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Max Igan joins Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange to discuss Jeffrey Epstein, whose arrest and alleged suicide at a Federal detention facility in Lower Manhattan qualifies as one of the bigger stories of the past decade but which is being largely ignored in the mainstream media.

Igan notes that what’s so often overlooked are the details of Epstein’s unlikely rise to super-wealth. How was Epstein, a college drop-out able to get a job in 1974, teaching physics and calculus at Manhattan’s prestigious Dalton School, from which he was then fired in 1976 for “poor performance”?

From Dalton, he immediately landed a floor position trading securities for Bear Stearns and in four short year, he was made a partner there – and then fired the following year for violating a a securities trading regulation. 27 years later, the once-important global investment bank would collapse during the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis.

The financial management company Epstein founded to manage the portfolios of billionaires has only ever had one known client, Les Wexner, who reportedly gave him the $77 million dollar mansion on the Upper East Side.


Max Igan: This house had something like 40 bedrooms…I mean, it’s ridiculous, you know when you look at his rise to fortune and there’s every indication that Jeffrey Epstein was simply a fall guy for the brownstone operations that were being run by the MEGA Group.

The MEGA Group is a group of very influential business people, such as Shimon Peres, Eric Bronfman, Lawrence Tish. I think that the Lauders are in there, from Estée Lauder.

Of course, Les Wexner is in there, as well. This is a group of very, very heavy-hitting billionaires who were really running this show and I think Epstein has taken a fall for these people…

Of course, all the debate is around whether Epstein is dead, whether he isn’t; whether he was spirited away; all that sort of stuff, which is kind of irrelevant, as we’ll never know.

What we do know is he’s out of the picture. For all intents and purposes, he’s dead – whether he’s alive or not – and that’s the way they want to keep it.

And they want to focus on him and they want to focus on his co-conspirators, like Prince Andrew and pretend that it’s just localized to Prince Andrew, as well; ‘he’s the only one in the Royal Family we should be concerned about’ – not mentioning Prince Charles’ relationship with Jimmy Savile.

I mean, this goes very very deep. What we see here, with this Epstein case really is the tip of the iceberg of the worldwide child trafficking network and the brownstone operations that he used to entrap politicians and entrap executives…

It appears that he was just given an unlimited amount of funds. They created a backstory of a ‘meteoric rise to fame’,  which would explain these funds and he was simply running brownstone operations [compromise] operations.

The way it would be [is]  you get a friend of Jeffrey Epstein to take you out for dinner, bring you back to the place; you get filmed having sex with an underage girl and then they’ve got you. That’s how you get everybody.

Once you’ve been caught, you know with an underaged person on camera, that’s it…You’ll never expose the fact that you’re even being blackmailed, because you did the wrong thing to begin with.

So it’s a perfect trap but that’s what I’m saying with this, is that Epstein is the fall guy; they don’t want you looking at the higher echelons. The fact that that Ghislaine Maxwell, as well – I mean, there isn’t an arrest warrant issued for her, yet…

There’s every indication that Jeffrey Epstein is simply a fall guy for this Mossad/CIA operation, that’s running all these things, worldwide. And I would wonder how many other islands there are like Jeffrey Epstein’s island…This surely is not the only person that’s doing this.”

Luke Rudkowski:  Everything kind of fits together, especially when you look at no trader on Wall Street having known him or traded with him. You look at the connections with DynCorp, especially with the planes that were registered in his name that were previously registered in DynCorp. There’s no other way to see this.

Now, some of the victims here actually came forward and said that Ghislaine Maxwell was actually even above Epstein. What do you think about that conclusion? And right now, we’re seeing a cover-up. Will this cover-up ever be exposed?

The Trump administration, under his Attorney General he’s talking about “A perfect storm of screw-ups.”

It’s not a perfect storm of screw-ups, we know that for sure. What do you think of Ghislaine Maxwell and this larger cover-up happening right now, Max?”

Max Igan: Absolutely. Ghislaine Maxwell is above Epstein. She was more of Epstein’s handler than anything else. She was the brains behind the operation. You would have needed someone like Ghislaine Maxwell to be doing it. She would have been the one going out there, seducing the politicians. Apparently, she’s very sexual, very open about it. Talks about oral sex a lot. Once they get guys back into that fold, get a young girl in to join in, have a threesome, get them on camera. That’s the way it works. She was most definitely the the brains behind the operation and Epstein’s the perfect fall go for it…

Everything was put in his name – of course, he’s the fall guy! Why would you put a $77 million mansion in his name? Apparently, he bought it for a dollar. This other report said he bought it for $20 million.

All the jets that were put in his name – everything that was put in his name – just the fact that it was in his name shows that he’s he’s not the one. He’s the fall guy because you just have to look at his meteoric rise to fame and Ghislaine Maxwell, the fact that there are no arrest warrants out for her. She’s got very, very high-level contacts and no, we won’t ever get any real justice from the legal system…

You might get a gung-ho lawyer and a gung-ho judge and all these people that want to do the right things but they’re only gonna get so high in the food chain and they’ll get a blockage.

They’ll get to something where it gets misdirected and then the case gets lost because they’ve just reached a point where someone who’s compromised and it’s the same in every organization doesn’t matter what it is; whether it’s industry or whether it’s THE science community, academia the legal system, the police system, the judges.

The law is a political system they’re all compromised. Otherwise, they do not get in that position to begin with it’s. it’s very important for people to understand this.

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  • This was my first question when I saw the news about Epstein being taken down a second and fatal time. Who orchestrated it and why? Most pundits and researchers got sidetracked on looking into Epstein’s operation. All well and good to inform the public. But the order had to come from the highest echelon in the houses of power. How much competition exists between these power blocks? What was the deeper message and who was it intended for? The Crown (Prince Andrew’s involvement)? The Pope and his pedo rings? Brussels (controllers of the EU)? Who was sending the message? “You have more than you know.” Q

  • It’s sad that so many fine organizations/media outlets are doing a great job of educating people on a manifestation of our problem but doing little to offer them a solution to it. People only need to agree America has a problem, that it’s too many people failing to recognize the importance of James 4:17 and to honor the passage by doing what’s right, that the most damaging manifestation of the problem is government action that’s exceeded the clear bounds of its authorized authority, and that our challenge is to restore to the states and the people the prerogatives and freedoms guaranteed them under the Constitution as 30 governors pledged to do in 1994 (a satisfactory goal) in order for them to have reason for uniting on actions of mutual interest that are needed to satisfy the goal.

    Unfortunately, people lack the plan, common sense, leadership and communications system needed to create a movement. A proposed plan exists.

  • The case of the Hampstead Coverup about Inner London’s elite pedophilia child abuse ring are strikingly similar.

    Indeed, the Astrum Argent*eum may be the missing link that unites all elite children from the dark path. It also is a path for Magis’ practicing works for the light, according to its web site. You decide…

    It links back to the Rosy Cross, and thus, to the Templars…no I am not kidding.

  • The media, the courts and the politicians have a sordid history of protecting the elite from this very type of crime. Which shows blatant disregard for the rule of law and equal justice as guaranteed by the US Constitution.

    Indeed, the very same issue was found out about and was reported in the late 80’s and into the 90’s when the Franklin Pedophilia Scandal was publicized and then ignored by these same power brokers because of who it implicated.

    The global pedophilia distribution network has been in existence for a long time, was used by elites and politicians from both sides of the one Democrat/Republican CFR political party and they have successfully shut down all cases up until now.

    One thing that makes the Epstein case unique.

    Like the Me Too scandal, it included victims from a protected class of people on the left. Women.

    Once women as victims began to testify, the media, sans ABC News, began to report. Once that happened, it made the Florida Epstein case harder to sweep under the rug, which led to additional reporting once it was no longer a political issue as all Clinton political careers were now essentially over. If Trump was involved, all the better for the media…


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