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In order to understand the bewildering events that we’re living to day, we need to understand how money is created and more importantly, who creates it, for they are the true rulers of the world, aka the Globalists.

Black Pigeon Speaks has created a new YouTube channel called Felix Rex, to hedge against any future de-platformings, having been de-platformed last year and just as inexplicably reinstated a few days later.

He does a great job of briefly outlining the history of our debt-based financial system, starting with Jews in Medieval Venice, Italy.

“Local rulers and church officials closed many professions to the Jews and thus, they began to specialize in money-lending and other practices that were forbidden to Christians by church law.

“Throughout this time, peasants and aristocrats, alike became indebted to Jewish moneylenders and this, without question helped lead to the sporadic attacks and expulsion of the Jews in countries across the continent for centuries. To be clear, Jews weren’t allowed into banking or into money lending; they created it out of necessity and in doing so, were the progenitors of a system that still exists today…

“It didn’t take long for these moneylenders to realize that they could simply start creating money out of absolutely nothing. They began to issue credit notes with nothing backing them and putting them into circulation as interest bearing debts. Through experience, they rationalized that no more than 10% of their depositors would withdraw their assets at any one given time. Thus, they could safely issue notes up to ten times more than the gold and silver they had on deposit and voila modern fractional banking was born.

“They created money out of nothing at all, put it into circulation via interest-bearing debt that has to be repaid by a labor or goods and services produced. In time, bankers in Europe became unbelievably wealthy and in many cases, took on the role as shadow rulers of nations.

“The establishment of the Bank of England, the model on which most modern central banks have been based was devised by Charles Montagu, 1st Earl of Halifax in 1694, following a proposal by the banker Sir William Paterson, a Scotsman three years earlier.

“At the time, the Crown was essentially broke and had recently suffered a decisive defeat and money was desperately needed to finance the ongoing war with the French.

“In return for the needed money, a private group of financiers led by Montagu proposed that the subscribers were to be incorporated as the Governor and Company of the Bank of England, with long term banking privileges, including the issue of notes.

“Shop was set up in the semi-autonomous City of London and the authority to create money out of nothing at a national level and then lent at interest was handed over to a small group of private financiers that called themselves ‘The Bank of England’

“In modern times, banking has become extremely sophisticated but the underlying mechanisms remain the same: while the Bank of England was, in theory nationalized in 1946, the Bank still lends to the government – a government that supposedly controls the Bank of England – and it lends to the government – at interest (!)

“An interesting anecdote is that as recently as 2015, the government of the United Kingdom has finally finished paying the interest on debt accrued during the First World War, the Crimean War – and, wait for it – the Napoleonic Wars!

“Most people don’t realize that service payments on interest of government debt created by central banks out of nothing eats up an enormous percent of tax revenues. Consider the massive increase in interest costs on the national debt projected over the next decade in the US: the Congressional Budget Office estimates that interest payments on the national debt will more than triple before the end of the 2020s.

“In 2015, the US government spent $223 billion in tax dollars just to service the national debt, none of that going to the principal. In 2019, it has been projected by the government that American taxpayers will have to shoulder a total of $593.1 billion in interest for the fiscal year. Numbers have not officially been tabulated yet but this is their estimate for 2019.

“That’s almost $600 billion that can’t be used to educate or replace badly worn-out infrastructure, it can’t be used to alleviate poverty or anything else. It’s being used to service the interest on the national debt and this is where a massive percent of the tax money that you pay to the government goes and you should understand this.

“You should also understand that most of the debt-backed money that is created by private banks through the same system of fractional reserve banking that goes all the way back to the Middle Ages – well, the money created out of nothing and then lent at interest is literally the biggest global scam never talked about!

“Moreover, private banks are still able to privatize profits and socialize losses through taxpayer-funded subsidies and bailouts, the most obscene of recent times being the fallout from the 2008 Financial Crisis.”

The cashless society currently being rolled out in Sweden and other European countries represents the next phase of total control by the Globalist central bankers, since digital money is synonymous with total surveillance.

“It’s not the government that gains from all of this but those that rule and fund the politicians that warm the seats of congress’s and Parliament’s around the world: the international banking cartels [the Globalists] and they have won time and time and time again, over the centuries because of their ill-gotten wealth and backdoor dealings that have stayed in the shadows.”

What we also learned from the SGT Report’s interview with Mark Anthony Taylor is that the Mossad has been instrumental in advancing the agenda of the Globalist central bankers. Similarly to the CIA and British Intelligence, they appear to be more concerned with protecting the central bankers than in the national security of their purported countries.

Taylor suggests that all of the CEOs of the major banks that participate in the central banking system are groomed, blackmailed and controlled by the Mossad – and Jeffrey Epstein was a key player in this vast compromise operation.

As Taylor says, “Once all of the banking executives are essentially Mossad puppets, then that means anything the banks finance, which is insurance companies and film projects, pension schemes – anything sponsored by a big business – is basically under Mossad’s thumb.”

Taylor says that even the UK’s entry into the EU was orchestrated by means of sexual blackmail.

“People like Ted Heath were blackmailed to take us into the EU. [Edward Heath was named by his own offspring as being involved in the deaths of as many as 16 children] and Lord Peter Mandelson, who was the EU Commissioner [and who was pictured with Jeffrey Epstein and is friends with Prince Andrew], went from near bankruptcy, then after ten years as EU commissioner had £100 million in the bank.”

According to Joan Coleman’s RAINS list (Ritual Abuse Information Network & Support), Peter Mandelson is alleged to have killed a rent boy named Kevin, chopped him into pieces and dumped into the sea. The RAINS list also described the crimes of Ted Heath years before they were exposed in the mainstream media.

The central bankers have a monopoly on the issue of cash, on the control of politicians, on the control of large corporations – on the control of everything of consequence.

Everything they promote, from socialism, to migrant crises, to transgenderism and wars is to destabilize organic systems and to further their control of the world.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Hopefully, this will be a 2020 wake-up call to all who are slumbering through the finance world. A good book to start with “The Web of Debt.” by Ellen Hodgson Brown, J.D.
    Happy New Year to all! And to all… awareness is the Key to waking up…cheers!

  • Very understandable presentation of BANKING.
    I had always wondered how, if Germany was BROKE–where did the $ come from to finance Hitler for WWII??

  • As unbelievably sounding far fetched,the saying is;’Reality stranger than fiction’. Welcome to our world of deceptions and tricks of the trade,the all worshipped MONEY,that’s been created out of thin air.

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