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Spiro Skouras is back, addressing the rampant speculation about how Black Lives Matter is financed by George Soros. Spiro has really honed his skills to consistently produce the perfect, timely, informative YouTube video, with exactly the information that we want to know, when we want to know it!

He says, “The million-dollar question is, did Soros Fund Black Lives Matter? Yes, he absolutely did – and I’ll get to more of that in a minute – but George Soros is not the only source of funding for Black Lives Matter.

“In fact, Soros and his funding is just another spoke in the wheel of a massive, well-financed, politically-motivated campaign, with the desired goal to transform this current system of control and to destroy it, basically and out of the ashes of that, build a new system of control…

“It’s very similar to what we’ve been hearing from the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the central banks and governments from around the world, as they are preparing for the ‘Great Reset’ and a global paradigm shift, which we’ll get back to later in this video – but right now, we’re going to look at who exactly is funding Black Lives Matter…

In the wake of the murders of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, which spawned unprecedented riots in the US, Spiro says, “George Soros stepped in through his Open Societies Foundation, as well as grant-making from the Center of American Progress, to the tune of $33 million to fund Black Lives Matter.

“In addition to the $33 million contributed by George Soros, another funding campaign was formed: the Movement for Black Lives, which received $100 million through the black-led movement fund, paid for by the Ford Foundation and Borealis Philanthropy – and directly funded Black Lives Matter and dozens and dozens of other similar groups – actually, up to 150 other groups, including Black Lives Matter.

“Black Lives Matter, at that point had not only secured the financial support of wealthy donors but also had the backing from their media organizations, which, in addition to helping Black Lives Matter to recruit, it also helped to sell their movement and sow racial division…

“Will someone please explain to me how exactly this Black Lives Matter movement is a ‘grassroots organization’, when literally, they have the support from the entire establishment, at this point? I haven’t even gotten into the politicians or the celebrities who have publicly endorsed this or donated money, themselves.

“So, the next time you hear somebody say, ‘Well, how come Black Lives Matter’s allowed to protest and riot and loot and beat people in the streets and kill people in the streets, across the country – and other countries – while the rest of us are on lockdown?

“The answer is because they not only have the support of the establishment. They are a proxy army of the establishment or the Deep State – or whatever you want to call it.

“And when you read over the foundations which fund and support Black Lives Matter, you see that they also support the UN Agenda 21/UN 2030 Agenda, just like these mega corporations do.

“I’m not surprised to see that the United Nations has been trying to get involved in this situation here, in the US, because in my view, this plays right into the planned destruction of this country and that’s happening right now.

“This is just the next phase of the operation and just to be clear, I’m not Republican and I’m not Democrat. I support basic human rights and civil liberties for everyone but when I see a proxy army conducting a destabilization operation under the false pretext of seeking ‘racial and social justice’, I have to call it out.

“I have to call BS. This is not really about justice. This is certainly not about black lives – especially when you take into consideration the fact that Black Lives Matter is funded by rich white men; endorsed by the establishment – the same establishment that oppresses each and every one of us, regardless of our race, our religion our sexual orientation.

“This is Divide-and-Conquer 101. If we are too busy fighting each other over a manufactured crisis, sold to us by the media and the politicians and the celebrities, we will never rise up above this system of oppression, which is targeting all of us.

“Wake up!”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I will believe black lives matter as soon as the blacks in the US stop shooting and killing each other…

  • Whay a load of bollox. Its grass roots because its the ‘people’ Sure organizations get donations. This one gets so much because it is worthy. Too much conspiracy theory crap about manufactured COVID hoax. Only the real loony right wingers spew that rubbish. Why on earth would UN be trying to destroy America? No proof. These BLM demonstrations happened around the world because of an actual event. And finally. These demonstrations were ‘allowed’ to happen because for once the people on the streets had greater numbers than the police. The people couldn’t be beaten and bullied into getting back into their holes.

  • Why is it still legal to support terrorist organizations like antifa and BLM?
    Kind of like the Ford Motor Co, and the Rockefeller’s did in the second world war.

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