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Former Assistant Housing Secretary and publisher of the Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitts joins Greg Hunter to talk about her latest report, entitled ‘The Injection Fraud’ about the massive vaccine gambit currently in play and how this a vital part of the central bankers’ “Global Reset”.

Fitts cites the first meeting of the central bankers after the adoption of the new Federal Financial Accounting Standards 56 (“FASB 56″), in Jackson Hole, WY in August 2019. At the time, the Governor of the Bank of the England, Mark Carney did an interview, saying ‘The dollar’s not working and we need to shift to a global mechanism.”

Fitts says, “Clearly, a decision was made to just go ahead and do it and what do we see in September? We see, in September the Fed move to intervene in the repo market. Since then, if you look at the last 12 months, M1 is up by 21% and M2 is up by over 30% and we’re watching massive programs of, literally the Fed buying the market.


“As that happens, the World Economic Forum website comes out and announces the ‘Great Reset’, which…is sort of the marketing for the non-financial people of exactly what’s going on.

“So, what we’re seeing is a reengineering of the global financial system and governance system, the ‘Just Do It’ method. And of course, a very important part of that is we see a lot of smart money get out of the market in the top in January, in February and then March, a push to basically use police powers created through the healthcare system, to shut down a huge part of the independent economy, globally.

“So, small business, small farms shut down across the board, throwing both the emerging markets and many small business into debt traps. So, we are watching the mother of all debt entrapments going on globally and that means we’re in for a very radical reengineering and of course, that’s what we’re seeing in the US…

“We have a tracker, where we’re tracking the COVID deaths by state- and party affiliations of the governors and mayors, and one of the things you can see, you have 37 Fed locations and banks and branches across the country. Guess how many of them had violent protests?

“…if you map out all the cities that have a Fed Bank, a Fed branch or the headquarters for the Fed Board of Governors – you have 37 locations – you have 12 banks, you have 24 branches and one board headquarters – 33 of those locations had violent protests…

“Absolutely, the Fed is behind this. The central bankers got together and said, ‘Okay, we’re going to begin the Global Reset. We’re calling it, “Go Direct.”‘

“They launched a plan. Blackrock has now been hired by three of the central banks. They’ve been hired by Canada, Sweden and the United States. The conflicts of interests are massive but but you’re talking about a fundamental reengineering.


“Now, I’ll give you my theory on what the healthcare police powers are all about. And that is, if you are going to re-engineer the global currency system, what they want to do is…they want to go to a system where 7 billion people around the planet are literally integrated into the cloud and can operate with an all-digital system that is the equivalent of a credit on a company store.

“It’s a control system and if you look at what they’re talking about putting into these injections [“vaccines”] or doing with them, you’re basically talking about a slavery system. You’re talking about integrating into people’s bodies. I always tell people, Bill Gates put an operating system on your computer that gave somebody a backdoor and made you update it constantly. And the excuse was, ‘there’s a new virus’.

“Well, they’re gonna play the same game with your bodies, because if you can get brain-machine interface into a human body or you know, a tattoo on a human body, it’s part of the Quantum Dot tattoos and integrate them into the to the Jedi and other clouds at the US government, then you can cut out all the state and local middlemen. You can cut out a lot of overhead and basically have everybody…on the system and that’s why I keep saying, ‘crypto is not a currency. It’s the end of currencies.'”

“But you’re talking about an all-digital system, where they can turn your money off and on. You know what this is called, you’re a Christian. It’s called the Mark of the Beast. That’s what they’re trying to do, here.

“They’re trying to extend the life of the dollar, build a global mechanism to manage the financial system – so, shift it more out of the United States and then essentially, hook everybody up into the cloud.”

“You have to fight vaccine mandates…I wrote an article called the injection fraud, which you just mentioned what I said is these these are not vaccines under the laws of medicine. And if you look at what they’re talking about putting into some of these things – and this is very experimental – but you have nano-particles and nanotechnology. You have things that alter your genes. These things are very experimental and they’re talking about using them without animal trials or the appropriate kind of trials, normal trials that would take you two years.

“Now, they’ve tried for many, many years to come up with a vaccine for coronavirus they’ve never been able to do it. So, I think one of the reasons they want contact tracing is so that they can deal with all the deaths, disability and sickness that’s going to come from you know injecting biowaste into human bodies.

“One of the things that’s in this is aborted fetal tissue. So, you’ve got aborted fetal tissue, you’ve got heavy metals, you’ve got the history of these injections is very, very ugly and it’s one of the reasons 54% of the children in America have chronic disease, because of all the foreign matter that’s been going into our veins from this stuff.

“So what I said in ‘The Injection Fraud’ is this is not medicine. A surveillance tracker is not medicine. I mean what Bill Gates is proposing to put the equivalent of a Microsoft operating system in your body that can be hooked up to their cloud and so you can be hooked up to the AI and all that data can make the AI very, very smart, including teaching robots how to do your job.

“So, this is a very dystopian vision of the future but make no mistake about it, if you could implement this vision, there are trillions of dollars to be made implementing this vision. If you look at the new system, the new system is very much what some people call a Transhumanist System but it’s not a new currency, it’s not a cryptocurrency, it’s not a digital currency, it’s a credit system, where they can cut you off centrally.

“If you look at the police powers, they’re suggesting, under the rubric; the excuse of ‘healthcare’, they’re talking about you can’t go to the store unless you let us inject you with these mystery ingredients. You can’t work unless you do. You can’t do this, you can’t do that…

“They’re talking about…hiring tens of thousands of contract tracers who can come into your home and force you to be tested and if they find you positive, now remember many of these tests have 50-80% false positives, they can quarantine you and they reserve the right to take people out of your home and take them to government or private camps, separately.

“So, they’re asserting the right to come into your home and take your children. So, I come in, I test you, I say you’re positive – with tests which are totally unreliable – and almost everybody has coronavirus in their bodies and we’re asymptomatic. It’s like saying we have cells…

“So, you’re talking about creating police powers that are going to give you very tyrannical central controls. This is ripping up the Constitution to an exponential degree…

“Donald Trump, as far as I can tell is playing along [with the vaccine agenda]. Now, it’s interesting Donald Trump resisted shutting down the economy but then he went ahead and did it and Donald Trump, who’s resisted vaccine mandates proceeded, after Bill Gates’ and Fauci’s credibility was destroyed, for very good reason, on many different points – Donald Trump promoted and started a program called Operation Warp Speed.

“And Operation Warp Speed is being run by the former head of research from GlaxoSmithKline, who’s a bio electronics expert and according to the Financial Times, is one of the leaders on brain-machine interface.

“Now, he’s got Operation Warp Speed set up to coordinate with the Department of Defense and he’s arranged for the Department of Defense, I think to buy – I think it’s 600 million – it’s basically two syringes for the whole population, set up with digital coding so that they can basically put in a database, who got what vaccine, etc.

“And frankly, if you look at how that’s all organized and set up, Trump has said, ‘Well, it’s for people who want the vaccine. If you look at the effort to get mandates, state-by-state-by-state and basically use the health code and the pretext of a flu defined as a ‘pandemic’ to radically increase central police powers, I think we’re talking about the greatest experiment – basically, this is non-consensual human experimentation, of taking nanotechnology, gene editing, gene-altering materials, heavy metals, biowaste, aborted fetuses and basically experimenting, injecting it into millions, if not billions of people. I mean, this is a this is a serious violation of the Nuremberg Code and the Nuremberg Principles…


“The fight in the campaign is not a fight over who runs the White House, the fight in the campaign is a fight over the [money] spigot. And what you have to understand about everything that’s going on right now, between our taxes and our pension funds, we’re financing this.

“And unfortunately, I’ve talked a lot on the Solari Report about entrainment technology and the propaganda on the media. You have a combination of propaganda and entrainment that has persuaded at least 40% or 50% of Americans that these injections are okay…

“You have two choices, one is freedom. One is slavery. And everybody’s gonna have to choose. There’s no navigating around it…I had one subscriber ask me, ‘Should I do real estate or precious metals?’ and I said, ‘Look, if you don’t have an army, it doesn’t matter where your assets are. You’re gonna lose them, if you don’t have an army to protect them. That’s what you have to understand. There’s no getting around this…

“They’re basically coming to steal all your assets. Even Jim Cramer said, ‘This is the greatest wealth transfer in the history of our civilization…Basically, what they just did was they shut down all small business and almost all small farms and ranches and proceeded to let the large corporations scarf up all that market share.

“And that’s how they can expand M2 by 31%, because if you shut down Main Street, that’s very deflationary and it offsets the inflation of all the money you’re printing and giving your friends. So you’re talking – if you look at the play of printing the money and engineering asset bubbles and the variety of things you’re doing with it at the same time – you’re throwing all small business and independent business into a debt trap.

“There was just a great article in Financial Times about KKR and some of the other private equity firms have been wanting to buy certain businesses for a long time. Well, they’ve all just gotten slammed down and they’re picking up equity pieces for pennies on the dollar. It’s exactly what they did in Asia in 1997, when they when they crashed Asia. So, this is an old game…

“I will bet you a dollar, Greg that when they came out of Jackson Hole with the ‘Go Direct’ plan, they had KKR and all those folks lined up and they had six months to get ready, to figure out how they were gonna buy everything. I mean Blackrock was running – designing and running the plan..

“Right now, if you look at everything that’s going on, we are financing the people who are attacking and destroying us. Well I’ve been talking about this for 20 years…

“First of all, you want to be safe. If they’re gonna defund the police, let me explain what’s gonna happen. If they defund the police, you have, since World War II, networks in the United States, organized crime networks. Who do you think runs the narcotics trafficking? Who do you think runs the illegal gambling, the illegal gun-running?

“I mean, that is all completely networked and you know, the money feeds the banking system and every dime is known. Every wire gets batched and goes through the New York Fed but but that’s a highly-managed business. If you defund the police, guess who’s gonna be the the most powerful player in the neighborhood? It’s gonna be those organized crime networks, because they’re gonna be well-armed.

“Now, let’s say you’d flip the money over to social services. Social services, the last time I checked and I’m not current on this, but when I left Washington, you had all the big defense contractors running around and getting contracts from Social Services, including the contractor who was sued for sex slave trafficking in Eastern Europe [Dyncorp] was picking up child support contracts.

“So if you flipped that money over to Social Services and you’ve got enough of the defense contractors in there – BAM – at high speed, you’re gonna bring up the Stasi network and they’re gonna have the police powers, under contact tracing you know to basically come after your kids. I would like to point out the people who led the launching and presentation for contact tracing and are promoting the contact tracing bill in the Federal Government…were all the people who flew Epstein Air.

“It’s Bill Clinton – we have a great Solari ‘toon with Alan Dershowitz and he’s got a pin that says, ‘Epstein Air’ and he’s talking about, ‘Of course, they can come into your home and and take your kids and it’s all perfectly legal’ – which it’s not – but when did the facts ever stop Alan Dershowitz?

“How you fight this is stop worrying about the Presidential Election, start worrying about your Sheriff. This is gonna be trench warfare and we’re gonna have to fight it out, one county and one city council at a time…


“Now, I want to talk about the ‘Second Wave’. So, the Second Wave is supposedly going to come in September. But here’s what’s going to happen in September…one of the best authors who’s written about the history of vaccinations is Forrest Moretti and he has a series of books and he does a masterful job of explaining the game…

“Let’s say, Greg that you spray pesticides on the farms for agriculture and it makes everybody sick. If you admit that, then of course, you have a big liability, the insurance companies lose a lot of money – no good.

“So instead, you blame a virus and then you invent a vaccination for the virus and you give everybody the vaccination and instead of losing money on the liability, you make money and…you stop using the pesticide and you attribute everybody getting well to the vaccination, which isn’t true. They stop getting sick because you stop using the pesticide. So, it’s an old game and it’s designed to manage your liabilities.

“Now, why are they saying there’s going to be a Second Wave? Do you know what’s going to happen in September-October? They’re gonna finish getting all the Starlink satellites up and they’re going to start turning 5G on and they’re turning it on all over the country and – if you look at the history of radically increasing EMF radiation…that’s gonna make a lot of people sick, just like the vaccinations or the injections.

“I don’t call them vaccinations, because they’re they’re not medicine. The injections are gonna make people sick and the 5G’s going to make people sick and they need a cover story, because they need for their plans of rolling out digital currencies and rolling out lots of robotics. They need 5G.

“5G was invented by the Israelis for crowd control. It’s a crowd control technology. It’s not really a telecommunications technology. But if you look at all their plans, whether it’s driverless cars or or digital credit systems to replace the dollar, they need massive bandwidth and of course, they know it’s going to make a lot of people sick, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the Second Wave is the cover story for all the extraordinary damage that’s going to be done to our health by the injections and if you look at the numbers, it’s clear that the people who had the year’s flu shot were much more likely to get Covid-19 and to suffer from it or die…

“For 400 years, we’ve had a model of the human, a model of the economy a model of the planet that’s a machine model and it’s fostered great productivity in some ways but…the model fails because it doesn’t reflect how life really works and to me, what we’re watching is the ultimate gasp of a failing model, because it’s produced a culture of people who are very hypermaterialistic and they literally don’t understand life and they don’t understand reality.

“And for them, if you’re gonna maintain central control on a machine model, you need to stop people from resonating with divine intelligence and resonating with living things and resonating with each other and get everybody hooked into the machine – and that’s what this is really about. Are we going to be governed by God? Are we going to be governed by central powers who are controlling us through the machine?


“So [why do they want to get rid of] Trump? It’s a combination of Trump’s style, number one because the style upsets and works-up a lot of people. Now, some people like that, because what they want is a reality TV show. The other thing is that, you know Trump is intolerant of certain practices and and the swamp is much deeper and much more ingrained than he thought.

“One of the reasons, I think you’re watching this Global Reset is the leadership has just decided – because, the process of trying to out them on Pizzagate and on very significant financial and legal liabilities was pretty scary to them and if you look at their criminal liabilities, both on the financial fraud and the healthcare fraud and the pedophilia and all this other stuff; the adrenochrome is a very bad, scary story. They just feel that they have too many liabilities to change their ways.

“So you’ve got a very deep system of people, both the politicians, legislators, the bureaucracy, who’s deeply addicted to swamp practices and has very extraordinary liabilities and they’re very afraid and so they’re betting the ranch that they can continue to centralize and this is World War III. This is what World War III looks like…

“Let’s go back to Go Direct. If you download nanotechnology in everybody that gives you a brain-machine interface, you don’t need state and local government. You can just lock them up into the Jedi Cloud at the Department of Defense and manage them directly. That’s what Go Direct means, just like Go Direct means you don’t need Epstein to launder all the money or all $21 trillion, you can just Go Direct. If you look at all the different things the Fed is doing now – in fact, that’s what they’re doing, they’re Going Direct – you’re gonna cut out all middle management. Here it comes.


“[In the mass riots], you had a layer of what looked to me like professional mercenaries who are in there to provide air cover for variety parties but also to basically assassinate. If you look at some of the police killings that have been going on as this has been going on, I’ll betcha it’s professional mercenary.

“Now, you can’t send in that many teams to that many cities to basically burn and loot and wreck, all on a paid basis – they’re paid – those are paid jobs. That’s not going to happen unless the US military either stands down or is part of doing it.

“Now, I told you when FASB 56 passed, that this was secret monies for secret armies. I will bet you any amount of money that those 50 to 100 protests in American cities were financed by FASB 56.

“Now, I think one of the reasons the military was being very careful is they don’t want to mess with their $738 billion budget by pissing off either side. The other thing is, if the contracts were negotiated through them with their budget to do those violent protests, when they negotiated the contracts, they didn’t imply that they were going to send in military teams to stop you.

“So, imagine if you’re a defense contractor, you’ve negotiated contracts to manage and do the command structure for violent protests in 50 cities and then suddenly, the military announces they’re sending in a military team to stop you. Wouldn’t you say, ‘Wait a minute. That’s not my scope of work. I want 10 times the amount of money or my guys aren’t going in.’

“If I’m a professional mercenary, I’m not going to go in and play that role if you’re gonna send a military team in to stop me. I’m gonna split. So, we’re talking about a reality TV show, here. This is not real.

“Now, I will tell you, if all the people doing the looting would stop being paid and encouraged and supported doing the looting, they wouldn’t have done it, so the question is, what was the military role? Did they stand down or were they an active part of doing it? Was it the intelligence agencies? What was the command structure?

I assure you, you can’t do anything in America – I mean imagine – do you think the NSA isn’t listening and watching everything? I mean, surely, you’ve seen the movie, ‘Enemy the State’. They have the whole country covered, from sea to shining sea by satellites and they listen to every phone call…


“We have to choose. Do we want to be part of a divine intelligence or do we want to be controlled by a machine intelligence and be hooked up to the DoD Jedi contract with brain-machine interface and mind controls?

“We have a choice. We don’t have to accept slavery so I think this can absolutely be turned around but we’re going to have to stand and we’re going to have to fight…

“Do not call it a vaccine and I’ll tell you why. Under the law, vaccines are free from liability…so, I won’t call it a vaccine because it’s injection fraud…We have to take that protection of criminal and civil liability away from them. They need to be held liable and if you look at the harm that that these injections could do, they could kill a lot of people, Greg and that could bankrupt a lot of pharmaceutical companies, if they don’t have protection…

“You need to get to know your sheriff and your local enforcement. Do not de-fund your local police. If you can have a way to work with the small business and small farmers in your area and start to network and organize.

“How are we going to be safe? How are we gonna have energy? How are we gonna have fresh, healthy food? All of these are jobs that can be brought back in the community, if we start to talk to each other and organize. There’s a lot of capital and a lot of intelligence but we’re going to have to decide that we need to have these independent sources and that we’re going to protect them…

“Covid-19 is a currency war. It’s the Global Reset. You put everybody in a debt trap, including the emerging markets, because remember, Europe can print the money that its debt is denominated in and the United States can but the emerging markets…can’t so you know, you’re kind of putting the BRICS back in a debt trap. But once you understand Covid-19 as part of the currency war, everything makes much more sense.”

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  • What an Orwellian dictatorships loves, someone who will not question authority but accepted it per verbatim. The freedom of thought should be a cherish object and not be traded away so lightly, otherwise you are on a fool’s errand. Around and around the primrose path we go and where It ends up nobody knows?

  • This lady is the nearest thing to God she has the whole truth on what they are trying to do to mankind so listen to what she has to say and follow her thoughts if you want to come out of this with your assets and your freedom

  • Governors who mandate that everyone must wear masks are breaking the law and putting lives at risk. OSHA, a US federal agency requires a minimum of 19.5% oxygen for a safe working environment. Using an OSHA approved IBRID air-quality monitor to test oxygen levels on these so-called “medically-approved” masks sets off the alarm, revealing a sub-par level of oxygen registering a 17.4%.
    Class Action Lawsuit … Anyone?

  • Dr. Shiva, running for Congress out of Ma., wants to do JUST THAT……REMOVE the PROTECTIONS of the Vaxx Co.’s/Big Pharma!! He has his YT channel. ALL Americans, around the country, need to be supporting his campaign!! He IS up against the (FRAUDULENT) Kennedy Klan!! (And Kennedy wants you ALL VACCINATED!!!!!!!!)

  • I’ve always had a hard time with CAF but I’ve listened to her over the years. She first stepped onto the UFO scene with, I talked with Aliens, chuckle chuckle chuckle then spun off to everyone else under the alt media, knowing that MSM was going under, they have no credibility. Now she says, forget about the elections. Are we suppose to sit back and just let the same crazy people run the county that have been in office for the past 30+ years. If we had sat back and said, oh forget about the elections, Hillary would have been in office and most of us would be dead, and I voted for her btw. And PDJT is aware that people have been brainwashed over the years with “vaccines” but you can’t fight every single battle with a lightening rod, he says “therapeutics” more often than “vacs” And the feds starting this street war. Well is it the FED funding Soros? The FED has been moved to the Treasury and printing press has been moved to the Treasury, the FED is falling along with the criminal organization that has been running this country. Ugh TMI TMI

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