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Catherine Austin Fitts recently joined James Corbett and exclaimed, “How strange it is that we live on a planet with 7 billion people and the fundamental economic and governance model is secret. That’s nuts!”

She’s become obsessed with the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board Statement 56 (FASB 56) released a year ago, which authorizes the Government’s use of secret accounting books on a permanent basis, so that the US Treasury can be looted endlessly to finance Black Budget projects into perpetuity.

She says, “We have an overt economy and a covert economy – and the covert economy and the hidden system of finance just basically took over everything.

“We’ve been watching this for years…as the secret money rolled into Wall Street, you know and increasingly took over the media industry and other industries, we’ve seen complaints of the dirty money rolling in and building the offshore havens…The $21 trillion missing from the Federal Government since fiscal 1998 is just part of this growth of a secret national security state…”

Such large scale economic opacity enables any number of classic “conspiracy theories” to potentially be true, from human cyborgs to a secret space program.

My personal guess is that much of this money has gone into the creation of the tech giants to create the emerging system of global control. Consider that Amazon is running the cloud computing for the US intelligence agencies and that Microsoft will be running the cloud for the US Department of Defense.

Says Fitts, “Once you get those two clouds in place with FASB 56, you can re-engineer the entire government operation…to be absolutely controlled by a secret group of people who can do whatever they want…it is a complete coup d’état. We go from a financial coup d’état to a complete coup d’état.”

Big Tech represents the Deep State’s parallel “law enforcement” arm, with its AI-powered, social credit-style mass behavioral control system that de-platforms, de-banks and de-persons us; completely skirting US law and our First- and Fourth Amendment-protected rights.

It cannot be overstated how much Big Tech follows the model of the Chinese Communist Party’s social credit-based “law enforcement” system, described here in a recent article by Caleb Beers, writing about China’s soft genocide of the Uyghurs:

“…the CCP dominates…by finding ways to selectively reward and punish those who do or do not conform… Chinese authoritarianism is not about forcing adherence to some monolithic set of rules. Rather, it is a fragmentary, distributed mode of authoritarianism, that punishes dissent and disobedience in a thousand different ways. It is best conceptualized as vague, technocratic oppression that allows for small amounts of disobedience while maintaining absolute control.”

This leads me to ask whether this escalating Internet censorship that we see, along with the rabidly Fake News propaganda and the apparent powerlessness to thwart these by Congress or the President mean that the Globalist coup d’état is near complete?

It really comes down to a battle of legal systems and whether or not the Constitution will prevail or whether the Internet of Things and Google’s new Terms of Service are ready to dock with the CCP and take it global.

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  • Does anyone who supports Trump and does not support FASB56 understand that Trump signed off on FASB56 as did the House and Senate? He supports FASB56, should US citizens support it because he does?

    Does this make FASB56 Ok?

    He also supports 5G. Does this mean that 5G is really ok, a good thing?

    Or, without political bias, are they good for the country and human race or not?

    I’ve never asked this of Trump supporters and want to know what they think.

    And no, I don’t hate Trump. I support some of what he does or I don’t. Love and hate of politicians is not in my equation.

  • The mind control stuff is scary but political helplessness is as well. Here in “blue state”, California, we have gone completely gulag, uni- party system. It doesn’t matter how many people show up in Sacramento–a thousand, two thousand–the legislature cannot be influenced. The next step is who can we pay off to stay alive, seriously. Don’t be shocked that in Ukraine 65% of the population has paid off an official; California is next. How do we get rid of these people occupying our state legislature–forget that as well. The system is rigged against us.

  • Short answer: black ops, debt and war.

    An example:

    “In 1945 intensive research was carried out, especally in the USA and the Soviet Union, into guiding and controlling consciousness by means of electric impulses. This demonic type (one cannot call it otherwise) of brainwashing and rape and/or deprivation of the free will, is frequently called Mind Control. Causing a sensation, these experiments came to public notice when, at the end of the sixties, the neurologist Dr. José M.R. Delgado of the Centro Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid and the Yale University School of Medicine published his findings in the book ‘Physical Control of the Mind: Towards a Psychocivilized Society’. We know of ESB’s potential for mind control largely through the work of José Delgado.

    Delgado stimulated brain activity in his patients with electronic stimulation (ESB = Electronic Stimulation of the Brain) in the ELF domain. Funding for the project came predominantly from the American Office of Naval Intelligence, a CIA cover agency.

    In his conclusion Delgado summarized his findings by saying that

    “movement, emotion and behaviour can be controlled by electrical forces, and human beings can be controlled like robots with the touch of a button.”

    The patients reported that their behaviour had changed against their will because they lacked the strength (will forces!) to resist against the electrical signal.

    “Since the brain controls the entire body and all mental processes, electrical stimulation of the brain could be developed into an important method of planned manipulation of human behaviour.”(14)

    Delgado eleborated his point of view in sentences like the following:

    “We need a programme of psychosurgery for political control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. (…) The individual may think that the most important reality is his point of view. This lacks historical perspective. (…) Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. (…). We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electrical stimulation of the brain.”(15)

    • Today, the ELF waves for these purposes come from the Cell Towers and Satellites. I often awaken to the sensations of electromagnetic activity on my skin with my feet figuratively on super charge. These electromagnetic molecules embed themselves inside your body and on your skin. This charge is actually what carries the current for the neuro body. I had previously believe that they build it with a neuro web inside but this is actually it.

      Everything is coded to do its comm job or sensor job; and the system somehow can relay info back to the towers for reporting on brain activity, thoughts, etc.

      It has one weakness.

      It is ph sensitive and vinegar does a job on it. If you douse yourself in apple cider acidic vinegar and stay away from the modem and other such electromagnetic devices, you will lessen how much of this you have on/in you.

      The magnetism concentrates itself on the lower legs and feet, along with the neural communicators on the body network, and on your hear and in your ears.

      Don’t put vinegar on your inner ears please! It will burn and likely kill your hearing ability.

      I found that by putting it on my outer ears and rubbing it inside my ears, the energy came out.

      It’s creepy weird b ut you will feel this shit moving around and popping off your skin soon after application. Re-0douse yourself over a period of 15 minutes or longer for best kill.

      Re-apply as necessary. You’re welcome.

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