic transformation on Earth.

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    • Got some pretty hair-raising emails from a Canadian subscriber:


      Canada is a horrible mess. Our small towns have been forced to take
      10s of000s african migrants with no skill set and a very contradictory
      moral code/mind set. The rapes and gangs are exploding, the real
      canadian seniors and veterans and homeless have their benefits cut
      back while the illegals and UN “refugees” get housing, vehicles,
      medicine etc. New laws have been created against some kids of hate
      speech and antifa rushes to anyplace a modicum of sanity is spoken.
      The police and media are banned from revealing the names or political
      status of the gangs or rapists.

      in my job, I have to contact various consulates for my clients. ALL
      of them have had a huge surge in canadians seeking residency in other
      countries. This will be a huge diaspora. Most of us are from LEGAL
      immigrant families that arrived in the 1800s-1900s and did no get
      massive Soros funded handouts


      There is a town in AB called Brooks. It is a prime example of forced
      MASS immigration by the UN. These “refugees” have taken over the
      town. Nothing is mentioned in the media because the Crime Minister
      paid the 3 major media companies $600,000 to protect him and only laud
      his wonderful ideas. The reason I know about brooks is that my doctor
      moved from there as FAST as he could to get his kids out of there. He
      was lucky to sell his house as so many a stuck there. In feb the
      Ottawa plague of parliament decided to infect 13 small towns in Canada
      with MASS immigration of 100,000 Somalis and Nigerians. These tiny
      Canadian towns are usually under 5000population and all are some
      version of Christianity. The locals scream they do not want this but
      the mayors are forced to open their towns, clinics and schools to
      these invaders. One of the immediate observations are more crime in
      rapes, gangs and drugs and dead pets.
      I am a travel agent and have been swamped with request for the details
      to emigrate. When I called the chile, mexico,panama,fiji,italian
      consulates they are swamped with Canadian applications…Please pray
      for our once beautiful country.

    • So Chase Manhattan has pulled out of Canada and forgave “all debt”, and a list of high end stores are closing or are closed:
      Forever21, Hudson’s Bay Outlet Stores, French Connection, Danier, Aeropostale, Guess, The Gap any many many more. Something is up in Canada and I’m trying to understand. They are our Neighbors and hoping this won’t affect us. This is a huge tourist country, it’s beautiful and seems peaceful but seems to be self destructing at a rapid pace. I remember a video you put out several months ago about the world bank deconstructing countries and causing collapse, not using “sanctions”, that is used for certain “non friendly” countries but for “friendly” countries using the collapse of the monetary system. Now with the show pony England and it’s so called “Brexit” which is nonsense, I don’t think it’s going to happen, Venezuela and it’s total destruction, Greece now destroyed and giving away their kids for survival, I wonder what Major Country is next? We have only China and America and we see what’s happening with China. So what does this mean for us? I am seeing in the stores the cost of food going up and up, on an almost daily basis I’m receiving “Checks” yes “Checks”, just sign here checks, from banks, in the amounts of 25$K/40K and one for 75$k I am not kidding, just sign here and agree to “terms” how many people like me are receiving these checks and don’t bother to read the “fine” print. Late on 3 payments and loose your homes, cars and anything else of value. Is this a land grab? I literally burn them for fear someone may get them out of my trash and sign them. With all of this happening it feels “Global” with the banks. It is scary as shit what will happen next. Anyway thanks for listening. I’m starting to feel like my nutty sister and her kids in LA “survivalist” lol. Store the beans and water and sit back and wait for the apocalypse.

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