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    Speaking at the White House Briefing Room, slimebucket NSC Coordinator for White House Strategic Communications, John Kirby was rendered speechless by New York Post reporter, Steven Nelson’s question, citing the recent Harvard-Harris Poll that found that 53% of the public – including 1/4th of Democrats – believe that Joe Biden was involved with his son in an in an illegal influence peddling scheme.

    Nelson proceeded to read a litany of countries that financial records indicate paid millions in bribes to the Biden Crime Family in order to influence US Policy, including China, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine, leaving Kirby dumbfounded about what to reply, except, “Wow.”

    The Gateway Pundit reports that things were said that were not clearly audible on this video and that the White House Transcript deliberately left out Karine Jean-Pierre’s ensuing comment:

    John Kirby: Wow.

    Karine Jean-Pierre: Jesus!

    Off-Camera Journalist: Can I take that question?

    John Kirby: President — the President —

    Karine Jean-Pierre: No, we got to wrap this up.

    John Kirby: The President has spoken to this and there’s nothing to these claims.

    In other words, Kirby went on the record denying any wrongdoing by the Biden Crime Family. In other words, John Kirby lied very publicly.

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