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    Screenwriter, Tiffany FitzHenry has been doing such an outstanding service, by revealing how Hollywood has been working hand-in-hand with the CIA and the Pentagon to sell war to the American people and to a global audience.

    “Hollywood’s being revealed. Everything is [being revealed]. Our politicians have been in Washington enriching themselves. That’s what’s been going on…There was a diabolical plan to hollow out our economy and they allowed that to happen.

    “What has transpired over the last two years is a generation of information…condensed into two years. We’ve literally learned that we haven’t had a country we haven’t had a government. We’ve had a bunch of criminals looting the government looting the people…

    “All that mattered for the last seventy years was that Americans were consented to war. That’s our function. That’s what we have been: the standing army of the global elite…We were just the military arm of a global power nexus that we did not know existed…and we have to reconcile that.”

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    • Has anyone seen evidence of Elizabeth Warren as being a p***? I think she is saying what she THINKS all these nuts want to hear so she can get votes.

    • We are in the midst of the attempted reprogramming of the world.
      Some of us can see it.
      Some can’t.
      We have got to wake people up, and see the cults attempting to control us.

    • Way to go, James. This could be THE most important interview ever. I love CAF and have been an admirer of hers for years and you too, James! Thank you for your commitment to Truth.

    • So I watched the movie “Freaks” yesterday and it may be my brainwashed mind, but I found it a little disturbing in the way the little girl was addressed, I have a 7 year old granddaughter and the little girl in this movie was 7 years old so, well let me share what it was that bothered me. A little girl is locked away in a house and want’s an ice cream, she gets outside and goes to the ice cream truck and an old man is addressing her and says hello “little woman”. I mean there are other little innuendos that are disturbing and I feel, in my opinion, that they “movie makers” are conditioning. I began watching all kid movies that she would want to watch and just make sure there are no mind bending acts in the movie before I watch them with her on Movie night, one night a week we call movie night, pick a movie to watch and even movies like Frozen, Toy Story etc I have to watch to make sure there aren’t things in there to make her think it’s ok to be treated this way or to be talked to that way. My husband made a joke of it at thanksgiving dinner and his daughter said, oh my gosh thank you, I didn’t know you did that, I winked at her. She does the same thing I find out. Our “TV” time is limited to one move a week and I know now that her mother doesn’t do TV either and she watches movies before she allows her to see them because they can’t be trusted. Now Freaks is an adult movie but it’s the way they are addressing little girls and making it ok to see them as little women. Anyway ugh thank you again for allowing me to vent.

      As long as Americans believe in the power of Presidents…nothing will ever change…all Presidents are a controlled commodity…what we see are oligarchs fighting for power. I believe that these people ( Tiffany -SGT) are good honest people, intelligent, and slowly awakening but still caught in the political deception. In order to regain our power, we must stop giving our power away…now is the time to stop buying into this corrupt system, disengagement, walk away and start relying on inner self…our world is the devil’s playground, Earth is a place to forge one’s spirit and go beyond! Let the political fools dance their way into oblivion…

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