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“No doubt, no doubt, no doubt,” that Bashar al-Assad carried out a chemical attack “against his own people”, says the psyops machine known as the Mainstream Media.

It’s déjà vu all over again. Instead of “Yellowcake” and “WMDs”, we have a “Sarin gas attack”.

The ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ is at full throttle and Trump has evidently been replaced by an unrecognizable pod person. The Mainstream Media, whose only role is to further the agenda of the Deep State is suddenly goo-goo for the Replacement Robotoid in Chief. The reinstated fraud, “news” anchor, Brian Williams waxes maniacally about “Beautiful weapons”.

Are the American people going to stand for boots on the ground in Syria? Is Russia going to stand for American boots on the ground in Syria?

Canadian journalist, Eva Bartlett isn’t. She puts a smarmy Country Club reporter in short pants, in a priceless exchange, here. Everyone reading this now knows enough to do the same. Let’s stop these psychopaths in their tracks.


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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Actually, some believe the globalist (well, Rothschild/ Bilderberger/ NWO) cabal of bankers is the real driving force, and that would mean the oil companies & military manufacturers/ war profiteers work for the behest of them (or the Jews, or both). Of course, there are Arab oil companies – hence the warfare, and is this Cabal of Evil actually using these cultures’ natural bloodlust simply to propagate the production and use of weaponry)? If so, they really need to be removed from our population.

  • Great post, Alexa. Now that we see America’s war -mongering is just the Arab-Israeli conflict globally, as the Jews (apparently) seek to conspire with the oil companies for some power agenda. What ugliness in humanity rears its evil face when greed and power collide.

    • May I suggest you are more careful in your wording. The ” the globalist (well, Rothschild/ Bilderberger/ NWO) cabal of bankers” should be more accurately described as the international capitalist class — and possibly one of the largest family clans are the Rockefellers. The Zionists do not represent all Jews, who are members of a religion — one of the three monotheisms, all essentially the same.

      • People often confuse or mistype the two terms. The distinction, which needs to be made, has not reached everyone. It’s the Zionists not the Jews, of course. From what I read the Jewish people, who are not among the Zionists, are just as fed up as we are with the Zionists’, et al agenda.

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